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Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
Introduction to Computer Application II
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Introduction to Computer Application II

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1Introduction to Computer Application 32Universitas Gunadarma Homepage </A>
II. 33Adding Link. <html> <head>
2Today‘s Subject. Power Point Practice <meta name="Author"
Presentation Summary Internet Application content=“hustina"> </head>
HTML Program Practice. <body text="#000000"
3Power Point. WHY. Animation. Can be bgcolor="#3366FF"
embedded from another software application link="#FFFFFF"
such as word, excell, access, picture, vlink="#551A8B"
video, audio etc. Interesting alink="#FF0000"> In this site
Presentation. Can be convert to html file. you can see my resume and in this <a
Goal. href="http://www.kompas.com">
4Power Point. Create a new presentation ite</a> you can read some news
Learning one by one from Menu in Power <br> You can drop your email to
Point Learning some features from Power <P> <a
Point such as: Adding Picture Adding Word href=“mailto:hustina88@hotmail.com"&g
Art Practice to make a presentation and ;hustina88@hotmail.com</a>
present it in front of class. </body> </html>
5Browsing. Email. File Transfer. Remote 34
Control. Video Conferencing. Tools. Audio 35Adding Picture. <IMG SRC=’URL”
player. Etc. Webcam. Ads Banner. Video ALIGN=A ALT=”B” BORDER=C HEIGHT/WIDTH=D
player. Internet & Multimedia HSPACE/VSPACE=E> Note: A = Alignment (
Application: left, right, top, middle, bottom) B =
6BROWSING. Netscape. Internet Explorer. Alternatif text C = border size D = width
Plug in. Mozaik. and length image E = space Contoh :
7FILE TRANSFER. REMOTE CONTROL. WS FTP. <IMG SRC=”myface.jpg” align=right
Telnet. FTP. Cute FTP. alt=”photoku” border=4 height=400
Netscape. Yahoo. gmx. Pegasus. Eudora. 36Adding Picture. <html>
Hotmail. Microsoft Mail. Themail. etc. <head> <meta
9VIDEO CONFERENCING. Webcam. Audio. B. name="Author"
+. Paltalk. NetMeeting. ICUII. Webcam. content=“Hustina"> </head>
Audio. A. +. <body text="#000000"
10AUDIO PLAYER. VIDEO PLAYER. Real bgcolor="#3366FF"
Player. Media Player. Xing MP3. Quick link="#FFFFFF"
Time. vlink="#551A8B"
11WEBCAM BROADCAST. PIC TO PIC. alink="#FF0000"> <img SRC
Chillcam. Webcam. STREAMING. Webcam =“c:\campuran\kartu.gif“ height=200
Camarades. WebcamNow. width=400></a> In this site you
http://www.webcamworld.com. can see my resume and in this <a
12HTML Program. Create a simple homepage href="http://www.kompas.com">
to introduce your self with these ite</a> you can read some news
features: A Simple HTML Heading,Font <br> You can drop your email to
style, Font size Color background Order <P> <a
list and Unorder list Hyperlink for email href=“mailto:hustina88@hotmail.com"&g
or for another homepage site Adding ;hustina88@hotmail.com</a>
Picture/ Image Adding Animation Adding </body> </html>
Table. 37
13A Simple HTML Program. <html> 38Adding Animation. <MARQUEE
content=“hustina"> </head> teks…</MARQUEE> Note: A =
<body > In this site you can see my Widht/Height Marquee (pixel/percent) B =
resume </body> </html> Background Marquee C = Delay Animation D =
14Heading. <H1 > Heading level 1 Looping animation, value = -1 E =
</H1> <H2> Heading level 2 Animation models : scroll, Slide dan
< /H2> <H3> Heading level 3 alternate. F = Animation direction.
< /H3> <H4> Heading level 4 39Adding Animation. <HTML>
< /H4> <H5> Heading level 5 <head> <meta
< /H5> <H6> Heading level 6 name="Author"
< /H6> content="Hustina">
15Heading. <html> <head> </head> <body> <p>Text
<meta name="Author" Animation Use Slide Marquee</P>
content="Hustina"> <marquee direction=right width=50%
</head> <H1 ALIGN=CENTER> MY height=10% bgcolor=blue scrolldelay=300
HOME PAGE </H1> <body behavior=slide> Universitas Gunadarma
text="#000000" Program Pasca Sarjana </Marquee>
bgcolor="#3366FF" </body> </HTML>
link="#FFFFFF" 40
vlink="#551A8B" 41Adding Table. <TABLE | ALIGN = A
alink="#FF0000"> In this site BACKGROUND = B BGCOLOR = C CELLSPACING = D
you can see my resume </body> CELLPADDING = E BORDER = F | >
</html> <CAPTION> .... Tabel Caption ....
16 </CAPTION> <TR><TH> ....
17Different font Style. Column Header ..... </TH></TR>
<B>……………..</B> <TR><TD> .... Fill cell ....
<I>……………...</I> </TD></TR> </TABLE>
<U>…………….</U> Note: A = Alignment (left / center /
<sup>………….</sup> right) B = Picture Background cell C =
<sub>………….</sub> <PRE>…… Color Backgrount cell D = Size border cell
…..</PRE> <BLINK> ….... E = Number column F = Number Row.
</BLINK> 42Adding Table. <HTML>
18<html> <head> <meta <HEAD> <TITLE> Creating Tabel
name="Author" in HTML</TITLE> </HEAD>
content="Hustina"> <BODY> <TABLE BORDER = 4>
</head> <H1 ALIGN=CENTER> <CAPTION> Result survey Jak-Jazz
</H1> <body> In this = 2> </TH> <TH COLSPAN = 3>
<B>site</B> you can see ARTIST </TH> </TR> <TR>
<I>my resume</I> <PRE> <TH> Hiroko Kokubu </TH>
########### # HUSTINA # ########### <TH> MezzoForte </TH>
</PRE> </body> </html> <TH> Casiopea </TH></TR>
19 43Adding Table. <TR> <TH
“Y” FACE = “Z” > ....... </FONT> Hari I </TH> <TD ALIGN =
X : Font Size Y : Type color Z : Type face CENTER> 20% </TD> <TD ALIGN =
|NOSHADE| > X = Line widh Y = Line CENTER> 47% </TD> </TR>
Length Z = left / center / right NOSHADE. <TR> <TH> Hari II </TH>
21<html> <head> <meta <TD ALIGN = CENTER> 20% </TD>
name="Author" <TD ALIGN = CENTER> 68% </TD>
content="Hustina"> <TD ALIGN = CENTER> 12% </TD>
</head> <H1 ALIGN=CENTER> </TR>
</H1> <body> <FONT SIZE = 45Adding MultiColumn. <MULTICOL
"ARIEAL" > In this site you <P>………</P>
can see my resume </FONT> <HR <P>………</P>
SIZE = 2 WIDTH = 500 ALIGN = center> <P>………</P> </MULTICOL>
<PRE> ########### # HUSTINA # Note: A = Column B = Space B = Width.
########### </PRE> </body> 46Adding Multicolumn. <html>
</html> <MULTICOL COLS="3"
22 GUTTER="25"> <P>The
23With Background Color. <BODY Office Assistant, which replaces the
ALINK=#rrggbb BACKGROUND=”URL” PowerPoint 95 Answer Wizard, uses
BGCOLOR=#rrggbb LINK=#rrggbb TEXT=#rrggbb IntelliSense natural-language technology.
VLINK=#rrggbb> Example : <BODY </P> <P>The AutoContent Wizard
ALINK=#FF0000 BACKGROUND=”back.jpg” has been enhanced in PowerPoint
LINK=#0000FF VLINK=#00FF00 TEXT=#000000 97</P> <P>PowerPoint Central
BGCOLOR=#FF00FF> ALINK=#FF0000 : Red links you with many helpful resources ?
VLINK=#00FF00 : Green TEXT=#000000 : Black such as tutorials, professionally designed
LINK=#0000FF : Blue BGCOLOR=#FF00FF : templates, additional textures, sounds,
Combine Red and Blue BACKGROUND : URL. and animation clips</P>
24With Background Color. <html> </MULTICOL> </html>
<head> <meta 47Adding Frame. <FRAMESET ROWS COLS
content=“Hustina"> </head> SRC…..> <FRAME SRC…..> <FRAME
<body text="#000000" SRC…..> </FRAMESET> EXAMPLE:
bgcolor="#3366FF" <FRAMESET ROWS=”20%,60%,20%”>
link="#FFFFFF" <FRAME SRC=”dokumen1.htm”
vlink="#551A8B" NAME=”dok1”> <FRAME
alink="#FF0000"> In this site SRC=”dokumen2.htm” NAME=”dok2”>
you can see my resume </body> <FRAME SRC=”dokumen3.htm”
</html> NAME=”dok3”> </FRAMESET>
25 48<html> <FRAMESET
26Order List. <OL | TYPE = 1 / a / A ROWS="10%,20%,30%> <FRAME
/ i / I | START = X | > <LI> ... SRC="http://www.microsoft.com"&g
item 1 .... <LI> ... item 2 .... ; <FRAME
<LI> ... item 3 .... . . . SRC="http://www.kompas.com/index.htm&
</OL> Note TYPE = Type Order X = uot;> <FRAME
Initial Value. SRC="http://www.borland.com/delphi/&q
27Order List. <HTML> <HTML> ot;> </FRAMESET> </html>
<HEAD> <TITLEL> Ordered List Adding Frame.
</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> 49
<p>Result survey for music Jazz 50Web Site which offer guest book
categori</p> <OL> <LI> service: http://www.theguestbook.com/
Four Play - Between The Sheets <LI> http://globalguest.com/
Al Jarreau - The Best Of Al Jarreau http://www.guestbook.de/
<LI> Russ Freeman & David Benoit http://www.escati.com/
- Benoit & Freeman Project </OL> http://www.countz.com/guestbooks/
</BODY> </HTML> http://guest.onecenter.com/
28 http://www.bravenet.com/ etc.
29UnOrder List. <UL | TYPE = disc / 51Your first task. Login with this
circle / square | > <LI> ... item command: login siswaXX Create a directory
1 .... <LI> ... item 2 .... to put all your files there Put your image
<LI> ... item 3 .... . . </UL> file there begin to practice ;-).
Note TYPE = Type bullet. 52Your second task. Create a homepage
30UnOrder List. <HTML> about your self (time= 30 minutes).
<HEAD> <TITLE> Unordered List 53ASP & Flash from- why. Smart
</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> eye-catching interactive Flash interface.
<p>Type course </p> <UL> Viewing guest entries one at a time
<LI> INTERNET <LI> LOTUS NOTES through a book-like interface. Guest book
<LI> INFORMIX <LI> IBM AS/400 entries stored in a SQL Server or Access
</UL> </BODY> </HTML> database. Loads 50 entries at a time
31 beginning from the recent most. Using the
32Adding Link. <A HREF = “URL” [ 'load next batch of entries' button you
TARGET = “name frame” ] > ..... can load the next batch of guest records.
</A> Example: <A HREF = Fantastic load time due to highly
“mailto:webmaster@kursus.gunadarma.ac.id” optimized code and very small Flash file
> Send e-mail ke Webmaster Gunadarma (9 KB). Client-side validation for Name
</A> <A HREF = and e-mail address fields.
“http://www.gunadarma.ac.id” >
Introduction to Computer Application II.ppt
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Introduction to Computer Application II

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