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Introduction to Lesson Study
Introduction to Lesson Study
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
Teachers’ Activities to Improve Instruction
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Introduction to Lesson Study

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1Introduction to Lesson Study. This 8students friendly and respectful? Student
material is based upon work supported by Attitudes Toward Lesson What did you like
the National Science Foundation under and dislike about the lesson?
Grant No. 0207259. 9Lesson Study. Collaborative planning
2Traveler, there is no road. The road Discuss goals for students & content
is created as we walk it together. Antonio Study available units & lessons Build
Machado. from an existing lesson. Planning Phase.
3Professional Development. TRADITIONAL. 10Lesson Study. 1 teacher teaches;
RESEARCH LESSONS. Begins with answer others observe/ collect data Designed to
Driven by expert Communication trainer bring to life a particular goal/ vision of
-> teachers Relationships hierarchical education Record lesson - video, audio,
Research informs practice. Begins with student work, observation notes. Planning
question Driven by participants Phase. Research Lesson.
Communication among teachers Relationship 11Lesson Study. Formally debrief lesson
reciprocal Practice is research. By Lynn Share data Draw implications for lesson
Liptak, Paterson School #2, New Jersey. and teaching-learning more broadly Revise
4Teachers’ Activities to Improve and re-teach if desired. Planning Phase.
Instruction. U.S. JAPAN. Choose Research Lesson. Post-Lesson Activities.
curriculum, write curriculum, align 12Lesson Study. 1. STUDY Consider long
curriculum, write local standards. Plan term goals for student learning and
lessons individually. Plan lessons development Study curriculum and
collaboratively. Watch and discuss each standards. 2. PLAN Select or revise
other’s classroom lessons. research lesson Do task Anticipate student
5What is a Research Lesson? Actual responses Plan data collection and lesson.
classroom lesson with students, watched by 4. REFLECT Share data What was learned
other teachers Planned collaboratively about students learning, lesson design,
Brings to life a goal or vision of this content? What are implications for
education Recorded: video, audio, hand this lesson and instruction more broadly?
written, and through student work 3. DO RESEARCH LESSON Conduct research
Discussed by faculty and sometimes outside lesson Collect data.
commentators. 13? How does lesson study improve
6Lesson Study. RESEARCH LESSON Actual instruction? Visible Features of Lesson
classroom lesson; attending teachers study Study Consider Goals Study Curriculum and
student thinking, learning, engagement, Standards Plan and Conduct Research Lesson
behavior, etc. Planning Phase. Research Collect Data Debrief Lesson Use Debrief to
Lesson. Post-Lesson Activities. Discussion Inform Instruction. Instructional
of Lesson Discuss research lesson. Focus Improvement.
on evidence of whether the lesson promoted 14A Common Early Conception of Lesson
the long-term goals and lesson/unit goals. Study. Visible Features of Lesson Study
Discuss Long Term Goals for Students’ Plan Teach Observe Discuss Etc. Key
Academic, Social and Ethical Development. Pathway ·Lesson Plans Improve.
Choose Content Area and Unit Discuss Instructional Improvement.
Learning Goals for Content Area, Unit and 15Current View: How Does Lesson Study
Lesson. Consolidate Learning Write report Improve Instruction? Visible Features of
that includes lesson plan, data, and Lesson Study Consider Goals Study
summary of discussion. Refine and re-teach Curriculum and Standards Plan and Conduct
the lesson if desired. Or select a new Research Lesson Collect Data Debrief
focus of study. Plan Lessons(s) that Lesson Use Debrief to Inform Instruction
Foster Long-Term Goals and Lesson/Unit What Else? Result in Changes in
Goals. Figure 1. Teaching-Learning Specific Examples:
7Lesson Study Provides Opportunities Teaching -Offer high-level task Learning
to. Think Deeply About Long-term Goals for -Student journals reveal thinking re:
Students Carefully Consider the Goals of a proportional reasoning. Cause Changes In:
Particular Content Area, Unit, and Lesson Teachers Knowledge of subject matter and
Study the Best Available Lessons Plan its teaching General knowledge of
Lessons that Bring to Life both Short-term instruction Ability to observe students
and Long-term goals Deepen Subject Matter Connection of daily instruction to
Knowledge Develop Instructional Knowledge long-term goals Motivation/willingness to
Build Capacity for Collegial Learning improve Capacity to learn together,
Develop the “Eyes to See Students”. collegial networks Curriculum Better
8Data Collected During Lesson Study. lessons Choice of better curricula System
Academic Learning How did images of heated Changes in policy Changes in learning
air change? Did students shift from simple structures.
counting to more flexible method? Did 16Lesson Study in the US: What Have We
dramatic role-play spark higher quality learned? U.S. educators Can Find Lesson
and quantity of writing? In their Study Useful Successful and Unsuccessful
journals, what did students write as their Adaptations Occur The Idea of Lesson Study
learnings? Motivation Percent of children is Simple But the Practice Is Not
who raised hands Body language, “aha” Qualities of Successful Sites A learning
comments, shining eyes Social Behavior How stance Teacher leadership Hands-on
many times do students refer to and build experiences, such as work with Japanese
on classmates’ comments? How often do the practitioners.
five quietist students speak up? Are
Introduction to Lesson Study.ppt
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Introduction to Lesson Study

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