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Introduction to Music

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1Introduction to Music. The 6the mood of this song? Why do you think
organization of sound in time. so? Is this seamless sound or are you
2Music. In this module you will meant to hear more than one sound at the
consider the following Elements of music same time?
Context of music Emotions / ideas / 7Song 4. How many instruments do you
feelings expressed What is music? hear in this selection? Does one
Historical influences Knowledge that you particular instrument stand out? What
bring to listening to music. ideas or emotions come to mind when you
3How to use this module. The following listen to this sample? What kind of music
slides contain nine audio files and is it?
questions for each audio sample. To hear 8Song 5. What instruments do you hear
the audio portion of the slide, click on in this example? Is there anything that
the graphic. Please listen to each audio sounds unusual? What ideas or emotions
selection at least once and jot down your does this sample suggest to you? From what
general reaction to the excerpt and your country are these singers? Have you heard
answers to the questions. Then post your anything similar to this before?
answers on the Blackboard site for the 9Song 6. How does this example begin?
Introduction to Music module. Is this music? What kind of music is this?
4Song 1. What is the primary age group What instruments do you hear? What is the
for this song? Why do you think so? Are general mood of this example?
the lyrics important for the song? Why or 10Song 7. What instrument do you hear?
why not? What is the mood of this song? How many people are playing? How many
What kind of song is this? Have you heard sounds do you hear?
anything similar? What instruments do you 11Song 8. What instrument can you hear
hear on this song? in this song? What is the rhythm or beat
5Song 2. What instruments do you hear? of this example? What kind of music is
Is the music “pleasing” or easy to listen this? What is your evidence? What is the
to? Why or why not? What is the mood of mood of this song? Why do you think so?
this piece? 12Song 9. Is this music? Why or why not?
6Song 3. From what country do you think What does this music remind you of? What
this band originates? Would you consider instruments are being played? What is the
this dance music? Why or why not? What is mood of this song?
Introduction to Music.ppt
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Introduction to Music

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