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Картинка 24 из презентации «IPads in the Classroom»

Размеры: 864 х 540 пикселей, формат: png. Чтобы бесплатно скачать картинку для урока английского языка щёлкните по изображению правой кнопкой мышки и нажмите «Сохранить изображение как...». Для показа картинок на уроке Вы также можете бесплатно скачать презентацию «IPads in the Classroom.ppt» целиком со всеми картинками в zip-архиве. Размер архива - 5973 КБ.

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«Женщина the woman» - От нашего ребра нам не ждать добра; A woman’s tongue wags like a lamb’s tail. The wife is the key to the house. Холостому помогай боже, а женатому хозяйка поможет. Женский интеллект. As great a pity to see a woman cry as a goose go barefoot. Значение понятия «женщина» в семье. Человек = мужчина. Пути пополнения лексической группы «женщина» в английском языке.

«Periodic table of elements» - 3Co + C = Co3C. 2Co + 8CO = Co2(CO)8. August 18, 1868 French scientist Pierre Janssen. physical properties. 2Co + O2 = 2CoO. It is a part of vitamin B12 (cobalamin). The human need for cobalt 0,007-0,015 mg daily. Ni + CuSO4 = NiSO4 + Cu. Some elements of the periodic table. In the absence of cobalt akobaltoz develops.

«Education system» - Certainly, it is possible to continue "to swot away" sciences independently. How it can be provided? And how specialization? It surprises you? To all these requirements the person with degree of the bachelor also satisfies. MAGISTRACY - the best way for the bachelor to qualification tops. But it not the best option.

«Word 2010» - Sorting the data source. Change height and width. Inserting comments. Paragraph formatting. Sorting and filter records. Word 2010. Table of authorities. Formatting a table. Customize track changes. Keyboard shortcuts. Copyright. Share and search for source. Cross-references. Text alignment. Table position and alignment.

«Pioneers» - Pioneer camps. Pioneers. Pioneer – a member of all-union pioneer organization in USSR and some youth democratic organizations in other countries. There were 19.5 million young pioneers in 1984. «Pioneers Truth» («Pionerskaya Pravda») - the soviet children newspaper since 1925. «Pioneers Zorka» - all-union daily radio newspaper for pioneers and schoolchildren since 1925.

«Olympic games 2012» - Closing ceremony. Sports facilities. Summer Olympic Games 2012. Olympic games in london. Talismans of Games – Wenlock and Mandeville. Medal standings. Opening Ceremony. Oscar on the Olympic Games in 2012. Oscar Pistorius is a man who never gives up. Olympic Torch Relay Olympic Games. London became the first city to have received three Olympics.

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