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ISO 26000 and Consumers

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1ISO 26000 and Consumers. CI Congress 12SR for all organisations The section is
sub-plenary 6c - How can ISO 26000 be used based on The UN Guidelines for Consumer
by consumer groups? Jens Henriksson Protection.
Swedish Consumer Expert. 13ISO 26000 Consumer issues. Fair
2ISO 26000 - Guidance on Social marketing, factual and unbiased
Responsibility. Initiative by Consumers information and fair contractual practices
ISO Consumer Policy Committee, ISO Protecting consumers' health and safety
COPOLCO, Trinidad/Tobago 2002 CI and and Sustainable consumption cont.
several consumer experts active throughout 14ISO 26000 Consumer issues. 4. Consumer
the work Published in November 2010. service, support, and complaint and
3ISO 26000 Basics. Guidance standard dispute resolution 5. Consumer data
Developed in consensus New open process protection and privacy 6. Access to
with clearly defines stakeholder groups essential services 7. Education and
Standard not to be certified Not to be a awareness.
barrier to trade. 15ISO 26000 - Get started! It is a tool
4ISO 26000. Twinned leadership ABNT/SIS both for “saving the world” and protecting
Largest standards activity with the consumer We, the consumer movement,
participation, more then 400 attend some have a double win using the document We
meetings 70 nations, balance north-south were the one asking for it, let’s use it!
30 liaison organisations e.g.. CI Good Start by acting the good example.
gender balance. 16ISO 26000 - Get started! Buy the
5ISO 26000. Stakeholder Groups Consumer document (We do not want to risk copyright
Government Industry Labour NGO Others infringement…) Implement the ISO 26 000
(Academia, Consultants etc). content in your strategy and management
6The role of ISO 26000. Practical Use for lobbying on sustainability Use for
guidance on implementing sustainable creating respect for and developing
development Sustainability is the overall consumer rights.
objective and SR the tool A systematic 17ISO 26000 - Get started! Use the
approach to being a responsible document explaining governments and
organisation Taking an active approach, business the importance of consumer
not just following the law. organisations and protection Use it, where
7The role of ISO 26000. Voluntary appropriate, when approaching bad business
responsibility in addition to legal behaviour Use the SR elements in your Test
development Coordinating and pointing to Magazines.
already existing international law by 18ISO 26000 – Get started! Challenge
using the ISO global network Trying to other organisations to use it, not only
find a global solution to global business Public bodies have a huge direct
challenges and sometimes global impact the market, through public
organisations. procurement When business and public
8The role of ISO 26000. Intended for bodies use it, monitor their work and
all types of organisations (not only CSR) reporting Publish good and bad examples.
Provides a common understanding of what 19ISO 26000 Finally. It is a positive
constitutes SR Including Consumer Rights!! tool and an opportunity to be explored It
Common language for communication on SR. is not a substitute to legal initiatives
9Content of ISO 26000. Understanding Society can and must move towards social
the concept Guiding principles Recognizing responsibility both in the public and
its role in SR context and identifying private sphere Society needs both
stakeholders Core subjects (elements) How political and voluntary initiatives.
to implement Excellent reference material. 20ISO 26000 Finally. Consumer
10ISO 26000 Principles. Accountability organisations has the potential of acting
Transparency Ethical behaviour Stakeholder as a catalyst for the much needed change
interests The rule of law International towards a sustainable society. Social
norms of behaviour Human rights. responsibility, preferable in line with
11ISO 26000 Core subjects. the guidance in ISO 26000, gives all types
Organizational governance Human rights of organisations guidance and a common
Labour practices The environment Fair language.
operating practices Consumer issues 21Contact Details. The Swedish
Community involvement and development. Consumers’ Association Jens Henriksson,
12ISO 26000 Consumer issues. The International Officer Box 38001 100 64
consumer section is vital to the ISO 26000 Stockholm Telefon 08-674 43 00
document as it is a fundamental right to jens.henriksson@sverigeskonsumenter
be protected But also as consumer www.sverigeskonsumenter.se.
protection is core to successful work on
ISO 26000 and Consumers.ppt
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ISO 26000 and Consumers

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