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ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management System Standard

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1ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management 7Standard.
System Standard. 8What does the standard require? A
2What is ISO? The International series of measures and controls to help
Organization for Standardization (ISO) prevent, detect, and address bribery,
develops and publishes International among them: An anti-bribery policy,
standards. It is compromised of the procedures, and controls Top management
national standards bodies from 163 member leadership, commitment and responsibility
countries. It has developed nearly twenty Senior level oversight Anti-bribery
thousand voluntary international training Risk assessments Due diligence on
standards. projects and business associates
3What is ISO 37001? An anti-bribery Reporting, monitoring, investigation and
management system standard, currently review Corrective action and continual
under development. It is designed to help improvement.
an organization establish, implement, 9What if a Standard provision is
maintain, and improve an anti-bribery illegal in a country? ISO specifies
compliance program or “management system.” measures and controls globally regarded as
It includes a series of measures and anti-corruption good practice. If a
controls that represent global requirement is prohibited by applicable
anti-corruption good practice. law, an organization will not be required
4Who can use this Standard? The to comply with that requirement, but can
standard is flexible and can be adapted to comply with the remainder of the standard.
a wide range of organizations, including: 10How will the Standard benefit an
Large organizations Small & medium organization? By providing: Minimum
sized enterprises (SMEs) Public and requirements and supporting guidance for
private sector organizations implementing or benchmarking an
Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) The anti-bribery management system Assurance
standard can be used by organizations in to management, investors, employees,
any country. customers, and other stakeholders that an
5The measures required by ISO 37001 are organization is taking steps to prevent
designed to be integrated with existing bribery risk Evidence that an organization
management processes and controls. Follows has taken reasonable steps to prevent
the common high-level structure for bribery.
management system standards, for easy 11Can my organization be ISO 37001
integration with, for example, ISO 9001 certified? ISO 37001 is being developed as
New or enhanced measures can be integrated a requirements standard, making it capable
into existing systems. Does the Standard of independent certification. If approved
require a stand-alone Management System? as such, third parties will be able to
6What does ISO 37001 address? Bribery certify an organization’s compliance with
by the organization, or by its personnel the Standard.
or business associates acting on the 12Timeline of the Standard’s
organization’s behalf or for its benefit Development. In 2013, Project Committee
Bribery of the organization, or of its ISO/PC 278 was established to develop the
personnel or business associates in new anti-bribery standard. Almost 45
relation to the organization’s activities. countries and 7 liaison organizations
7Does the Standard define bribery? comprise the committee. Four committee
Bribery is defined by law which varies meetings have taken place: London (June
between countries. Therefore the Standard 2013); Madrid (March 2014); Miami
does not provide an independent definition (September 2014); Paris (March 2015). The
of bribery. The Standard provides guidance next meeting is scheduled for Kuala Lumpur
on what is meant by bribery to help users in September 2015. The publication of the
understand the intention and scope of the standard is expected in late 2016.
ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management System Standard.pptx
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ISO 37001: Anti-Bribery Management System Standard

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