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Jack London
Jack London
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Jack London

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1Jack London. I. A brief introduction 5they want to be fair.
of Jack London's background II. The 6From the text, we can see why they
Philosophy of Jack London a. Social want to be fair. In capitalism, their law
Darwinism b. anti-Capitalism III. The is unfair top them. Schemmer killed a
influence that gold rush adventure and coolie, but can provided a doctor's
south sea cruise brought to Jack London. certificate so he is not punished. (p.837)
2Social Level. Chief Justice/ English The Judgement by appearance. (p.839) The
Company/ French Government-the upper class error of the chief Justice. (p.840) Middle
Schemmer/ Eruchot-the middle class Chinago class & upper class doesn't hold their
coolies/ Tahitian-the lower class The liability. (p.846) Coolie's life seems to
capitalist system enriched only the upper be valueless, the sentence "it is
class at the expense of the lower class only a chinago" always appear.
The conflict about Jack London advocated 7From the text, we can see why they
in his point of view. want to be fair. The minds of superiors
3Culture. Culture background—the don't have righteousness. Cruchot try to
reasons for people still willing to be think for the chinago but he is not allow
suppressed by capitalism. Philosophy of to think. The chinago don't understand
Chinese (Ah Cho): Be gentle and patient to capitalism, it seems to be unreasonable.
any difficult situations—(p. 844-first Conclusion: Because of the unfair and
paragraph, “Forgive malice”-p. 847, don't understand, so the third world where
L23-25) Easy to be fulfilled—the coolie most of the coolie from hate capitalism.
still enjoys the low payment (p. 835-6). They want Marxism instead.
4Philosophy of Chinese (Ah Cho): 8The reality of "Free
.Believe the superior has power to Emigration" The general situation of
suppress the inferior—fix the sense of world at that time The export of coolies
superior of European, who look down upon The maltreated coolies in other country
Chinago’s life(p. 843, L 18-21), (p.846, L Reference:???????? (????) ?? ???336.92
19-21), Schemmer threaten the dying Ah Cho 7548.
and treats him inhuman (p. 847, L 19-21, 9Symbols. Chinago/French Devils/White
26-7) Self-defensive and selfish—Ah Cho devil Arrows/belts Five hundred coolie Ah
shows no mercy to Ah Chow(p. 839, L32-8), Cho’s dream Guillotine.
no one dare to prove that Ah Cho is 10International Financial background of
innocent (p. 845, L2-4). The Chinago. Flourishing period of
5Why Marxism is much more popular in Capitalism The feature of capitalism The
the third world where most of the coolie attitude to labors in capitalism An
from? Marxism is much more popular is opponent power—Marxism.
because most of the people there are poor,
Jack London.ppt
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Jack London

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