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Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View London
Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View London
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Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View London

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1Jackie Collins Project Lead 6Aim to give Learning Disability a higher
Winterbourne View London. Progress across profile and clear focus in London Network
London. will have clinical and social care input
2WV monitoring. NHSE now collect and will provide expert advice to improve
information on both a quarterly and quality of care and experience of
monthly basis (from July 2014) Quarterly receiving services.
data includes total number of patients, % 7Progress in London cont. Second
with a care co-ordinator, numbers with no Commissioner event held in July 2014 Aim
planned transfer date Monthly figures from to support the development of
CCG’s on no. of discharges from ATU’s and collaborative and cross borough
destination Additional data collected in commissioning Action plan has been
London on new admissions Some issues with reviewed following the event.
accuracy of data collection. 8Progress in London cont. Strengthen
3What is the current London picture? advocacy – advocacy event held and booklet
Quarterly data collection by NHSE March developed Develop skills of front line
2014-June 2014 shows slight increase in workers working on discharge from ATU’s –
patients in London 262 patients at March training for Care Co-ordinators
2014, 269 patients in London at June 2014 commissioned by NHSE and planned for early
However, patients with no planned transfer November.
date reduced from 205 in March to 79 9Progress in London cont. Market
patients by June. Position statement currently being
4What is the current London picture refreshed with NHS Quarter 1 data Good
(2). % of patients on a register (91%) and practice examples have been gathered from
with care co-ordinator (98%) remained London CCGs on supporting discharge from
similar from March – June 2014 Monthly ATU to the community, prevention of
patient flow figures for August 2014 admissions and work with young people in
showed slight decrease in people entering transition Aim to share good practice as
ATU’s; this may be due to inaccurate part of the refresh.
reporting rather than reality. 10Progress in London cont. LSCP and
5What progress has been made in London? Public Health looking at the development
London Action plan developed Appointment of pan London JSNA to better reflect the
of WV Project Lead for London to lead on complex needs of the WV cohort Would be
the London action plan London work is useful to get examples of any specialist
hosted by London Social Care Partnership analysis of needs Continuing Health Care
and overseen by WV steering group. Network are looking at national CHC
6Progress in London cont. Learning assessment tool to ensure fit for purpose
Disability clinical network set up (linked for people with learning disabilities.
to NHS and Social Care Outcome Framework). 11Any questions?
Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View London.ppt
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Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View London

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