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3.2 paintIcon call Program Output
3.2 paintIcon call Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
Program Output
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Java Multimedia: Images, Animation, Audio and Video

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1Java Multimedia: Images, Animation, 16into memory Only complete images should be
Audio and Video. Outline 30.1 Introduction displayed (smooth animation) If loaded,
30.2 Loading, Displaying and Scaling returns MediaTracker.COMPLETE MediaTracker
Images 30.3 Loading and Playing Audio Can determine when images are loaded, or
Clips 30.4 Animating a Series of Images force program to wait if not ImageIcon
30.5 Animation Issues 30.6 Customizing creates our MediaTracker for us.
Applets via the HTML param Tag 30.7 Image 171. import 1.1 implements
Maps 30.8 Java Plug-In 30.9 Internet and ActionListener 1.2 Declare objects 1.3
World Wide Web Resources. Constructor 1.4 Initialize ImageIcon array
230.1 Introduction. Revolution in 2. paintComponent 2.1 Call to superclass
computer industry Before, computers used paintComponent.
for high-speed calculations Now, data 182.2 If image loaded, display it
manipulation important Multimedia (paintIcon) 2.3 Increment currentImage 3.
"sizzle" of Java - images, actionPerformed 3.1 startAnimation 3.2
sound, video CDs, DVDs, video cards stopAnimation 3.3 getMinimumSize.
Demands extraordinary computing power Fast 193.4. getPreferredSize 4. main.
processors making multimedia possible Java 20Program Output.
Has built-in multimedia capabilities Most 2130.5 Animation Issues. Storing images
programming languages do not Develop Interlaced/non-interlaced formats
powerful multimedia applications. Specifies order in which pixels are stored
330.2 Loading, Displaying and Scaling Non-interlaced - pixels stored in order
Images. Java Multimedia Graphics, images, they appear on screen Image appears in
animations, sounds, and video Begin with chunks from top to bottom as it is loaded
images Class Image (java.awt) Abstract Interlaced - pixels stored in rows, but
class, cannot create an object directly out of order Image appears to fade in and
Must request that an Image be loaded and become more clear Animation flickers Due
returned to you Class Applet (superclass to update being called in response to
of JApplet) has this method getImage( repaint In AWT GUI components Draws filled
imageLocation, filename ); imageLocation - rectangle in background color where image
getDocumentBase() - URL (address) of HTML was Draw image, sleep, clear background
file filename - Java supports .gif and (flicker), draw next image... Swing's
.jpg (.jpeg). JPanel overrides update to avoid this.
430.2 Loading, Displaying and Scaling 2230.5 Animation Issues (II). Double
Images (II). Displaying Images with buffering Used to smooth animations
drawImage Many overloaded versions Program renders one image on screen Builds
g.drawImage( myImage, x, y, ImageObserver next image in off-screen buffer When time
); myImage - Image object x,y - to display next image, done smoothly
coordinates to display image ImageObserver Partial images user would have seen (while
- object on which image is displayed Use image loads) are hidden All pixels for
"this" to indicate the applet next image displayed at once Space/Time
Can be any object that implements tradeoff Reduces flicker, but can slow
ImageObserver interface g.drawImage( animation speed and uses more memory Used
myImage, x, y, width, height, by Swing GUI components by default.
ImageObserver ); width and height - 2330.6 Customizing Applets via the HTML
dimensions of image (automatically scaled) param Tag. Applets Customize through
getWidth(), getHeight() - return parameters in HTML file that invokes it
dimensions of applet. <html> <applet
530.2 Loading, Displaying and Scaling code="LogoApplet.class"
Images (III). Class ImageIcon Not an width=400 height=400> <param
abstract class (can create objects) name="totalimages"
Example constructor private ImageIcon value="30"> <param
myIcon; myIcon = new ImageIcon( name="imagename"
"myIcon.gif" ); Displaying Icons value="deitel"> <param
with method paintIcon myIcon.paintIcon( name="animationdelay"
Component, Graphics, x, y ) Component - value="200"> </applet>
Component object on which to display image </html> Invokes applet LogoApplet
(this) Graphics - Graphics object used to param tags Each has a name and a value Use
render image (g) x, y - coordinates of Applet method getParameter (returns a
Icon. String) parameter = getParameter(
630.2 Loading, Displaying and Scaling "animationdelay" );
Images (IV). Usage ImageIcons are simpler 2430.6 Customizing Applets via the HTML
than Images Create objects directly No param Tag (II). Following example Use the
need for ImageObserver reference However, LogoAnimator class as before, but modified
cannot scale ImageIcons Scaling Use slightly Create Applet LogoApplet Takes
ImageIcon method getImage Returns Image parameters Creates LogoAnimator object
reference This can be used with drawImage using the parameters Plays animation.
and be scaled. 251. import 1.1 LogoAnimator class as
7Image Example 1. import 1.1 Declare before 1.2 Constructor to allow
objects 2. init() 2.1 Initialize objects customization.
3. paint() 3.1 drawImage calls. 262. Methods as before.
83.2 paintIcon call Program Output. 272. Methods as before.
930.3 Loading and Playing Audio Clips. 28
Audio clips Require speakers and a sound 29Applet 1. init 1.1 Initialize objects
board Sound engine - plays audio clips from parameters 1.2 Supply variables to
Supports .au, .wav, .aif, .mid Java Media constructor 2. Set layout.
Framework supports additional formats 303. startAnimation.
Playing audio clips play method in Applet 3130.7 Image Maps. Image map Image that
Plays clip once, marked for garbage has hot areas User can click to accomplish
collection when finished play( location, a task Bubble help When mouse over
soundFileName ); location - particular point in screen, small message
getDocumentBase (URL of HTML file) play( displayed in status bar In the following
soundURL ); soundURL - URL that contains example Load several images Use event
location and filename of clip. handler mouseMoved to find x-coordinate
1030.3 Loading and Playing Audio Clips Based on the x-coordinate, display a
(II). Playing audio clips Method play from message.
AudioClip interface More flexible than 321. import 1.1 Declare objects 2. init
Applet method play Audio stored in 2.1 addMouseListener 2.2 Initialize
program, can be reused getAudioClip ImageIcon.
Returns reference to an AudioClip Same 333. paint 4. translateLocation 4.1
format as Applet method play getAudioClip( Display message depending on x.
location, filename ) getAudioClip( 34Program Output.
soundURL ) Once AudioClip loaded, use 3530.8 Java Plug-In. Web browsers Many
methods play - plays audio once loop - different browser versions Most support
continuous loops audio in background stop Java 1.0 and 1.1, but few support Java 2
- terminates clip that is currently Inconsistent support of 1.1 To use Java 2
playing. in an applet, use the Java Plug-in
111. import 1.1 Declare objects 2. init Bypasses browser's Java support Installs
2.1 Set layout. complete version of Java Runtime
122.2 Add buttons 2.3 Initialize audio Environment on user's computer Large file
clips 3. stop 4. Class ButtonHandler. - ideal for corporate intranets and
13Program Output. high-speed networks.
1430.4 Animating a Series of Images. 3630.8 Java Plug-In (II). Using the Plug
Following example Use a series of images in with applets The <applet>,
stored in an array Use same techniques to <param> and </applet> tags
load and display ImageIcons Class Timer must be converted Must indicate that
Generates ActionEvents at a fixed interval Plug-in should be used to execute applet
in milliseconds Timer ( animationDelay, Java Plug-in 1.2 HTML Converter Performs
ActionListener ); ActionListener - conversion for us
ActionListener that will respond to http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/
ActionEvents Methods start stop restart Execution In install directory type java
isRunning. HTMLConverter Select file to convert and
1530.4 Animating a Series of Images type of conversion.
(II). Method repaint Calls update, which 3730.9 Internet and World Wide Web
calls paintComponent Subclasses of Resources. Internet and web resources for
JComponent should draw in method Java Media Framework
paintComponent Call superclass's http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jm
paintComponent to make sure Swing / Download and documentation for JMF
components displayed properly View area http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/
Width and height specify entire window, jmf/forDevelopers/ Site for javax.media
not client area Dimension objects Contain API descriptions Downloadable image,
width and height values myDimObject = new audio, and video galleries Test your
Dimension( 100, 200 ); myDimObject.width. multimedia programs
1630.4 Animating a Series of Images http://www.nasa.gov/gallery/index.html
(III). getImageLoadStatus ImageIcon method http://sunsite.sut.ac.jp/multimed/.
Determines if image is completely loaded
Java Multimedia: Images, Animation, Audio and Video.ppt
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Java Multimedia: Images, Animation, Audio and Video

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