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I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
I. Vocabulary: Body Parts
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Latin for the Whole Child

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1Latin for the Whole Child. Suzanne 9text and match English words in the
Henrich Board of Directors, Ascanius: The translation to the Latin words** 3.
Youth Classics Institute Latin Teacher, Students draw a comic of the story,
Boston Latin Academy NECTDGE 2013, labeling it with Latin from the authentic
Portland ME. text 4. If desired, students can compare
2Latin for Gifted Students: Why? Latin and contrast the story of Romulus and
is likely new to students, making it Remus with other stories (Moses,
exciting and different Latin helps foundation myths from ancient cities
students understand their own language especially Argos, Padua (ancient
better Latin is challenging, and remains Patavium), and Carthage).
challenging as one learns the language 10II. Romulus and Remus.
Like math, Latin is cumulative and relies 11III. Natural World & Narcissus and
on a student having knowledge of all Echo. 1. Introduce Nature vocabulary 2.
previously learned skills. Thus it Students play Nature Flyswatter game to
presents continual reinforcement and practice 3. Go on a nature scavenger hunt–
challenge, which is excellent for then students label their finds in Latin
independent or self -directed work Latin 4. Tell the story of Narcissus and Echo 5.
is a gateway to understanding much about Students read the Latin story, and use it
history, literature, and the human to fill in the blanks in the English
experience To study Latin is to study not translation ** 6. Students act out their
only a language, but also a culture, portion of the story 7. If desired, play
history, religion, and philosophy. Mad Libs! Students give you Latin words to
Teachers can use Latin to connect with fill in the blanks in a Nature Myth story.
students of many types of giftedness. 12IV. Mythology through Music. 1.
3Lessons in Presentation. I. Vocabulary Students listen to The Planets by Holst,
Acquisition (body parts, colors, family) and hold up words that show the emotions
II. Romulus and Remus III. The Natural in the music ** 2. Students can also
World & Narcissus and Echo IV. Music listening to the music and draw images
through Mythology (Holst’s The Planets). based on what they hear 3. Students can
4I. Vocabulary Acquisition. 1. then compare the music to authentic images
Introduce new vocabulary 2. Physical and stories of the gods- does the music
practice 3. Musical practice 4. Hands-on give the same impression of the god, why
practice 5. If desired, explore English or why not? 4. Students write (in English
derivatives related to the vocabulary. or Latin) riddles about the gods and share
5I. Vocabulary: Body Parts. 1. them with the class, who have to guess
Introduce new vocabulary: construct Joe which deity is described.
Body Parts (as a class or individually) 2. 13Resources and Materials Resources for
Physical practice: Simo dicit (Simon Says) teaching Latin: Minimus, Cambridge Latin
** 3. Musical practice: Body Parts Chant Course Ascanius Resources: Mingle with
4. Hands-on practice: draw and label your Myth: myth lessons and activities by
partner’s body. topic/story Leap into Latin: beginning
6I. Vocabulary: Body Parts. Latin lessons and activities by topic
7I. Vocabulary: Colors. 1. Introduce Readings from Mythology: adapted Latin
new vocabulary: Colors powerpoint 2. readings for beginning to intermediate
Physical and Musical practice: Colors Song student, includes vocabulary, grammar
with props** 3. Hands-on practice: Slap practice and authentic images for
the Colors game 4. Derivatives: comparison Getting to Know Greek: fun
http://www.classicsunveiled.com/romevd/htm introduction to ancient Greek Iota
/derivmain.html magazine: myth, language, and culture for
http://www.etymonline.com/index.php. ES students SCRIBO: Latin composition
8I. Vocabulary: Family. 1. Introduce contest!
new vocabulary: Pictures of students’ 14Questions? Suggestions? Want to try
families 2. Musical practice: Family Song some our activities? Explore our resources
3. Hands-on practice: Create and label a for teachers:
family tree (hanger or potted) 4. www.ascaniusyci.org/teachers.htm Find
Derivatives. powerpoints and recordings:
9II. Romulus and Remus. 1. Tell the www.ascaniusyci.org/companion/artmyth/
story in English, listen to the story in Contact me at: shenrich@ascaniusyci.org.
Latin 2. Students examine authentic Latin
Latin for the Whole Child.ppt
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Latin for the Whole Child

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