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Level of the language spoken - EU%
Level of the language spoken - EU%
Languages most commonly used in the EU - %
Languages most commonly used in the EU - %
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1LESS SPOKEN LANGUAGES & THE 7language planning boards in Europe. The
POLITICS OF EUROPEAN MULTILINGUALISM. Dr Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity
Eleni Markou Coordinator of Less Taught (NPLD) is a pan-European Network which
Languages Modern Language Centre. covers regional, minority, indigenous,
2“Strong” “Weak” Other terminology? cross-border and smaller national
Implications? Types of Languages. languages to promote linguistic diversity
3Official and Spoken Languages of EU in Europe. The main focus is providing
Countries. Country. Official & information about and easy access to a
national Languages. Other spoken large network of organisations that can
Languages. Austria. German, Slovene share ideas, information and best practice
(official in Carinthia), Croatian & regarding the promotion of less widely
Hungarian (official in Burgenland). used languages. For an overview of
Belgium. Dutch 60%, French 40%, German regional and minority language projects
less than 1%. Bulgaria. Bulgarian. supported by the European Union, see the
Turkish. Cyprus. Greek, Turkish, English. “Regional and Minority” Language Products
Czech Republic. Czech (cestina). Denmark. page.
Danish (dansk). Standard German. Estonia. 8Practice. Since its inception, the EU
Estonian (eesti keel). Russian, Ukrainian, has put a great emphasis on
Finnish. Finland. Finnish (suomi) 93.4%, multilingualism, and, in line with this
Swedish 5.9%. small Sami-& policy, it currently recognizes 21
Russian-speaking minorities. France. official languages. While formally all
French (fran?ais). . Germany. German official languages enjoy the same
(Deutsch). privileges, they do not have the same
4Official and Spoken Languages of EU prominence within the EU administration.
Countries (cont). Country. Official & According to the European Commission, 62%
national language. Other spoken lang. of its documents were initially prepared
Greece. Greek (ellinik?, the Koine-Demotic in English, 26 % in French, and 3.1 % in
version). Turkish (Northern Greece). German in 2004. The remaining languages
Hungary. Hungarian (magyar). German, accounted for less than 9 % of inputs into
Romanian. Ireland. Irish (Gaeilge), EU Bureaucracy.
English (generally used), . Italy. 9The EU recognizes procedural, official
Italian (italiano). Latvia. Latvian and treaty languages. Procedural
(latviesu valoda). Lithuanian, Russian. languages: English, French and German
Lithuania. Lithuanian (lietuviu kalba). Official languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch,
Polish, Russian. Luxembourg. Luxembourgish English, Estonian, Finnish, French,
(L?tzebuergesch, the everyday spoken German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian,
language), French (administrative Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish,
language), German (administrative Portuguese, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, and
language). . Malta. Maltese (Malti). Swedish and, as of recently, Irish. Treaty
English. Netherlands. Dutch (Nederlands, languages: Luxembourgish, and until
official language), Frisian (official recently Irish.
language). . Poland. Polish (polski). 10EU citizens and firms, nonetheless,
5Official and Spoken Languages of EU are entitled to communicate with the EU in
Countries (cont). Country. Official & any official or treaty language. This
national language. Other spoken language. privilege, however, does not extend to
Portugal. Portuguese (portugu?s). . minority languages such as Welsh, Catalan,
Romania. Romanian (romana). Hungarian, or Basque, even when they have an official
German. Slovakia. Slovak (slovensky or semi-official status in their own
jazyk). Hungarian. Slovenia. Slovenian country.
(slovenski jezik). . Spain. Spanish 11Information and data. Among the EU15
(espa?ol - the Castilian version) 74%, population (if not in magnitude then at
Catalan 17%, Galician 7%, Basque 2%. note: least in ordering): 55% speak English, 34
Castilian is the official language % French, and 31 % German.
nationwide; the other languages are 12Level of the language spoken - EU%.
official regionally. Sweden. Swedish 13Languages most commonly used in the EU
(svenska). small Sami- and - %.
Finnish-speaking minorities. United 14Statistical conclusions. The mother
Kingdom. English. Welsh (about 26% of the tongue of the respondent is in most of the
population of Wales), Scottish form of cases one of the official languages of the
Gaelic (about 60,000 in Scotland). country of residence. Mobility inside the
6Theory Young Europeans should learn EU and immigration from outside the EU do
two languages apart from their mother not have significant impact on the
tongue (White Paper on Teaching & figures. 50% of the EU citizens speak at
Learning, 1996, Office for the official least one other language than their mother
publications of the European Communities). tongue. The languages known slightly
EU attitudes to multilingualism. differ between EU15 and EU10 which joined
7European Projects. EU policy - to the EU in 2004. English keeps on growing
protect and promote regional and minority its share as the most widely spoken
languages The EU has a positive policy foreign language. Both French and German
towards regional and minority languages, have also slightly increased their share
enshrined in Article 22 of the European compared to the situation in 2001. When
Charter of Fundamental Rights, which looking at the overall situation within
states, “The Union respects cultural, the EU, English remains the most widely
religious and linguistic diversity”. In used language, followed by German and
1992, the European Commission initiated a French. Compared to the situation in 2001,
detailed study of regional and minority the enlargement of the EU has brought
language communities in the EU. As new Polish and Russian into the list. The
countries joined the Union, the scope of level of foreign languages spoken tends to
the study was widened. (Euromosaic ). In be good, according to the respondents.
addition, the European Commission provided Considering five most widely used
support to the ADUM project (2004-05). languages spoken as a foreign language,
ADUM informs people and organisations over half of the respondents rate the
working to support regional or minority level of their skills good or very good
languages about European funding (English 69%, Spanish 65%, German 58%,
opportunities. Other recent projects French 55%, Russian 54%). In all these
include CRAMLAP (Celtic, Regional and languages, the estimate of the level of
Minority Languages Abroad Project), which language skills is higher than what was
has undertaken an audit and evaluation of observed in 2001.
Higher Education provision of Celtic and 15Decision on language learning based on
other regional and minority languages in financial reasoning Learning “powerful
Europe, and the Network of European languages” can offer political influence.
Language Planning Boards, established to Implications for less spoken languages.
promote co-operation between minority 16Questions.
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