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Lets revise the tenses

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1Let’s revise the tenses. Урок №6 к 7Mike is happy. He (get) a five! 5. He
учебнику М.З.Биболетовой 7 класс Учитель already (do) his home exercise. 6. She
Ляляева С.В. (do) her home exercise yesterday. 7. Jim
2Name the second and the third forms of (be) in Moscow last month. 8. Jane never
the verb. did — done brought — brought (be) to Moscow. 26.07.2015. 7.
gave - given had — had said — said saw — 8Which tense should you use? He (read)
seen Was/were — been built — built wrote — a book now. He (be)to London twice They
written — read — read. Do – Bring Give (go) there last Sunday. Look at him! He
Have Say See Be Build Write Read. (ride) his bike. I (do) my homework
26.07.2015. 2. tomorrow. She (see) her friends last week.
3Remember! Simple. Continuous. Perfect. is reading has been went is riding will do
Present. Past. Future. V1. Am Is Ving Are. saw. 26.07.2015. 8.
Have Has V3. V2. Shall/ will V1. 9Can you ask questions? …he go to
26.07.2015. 3. school last week? What … she reading? When
4Remember the words that can help you. …you usually get up? What … they watching
26.07.2015. 4. ? What …you done? When …she usually go to
5Simple tenses: correct the mistakes. I bed? are have did do does is has.
saw the film tomorrow. He did dance at the 26.07.2015. 9.
party yesterday. They usually will go to 10Correct the mistakes. She washed up
school at 7. Did he got up early? What you yesterday They didn’t go to the park We
will do next Sunday? They usually not talk are reading now. Where does she see it? He
at the lesson. 26.07.2015. 5. is not listening to me. I have seen the
6Present Simple or Present Continuous? film. Were you at school? Do you swim
-Where is Mary? She (have) dinner in the well? She wash up yesterday. They didn’t
kitchen. After school she (have) dinner went to the park. We is reading now. Where
and (do) her homework. What … you (do) in does she saw it? He not is listening to me
the evening? What… you (do) now? I (not I has seen the film. Did you were at
know) how to translate the text. I usually school? Does you swim well? 26.07.2015.
(help) my mum in the evening but now I 10.
(play) my new computer game. 26.07.2015. 11Which sentence best describes the
6. picture? 11.
7Past Simple or Present Perfect? The 12Thanks! Your work is good! 26.07.2015.
room is clean now because my mum just 12.
(clean) it. I (clean) my room two days 13Ресурсы. Рисунки www.lenagold.ru.
ago. Mike (get) a five last Maths lesson. 26.07.2015. 13.
Lets revise the tenses.pptx
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Lets revise the tenses

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