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Life expectancy at birth by social class, for male & females, England
Life expectancy at birth by social class, for male & females, England
Life expectancy at birth by social class, for male & females, England
Life expectancy at birth by social class, for male & females, England
Part of NS-SEC derivation matrix
Part of NS-SEC derivation matrix
Life Table (illustrative)
Life Table (illustrative)
Hierarchy for assignment of socio- economic class
Hierarchy for assignment of socio- economic class
Person-years at risk
Person-years at risk
NS-SEC90 analytic classes– using SOC90
NS-SEC90 analytic classes– using SOC90
Part of NS-SEC80 derivation matrix
Part of NS-SEC80 derivation matrix
Validation – cross-tab of 1993 deaths
Validation – cross-tab of 1993 deaths
Period life expectancy – males at birth
Period life expectancy – males at birth
Period life expectancy – females at birth
Period life expectancy – females at birth
Period life expectancy – men aged 65
Period life expectancy – men aged 65
Period life expectancy – women aged 65
Period life expectancy – women aged 65
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Life expectancy by NS-SEC

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1Life expectancy by NS-SEC Structure, 15project. NS- SEC D E R I V A T I O N. Life
technical and conceptual issues and Tables. M A T R I C E S 81 91 01. Deaths
results BSPS 8 Sept 2011. Brian Johnson & Pyrs program. NS-SEC80 Derivation
ONS Health & Life Events Division Matrix project. Members’ Occupation/emp
Newport Brian.johnson@ons.gsi.gov.uk. status at census 81,91,01. Cancelled
2Introduction. Why life expectancy by Ciphers. NS-SEC Classifica-tion program.
NS-SEC? What is NS-SEC and how is it Non-members’ Occupation/emp status at
derived? Why is the ONS Longitudinal Study census 81,91,01. New births 80’s,90’s,00’s
vital to this analysis? Main technical Father/mother Occ/emp status. Own NS-SEC.
problems and approach to them Conceptual Losses to Follow up. Father’s Mother’s
concerns Summary results. Spouse’s NS-SEC. Age-specific mortality
3Background. ONS has produced life rates. Father’s Mother’s NS-SEC At birth.
expectancy by Registrar General’s social 16Components of the project. Construct
class (RGSC) for the period 1972-2005 In “NS-SEC80” derivation matrix using 1981
2001 RGSC was replaced by NS-SEC for occupational classification and employment
official statistics Need to produce life status to produce (reduced) NS-SEC
expectancy by NS-SEC This is how it was classification for 1981 Census Construct
done. ‘own’ NS-SEC at each census where present
4Registrar General’s social class. 3. Construct father’s, mother’s and
Non-manual I Professional II Managerial spouse’s NS-SEC at 1981, 1991 & 2001
and technical IIIN Non-manual skilled censuses where present, using LS
Manual IIIM Manual skilled IV Manual non-members file 4. Construct father’s and
semi-skilled V Manual unskilled. mother’s NS-SEC for 1980’s, 1990,s and
5Life expectancy at birth by social 2000’s new births 5. Construct
class, for male & females, England and hierarchical scheme for assigning ‘sec’ to
Wales, 1972-2005. Non-manual vs Manual. each LS member, using own or father’s,
Source: ONS Longitudinal study. Males. mother’s, or spouse’s class 6. Adapt
Females. rule-based programs to obtain age-specific
6What is NS-SEC? Socio-economic mortality rates by NS-SEC.
classification based on occupation 17NS-SEC90 analytic classes– using
Conceptually based on ‘employment SOC90.
relations’ Job security/prospects/autonomy 18Technical issues. No one-to-one
‘service contract’ relationship ‘labour mapping of CO80 to SOC90 There is a bridge
contract’ relationship. coding which applies to both 1981 and 1991
7NS-SEC operational and analytical But 1981 Census occupations not classified
categories. Source: Rose D and Pevalin D by it!
(ed) (2003) A Researcher’s Guide to the 19Comparability of OPCS CO80 occupation
National Statistics Socio-economic codes and SOC90 unit groups. SOC90. CO80.
Classification. 46%. 16%. 38%. Source: OPCS (1991)
8Part of NS-SEC derivation matrix. 1.1. “Standard Occupational Classification”,
Employers in large organisations and Volume 3, HMSO.
higher managers. 1.2. Higher professional 20Solutions. Map those occupations which
occupations. 4. Self-employed and own have exact or near-exact linkage Add other
account workers. 2. Lower managerial and occupations which are not uniquely linked
professional occupations. Source: ONS but map to the same standard NS-SEC
(2002): The NS-SEC User Manual. analytic groups Use empirically based
9Life Table (illustrative). rules to estimate the rest (approx 3% of
10Period and Cohort Life expectancy. population).
Period life expectancy (shown here) 21Part of NS-SEC80 derivation matrix.
reflects mortality rates prevailing at all NS-SEC analytic classes.
ages during calendar period to which it 22Validation – cross-tab of 1993 deaths.
refers Therefore ‘life expectancy at 23Conceptual problem. NS-SEC was
birth’ for child born in 2004 is the designed for the economic structure of
number of years that child could expect to 2000 not 1980 May be criticised as
live if age-specific mortality rates conceptually invalid But empirically, it
stayed as in 2004 Cohort life expectancy works!
allows for anticipated future changes in 24Period life expectancy – males at
mortality rates – projection implies birth. Source ONS Longitudinal Study.
element of subjectivity. 25Period life expectancy – females at
11LS Structure. 1971 Original sample: birth. Source ONS Longitudinal Study.
530,000 members; selected from 1971 26Period life expectancy – men aged 65.
Census. 2001 540,000 sample members found Source ONS Longitudinal Study.
at 2001 Census. 27Period life expectancy – women aged
12What can the LS offer the study of 65. Source ONS Longitudinal Study.
life expectancy by social classification? 28Summary. ONS has a series of trends in
Based on census returns and administrative life expectancy by (RG) social class Has
sources – low levels of ‘attrition’ now developed a series by NS-SEC also
(compared with survey data) Can attribute using the ONS Longitudinal Study
social indicator (eg. social (published Feb 2011*) Similar pattern of
class/occupation) several years before socio-economic gradient apparent in
death – no need to rely on death results *For full description of methods
registration Eliminates and context of results see Health
numerator-denominator bias - uses actual Statistics Quarterly volume 49
person-years at risk as denominator. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/hsq/health-s
13Hierarchy for assignment of socio- atistics-quarterly/trends-in-life-expectan
economic class. y-by-the-national-statistics-socio-economi
14Person-years at risk. -classification-1982-2006/health-inequalit
15Structure of Life Expectancy by NS-SEC es-in-the-21st-century.pdf.
Life expectancy by NS-SEC.ppt
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Life expectancy by NS-SEC

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