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«Достопримечательности Лондона» - The centre of London is Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery. The Houses of Parliament. The Victoria and Albert Museum. The heart of London is the City. In the middle of square stands a monument to Admiral Nelson. The Queen of England lives in Buckingham Palace. The large clock in one of the towers is Big Ben.

«London city» - RIGHT OR WRONG. How was London named in Roman times? LONDON. What is the City of London? LONDON AS A CULTURAL CENTRE. Actually there are several Londons. It is composed of about thirty boroughs in addition to the City. First, there is the City of London. CORRECT ! Wrong! GLOSSARY. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

«Westminster abbey» - His successors made the palace their main residence. Opposite the House of Parliament stands Westminster Abbey. The House of Parliament. Another tradition is that the Queen is not allowed to enter the house of Commons. Prepared by student of 32 groups Gerasimova Kate. What is Westminster Abbey famous for?

«Лондонский зоопарк» - A squirrel. Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку. A horse. An elephant. A tiger. A camel. A monkey. A crocodile. A parrot. Let’s go. An ostrich. «Путешествие в Лондонский зоопарк». A wolf.

«London» - The Queen's residence. Paul's Cathedral. Начать тестирование. the heart of London. INVITE. James' Park. Мои документы. Speaker's Corner. Tower of London. Westminster Abbey. Урок. Buckingham Palace. Лондон. Кроссворд Лондон. LONDON. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. We like our city, and you ? a raven - the guard of Tower.

«Sights of London» - Look, they are changing the Guard. Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park. Buckingham Palace seen from St. the Tower of London. Are you ready to start our journey??? I hope you enjoy our journey! Choose the correct answer. LONDON EYE. Do you know what parts does Great Britain consist of? “BEEFEATERS ”. Tower of London was … 1. a prison 2. a clock 3. a church 4. a park.


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