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Sports. London has hosted the Summer Olympics twice, in 1908 and 1948. In July 2005 London was chosen to host the Olympic and Paralympics Games in 2012. London was also the host of the British Empire Games in 1934. London's most popular sport is football and it has fourteen League football clubs, including five in the Premier League: Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Queens Park Rangers and Tottenham Hotspur. London also has four rugby union teams in the Aviva Premiership. From 1924, the original Wembley Stadium was the home of the English national football team. Cricket in London is served by two Test cricket grounds Lord's in St John's Wood and the Oval in Kennington.

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«Sights of London» - Embarking. Do you know what parts does Great Britain consist of? Do you remember any other sights in London? Paul’s Cathedral. Look, they are changing the Guard. London is the capital of Great Britain. Let’s go sightseeing in London!!! Может наши гости знают что-нибудь интересное о Лондоне? “Fascinating travel to London”.

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«Westminster abbey» - Westminster Abbey. The House of Parliament. Questions. What English king built Westminster Abbey? King Edward the Confessor built a place beside the River Thames in the 11th century. In the course of centuries, power gradually passed from the monarch to Parliament. The House of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

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