<<  The London Underground is more than 140 years old, 253 miles long and They say Bank Station is haunted by the Black Nun  >>
The London Underground is more than 140 years old, 253 miles long and

The London Underground is more than 140 years old, 253 miles long and carves its way beneath London's most historic sites, disturbing what was laid to rest centuries ago. It is no surprise that many strange tales and ghostly sightings are associated with the Underground.

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«The english-speaking countries» - Scotland. USA. Great Britain. Disneyland. The English-speaking countries. Australia.

«London city» - Deserted, it, at night, almost, is. It forms a kind of circle with a radius from fifteen to twenty miles. First, there is the City of London. THE WORLD LAGEST PORT. This is a vast area running eastward from the City. Right Wrong. What is the City of London? At night it is almost deserted. Actually there are several Londons.

«London» - Кроссворд Лондон. PICCADILLY CIRCUS. Урок. Paul's Cathedral. James' Park. a raven - the guard of Tower. knowing. Westminster Abbey. Лондон. Начать тестирование. Buckingham Palace. Will you go with me ? Tower of London. The Queen's residence. INVITE. Speaker's Corner. TRAFALGAR SQUARE. Мои документы.

«The green movement» - Their features. The main objective — to achieve the decision of global environmental problems, including by attraction to them of attention of the public and the authorities. Management of each such branch in which head there is a chief executive, carries out national board. Several active workers managed to steal up on a raft to a platform and to chain themselves to it.

«The animals» - FLAMINGO. SNAKE. SCORPIO. BISON. DOLPHIN. SEAL. GRIFFIN. PANDA. FISH. POLAR BEAR. CAMEL. BEAR. The animals which live in the forest. The animals which live in the OCEAN. BOBCAT. The ANIMALS of our planet. ZEBRA. ELEPHANT. REINDEER. The animals which live in the polar regions. LIZARD. The animals which live in a SAVANNA.

«Женщина the woman» - A woman’s tongue wags like a lamb’s tail. Муж - голова, жена- шея; куда хочу- туда верчу. The wife is the key to the house. Chicken’s mind- Куриные мозги. Пословицы. Значение понятия «женщина» в семье. As great a pity to see a woman cry as a goose go barefoot. «Un homme»- франц. « A man »- англ. Холостому помогай боже, а женатому хозяйка поможет.


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