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Sample Drawing
Sample Drawing
Basic Views in a Drawing
Basic Views in a Drawing
Drawing Label
Drawing Label
Representing Hidden Surfaces
Representing Hidden Surfaces
Putting Dimensions on the Drawing
Putting Dimensions on the Drawing
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Mechanical Design Guidelines

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1Mechanical Design Guidelines. 10Non-rigid, closed cell foam will expand
Ballooning Unit, Lecture 1. LSU dramatically in vacuum How much does a
06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines. material weigh? Is there a lighter
1. material that will do the same job? When
2Mechanical Design Topics. How to in doubt obtain a material sample and test
produce mechanical drawings What it. LSU 06/04/2007. Mechanical Design
mechanical interfaces do you need to Guidelines. 10.
specify How do material choices affect 11Weight Budget. Early on in your
your payload What are the steps for project establish a weight budget List of
producing a sound mechanical design What ALL payload parts, their weight, a weight
should your testing procedure be Handy, uncertainty, the weight total and the
pocket size reference book is “Pocket Ref” uncertainty in this total Weights can be
by Thomas J. Glover available at ACE estimated, calculated or measured Large
Hardware stores. LSU 06/04/2007. uncertainty for estimated, smaller
Mechanical Design Guidelines. 2. uncertainty for measured Initially keep a
3Reasons for Producing Drawings. Aide contingency of ~20% to cover missing items
to configuration planning Help determine and weight uncertainty The more complete
what components are needed Determine how (number of items, measurements instead of
components will go together Check that estimates) your weight budget is, the
dimensions & locations are consistent lower the contingency needed As your
Specify what is to be built Proper design matures your weight budget should
drawings are needed by shop personnel include more details, more measured
Communicate with management & components, lower uncertainty and lower
reviewers Document what has been built contingency. LSU 06/04/2007. Mechanical
Track changes in the configuration Provide Design Guidelines. 11.
record of experiment configuration. LSU 12Payload Design Questions 1. Component
06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines. Layout: How many components does your
3. experiment have? Where do these components
4Sample Drawing. LSU 06/04/2007. need to be located? Component Access: What
Mechanical Design Guidelines. 4. components need to be frequently accessed
5Basic Views in a Drawing. Most (e.g. on/off switch)? What components need
drawings provide Top, Front and Side views to be infrequently accessed (e.g.
What the component would look like if configuration DIP switches)? If a
viewed from that direction Views arranged component needs to be replaced how will
usually as if object were unfolded this be done? Component Mounting: Are
Sometimes an isometric (3D) view is there any critical alignment issues with
provided. LSU 06/04/2007. Mechanical sensors? How will components be secured to
Design Guidelines. 5. not come loose during flight? LSU
6Drawing Label. The label provides all 06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines.
of the information necessary to interpret 12.
the drawing and track revisions Included 13Payload Design Questions 2. Payload
in the label should be a drawing number, Integration: In what order are components
title, author, date, revision number, assembled to produce the completed
sheet number, scale, units, tolerance, payload? Thermal Control: What payload
material and a description of any other surface treatments are necessary to
relevant information. LSU 06/04/2007. control thermal properties? How much
Mechanical Design Guidelines. 6. insulation of what type located where is
7Representing Hidden Surfaces. Surfaces necessary to protect critical components?
that can be seen in a particular view are Are any heaters needed? Strength: How will
indicated by a solid line Surfaces that you determine that your structure is
are “hidden” are indicated by a dashed strong enough to survive the balloon
line Through holes are solid circles face flight without falling apart? LSU
on and dashed for side view Threaded holes 06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines.
have perpendicular dashing to indicate 13.
screw threads. LSU 06/04/2007. Mechanical 14Develop a Testing Plan. Many design
Design Guidelines. 7. issues can be quantified by testing under
8Putting Dimensions on the Drawing. All controlled conditions Such a Test Plan
surfaces, holes & cuts should be needs to address the following issues:
dimensioned to specify location, width, What components or systems need to be
length & depth Consistent with units tested? What test data needs to be
and tolerance specified in label Reference collected? What tests need to be
to common surface or point Holes are performed? What is the test procedure? How
specified with a radius for clearance will the data be recorded, analyzed and
Threaded holes are specified with a screw documented? Need to assure payload will
size & depth Callout boxes provide survive the flight environment Thermal
addition information. LSU 06/04/2007. testing for the extremes of hot and cold
Mechanical Design Guidelines. 8. Vacuum testing for the low pressure at
9Mechanical Interfaces. There are high altitude Shock testing for when
multiple interfaces that you will need to balloon bursts and payload lands. LSU
identify, specify and control Component to 06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines.
component interfaces Where and how does 14.
each part of your experiment contact 15Major Tests. Develop prototypes or
another part? Electrical connectors, mock-ups Test component layout and
motors, actuators, hinges Component to mounting Develop specifications for
payload structure interfaces Where and how mechanical interfaces Thermal, vacuum and
do you secure your experiment components shock testing for strength Thermal testing
within the payload box? Payload to balloon using dry ice Tropopause temperature get
vehicle interface Interface already down to ~-60o C and dry ice surface
specified in Lecture 2 How will you temperature is –78.5o C Test glues and
implement this interface? Your other materials for embrittlement Test
documentation should list all your thermal insulation properties A small
interfaces and specify how they will be vacuum bell jar can simulate the pressure
implemented and controlled. LSU environment Material outgassing,
06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines. expansion, high voltage corona / arcing,
9. etc. Major shock is on landing Nominal
10Material Considerations. When you decent rate is 20 fps, so drop test
choose materials for your payload you need article about 10 feet. LSU 06/04/2007.
to consider how they will affect your Mechanical Design Guidelines. 15.
payload How will a material affect your 16References. “Pocket Ref” by Thomas J.
sensors? Iron / steel will distort the Glover, 3rd Edition, 2003, Sequoia
readings of a magnetic sensor Will your Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 620820, Dept.
observation port window transmit the 101, Littleton, CO 80162-0820,
desired frequencies? Will the material http://www.sequoiapublishing.com/ , also
outgas and affect the sensor readings? How available in ACE hardware stores. LSU
will a material be affected by the 06/04/2007. Mechanical Design Guidelines.
environment? The intense cold can 16.
embrittle many plastics and glues
Mechanical Design Guidelines.ppt
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Mechanical Design Guidelines

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