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Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences

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Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences

Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences.ppt
1Monday- wk 1 Correct these sentences. 72lesson Thursday at 4:30. Synonyms,
Have you ever been to an audition for a antonyms, or homophones? 5. homophones.
play? Were glad that Sammy is on our team 73Monday wk 19 Correct these sentences
this year. Singular or plural? Oxen The man next door never went to any
__plural______ Give two words that rhyme parties. I cant ever decide which I like
with truth. 4. _____tooth___________ best. Is Halloween or Valentines Day the
______booth______ Choose the word that most fun? Does the underlined adverb tell
best completes the sentence. how, when, where, or to what extent? 3.
5.______________________ you finished where Choose the word that best completes
making your bed yet? Are not Arent Arent this sentence. fewer What is the correct
Aint. way to divide this word into syllables?
2Tuesday- wk 1 Give an antonym for each Phy si cian (the second choice).
word build - destroy, tear down, demolish 74Tuesday wk 19 Complete the anaglogy 1.
tidy- messy, dirty, unorganized Correct Emu : bird :: frog : ___amphibian___ Which
these sentences Allen watched television word does not belong in this group? 2.
from 6:30 to 8:30pm last night. The boys chicken- it only has 2 legs, while the
ride the bus to school every day. others have 4 Correct these sentences. 3.
Declarative, interrogative, imperative, or Grandmother took my brother and me to buy
exclamatory? 5. Ouch, that hurts candles for our Kwanzaa celebration. 4.
__exclamatory!______. After the bean see sprouted, it grew three
3Wednesday- wk 1 Correct these inches in a week. Declarative,
sentences. Werent there any cookies left? interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory?
Why cant Jerome ever get here on time? 5. declarative.
Complete the analogy. Height: inches :: 75Wednesday- wk 19 Correct these
weight : ___pounds______ Where would the sentences. Get those dirty dogs off my
following probably take place? 4. The clean sofa! shouted Nana. Why does this
umpire yelled, Youre out!___baseball pie have fewer pieces than the others?
game___ What is the root or base word? 5. Give the past tense of the verb satisfy.
illegal ___legal______. satisfied Singular possessive or plural
4Thursday- wk 1 What is the correct possessive? 4. Singular possessive 5.
abbreviation for ounce? 1. a) ou. b) oz. Plural possessive.
c) oun. d) none of these What reference 76Thursday- wk 19 Add a prefix to this
source would you use to find the meaning word. reappear or disappear Where would
of the etiquette ___dictionary___ the following probably take place?
Correct these sentences Put Corinnes ice Fast-food restaurant; drive-through
skates in that closet. What time are we restaurant Correct these sentences 3.
due at Miss Grissoms recital? Which words Those terrible winds blew an umbrella and
have three syllables? 5. vertical equation a picnic table through our front window.
temperature decorate. 4. Yoko tells really funny jokes, and she
5Monday- wk 2 Correct these sentences. makes silly faces, too. Which word is
We dont have any pets in our family. spelled correctly? 5. straight.
Kelsey said, I want to go to Aunt Joys 77Monday wk 20 Correct these sentences
for Thanksgiving. Use context clues to During his trip to the zoo Paul observed
determine the meaning of the bolded word the monkeys, apes, and chimpanzees. Do
below Catastrophes, including floods and they want to come to aerobics class with
earthquakes, did great damage to the farm Shawn and me? What part of speech is the
town. ____terrible disasters____ Fact or underlined word in this sentence? 3.
fiction? 4. A moose strips off and eats preposition Give the plural noun for this
the bark of trees _fact__ 5. The herd of singular noun. blueberries Identify where
moose danced in a circle in the middle of the apostrophe is not used correctly.
the stream __fiction___. hasnt (hasnt- correct form).
6Tuesday- wk 2 Give a synonym for 78Tuesday wk 20 Which word is not
respond Respond ____answer________ spelled correctly? 1. calender
Which word would come first in (calendar-correct) Correct these
alphabetical order? actor Correct these sentences. 2. The play was very good
sentences I havent ever been to a because the actors performed so well. 3.
professional football game. I wont eat Aunt Gertie rushed in shouting, Lets
spinach and beets for dinner! shouted have an adventure! Use context clues to
Maurice. Write the pronoun that would determine the meaning of the bolded word
replace the underlined nouns. Ernie and below. 4. A cliff with a very steep slope
Fred went scuba diving in Florida Simile or metaphor? 5. simile.
7Wednesday- wk 2 Correct these 79Wednesday- wk 20 Correct these
sentences. Please put an ice cube in their sentences. Did you know the Colorado River
lemonade. Mr. Mastin asked, Whos runs through the Grand Canyon? Mrs.
ordering school lunch today? What do you Arnold, my third-grade teacher, read us
call this part of a friendly letter? Love, Charlottes Web. What reference source
__closing__ Simile or metaphor? 4. The old would you use to find the capital of
mans hair was as white as snow. China? atlas, almanac What is the meaning
__simile__ Circle the adverb in this of the abbreviation mph? 4. Miles per
sentence. 5. Treat the new kitten gently hour Circle the cause and underline the
so you dont injure it. effect. 5. Bernies diligent practice paid
8Thursday- wk 2 Which word would come off when he won the trophy.
last in alphabetical order? 1. a) together 80Thursday- wk 20 Which word would come
b) the c) twice d) tiger e) turkey How last in alphabetical order? chocolate Give
many syllables does this word have? a homophone for paws. pause Correct
decoration __4___ Correct these sentences these sentences 3. Well, you certainly did
Does the music start at 4:00 or 4:30? a good job on your science report. 4. The
inquired Ms. Clark. The workmen have come rich, tropical rainforests of Brazil are
to repair the roof on Hermans house. disappearing. Which words are adverbs? 5.
Which words have the same sound as /sh/ in gently, very, here.
wish 5. sure occasion mission official. 81Monday wk 21 Correct these sentences
9Monday- wk 3 Correct these sentences. Matt walked nervously to the plate knowing
Is this what you were looking for? asked his team would lose the game if he struck
the librarian. We threw her a surprise out. Boy, we were sure tired after
birthday party last Saturday. What is the climbing to the top of Pikes Peak. Circle
correct abbreviation for Junior? 3. a) the cause and underline the effect. 3. Bob
Jun. b) Jr c) Jr. d) none of these Find rubbed his aching back Ill never forget
the salutation for a business letter. 4. my air mattress again when I go camping
Dear Bill, Dear Mr. Hermanns: Dear Mrs. overnight! Give two words that rhyme with
Lee, What is the meaning of this figure of the following word. tease, sneeze, agrees,
speech? 5. Everyone who sees Mrs. cheese, knees, etc Circle the antonyms in
Winslows garden says she has a green this sentence. Mr. Bradshaw has an
thumb. enormous Saint Bernard and a minuscule
10Tuesday wk 3 Synonyms or Antonyms Chihuahua as pets.
terrible; awful __________ clumsy; 82Tuesday wk 21 Choose the word that
graceful ________ Correct these sentences best completes the sentence. 1. froze
Look out! he called. That branch is Which words have the same sounds as /ow/
falling! Martin saw an animal digging in in now? 2. bough council chowder Correct
the garbage last night. Which word or these sentences. 3. Sherry needs a new
words do not belong in this group? brake on her motorcycle before shell be
surfboard. able to race. 4. Their dog has mud in his
11Wednesday- wk 3 Correct these fur from rolling in a mud puddle. Fact or
sentences. Rev. and Mrs. Boyton are Fantasy? 5. fact.
excited about their vacation plans. She 83Wednesday- wk 21 Correct these
doesnt need any help with her homework sentences. Those kids all chose Hatchet as
assignment. Circle the cause and underline their favorite literature book. Anita
the effect. The fisherman had to be doesnt know how to play The Star
rescued after his boat sank. Singular or Spangled Banner yet. What is the present
Plural? 4. people __plural__ Give the past tense of the verb brought? bring If the
tense of the verb buy. 5. bought. guide words on a page were crochet and
12Thursday- wk 3 What contraction is crossbones, which words would not be on
made from these two words? 1. have not the page? 4. criticize, crouch Complete
___havent___ What reference source would the analogy. 5. tsunami : water :: cyclone
you use to find the address of the nearest : wind or air.
music store? 2. Correct these sentences 84Thursday- wk 21 Subject pronoun or
Will you help those people paint their object pronoun? Uncle Fred bought us
fence? asked his father. Were tired of pizza. __object pronoun_ Where is someone
doing chores every day, complained Max who is hearing the following? You must be
and Emma. Add a prefix to the word 5. at least ten years old and five feet tall
agree__________. to go on this ride. __amusement park__
13Monday- wk 4 Correct these sentences. Correct these sentences 3. After he gave
On May 26, 1998, my brother will graduate his dog a bath, Carlos was so wet and
from Illinois College. Are you going to be dirty he took one himself. 4. Why dont
finished with your report by Friday? Give you come over for homemade ice cream?
the past tense for the verb worry. 3. said Mr. Choi. What is the root or base
Write a fact about this topic: broccoli 4. word? 5. disappointment __appoint__.
Give an antonym for seldom. 5. 85Monday wk 22 Correct these sentences
14Tuesday wk 4 Choose the best word to Miguel, Pablo, and Carlotta are going to
complete the sentence. He ________________ Mexico for Christmas. Dont walk through
have any brothers or sisters. Correct the mud puddles in your good shoes. Use
these sentences 2. I read an amazing story context clues to determine the meaning of
about the hardships of some early the bolded word below. 3. determined Which
travelers. We need to be at the airport by word is spelled correctly? technology
9:45 or well miss our flight. What two Singular possessive or plural possessive?
words make up the contraction? wont Singular possessive.
_____________ Use this homophone pair in 86Tuesday wk 22 Circle the adjectives in
one sentence. (theyre, there) 5. this sentence. 1. several, gray, warm
15Wednesday- wk 4 Correct these Which word would come last in alphabet
sentences. After she lays the eggs, the order? 2. unique Correct these sentences.
hen sits on them. Shawna can run faster 3. Lets meet at the park for a picnic. 4.
than anyone else I know. Circle the Put that down right now, and dont take it
adjectives in this sentence. The again! Underline the prepositional phrase
extraterrestrial had enormous green eyes in the sentence. 5. around the playground.
and long, pointed antennae on its slimy 87Wednesday- wk 22 Correct these
head. Give two words that rhyme with sentences. If we leave now, she said,
heard. 4. ______________ ______________ well be right on time. Do you have
Which word is spelled correctly? 5. Dear Mr. Henshaw ? Alice asked the clerk.
ourselves. What is the correct abbreviation for
16Thursday- wk 4 Which word would come boulevard? blvd. Add a suffix to this
first in alphabetical order? 1. duckling word. 4. stranger, strangely, strangest
ostrich flamingo dove dormouse Where is Circle the subject of this sentence. 5.
someone who is saying the following? 2. Will he be able to fix the broken
Flight 328 for London now leaving Gate television?
37. Correct these sentences Our eight 88Thursday- wk 22 Give synonyms for
puppies are growing bigger every day, these words. 1. twist, turn, rotate 2.
explained Tito. Is Miss Bishops Sunday idea, concept, suggestion Correct these
School class going sing O, Little Town of sentences 3. They have a serious problem.
Bethelem in the pageant? What part of Can you help them solve it? 4. Im happy,
speech is underlinednoun, verb, Kenny, to see youve cleaned up your mess.
adjective, or adverb? 5. Come home quickly Divide the following word into syllables.
after school so Grandma can see you before 5. trans por ta tion.
she leaves. (adverb). 89Monday wk 23 Correct these sentences
17Monday- wk 5 Correct these sentences. Im reading one chapter of Tom Sawyer
Dont put your feet on the furniture! every night before I go to bed. Every
said grandmother. This doesnt look like Saturday morning at 9:00, my little
anything Ive ever seen before. Give the brother watches Muppet Babies. What is
possessive noun. 3. the new coat belonging another word that belongs in this group?
to Sharon ___Sharon_______ Choose the best 3. tsunami, hail storm, etc Past,
word to complete the sentence Mr. Tan gave present, future? future Name this part of
__________each five dollars for helping a business letter. body.
clean out his garage. those these them 90Tuesday wk 23 Choose the best word to
their What is the meaning of this figure complete this sentence. 1. lie If the
of speech? 5. Youd better button up your guide words on a page were armchair and
lip. ___be quiet___. arrange, which word would be on the
18Tuesday wk 5 What is the correct way page? 2. armor Correct these sentences. 3.
to divide this word into syllables? coll We read articles from Newsweek, Time, and
ar col lar co llar Does the underlined The Daily Herald for our report. 4. Is
adverb tell how, when, where, or to what the Nile the longest river in Africa?
extent? 2. The tortoise moved slowly down Garth wanted to know. Synonyms or
the path. Correct these sentences. Dont antonyms? 5. antonyms.
touch that red, hot skillet! Lupe asked, 91Wednesday- wk 23 Correct these
why doesnt he ever do his homework? sentences. Did you see The Lost Kingdom on
Circle the cause and underline the effect. television last night? There was a large
5. Ito had to get a tetanus shot after he pothole in the road, but I swerved and
stepped on a rusty nail. missed it. Write a fact about this topic:
19Wednesday- wk 5 Correct these allowance Examples Circle the synonyms in
sentences. Mavis ate most of her salad, this sentence. 4. elderly and old Does the
but she left an orange slice. Dr. Conrads underlined adverb tell how, when, where,
wife, Margaret, will join him at the or to what extent? 5. when.
ceremony. Which part of speech is 92Thursday- wk 23 Give the possessive
underlined- noun, verb, adjective, or noun. 1. Arturos baby sister Use context
adverb? She picked a delicious peach from clues to determine the meaning of the
the tree. _____________ Synonyms or bolded word below. 2. back of the neck
antonyms? 4. generous, stingy Correct these sentences 3. Dr. Roth, our
______________ What is the correct veterinarian, told us to handle the
abbreviation for Ohio? 5. OH. hamster babies with care. 4. Are we
20Thursday- wk 5 What are the past and supposed to read Across the Plains or
future tense of the verb plan? 1. past Mountain Trek in our history books? Does
______________ future ____________ Give the underlined adjective tell which one,
the possessive noun. 2. eggs belonging to what kind, or how many? 5. Which one.
that bird. Correct these sentences Were 93Monday wk 24 Correct these sentences
the musicians nervous before the concert Did you read the article called Kayaking
began? Mildred picked a peach from the in Alaska in the magazine Geographic
tree. It was delicious. Declarative, World? Rev. Murphy, their minister, has
interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory? worked in churches in Australia,
5. After the ceremony was over, everyone Guatemala, and Sri Lanka. Does the
went out to celebrate (declarative). underlined adverb tell how, when, where,
21Monday- wk 6 Correct these sentences. or to what extent? 3. where Simile or
Do you want mustard, onions, pickles, or metaphor? metaphor Is the underlined noun
sauerkraut on your hot dog? This piece of singular or plural? singular.
pizza is too hot to eat. Use the context 94Tuesday wk 24 Subject pronoun or
clues to determine the meaning of the object pronoun? 1. Subject pronoun Correct
bolded word below. 3. Brendons mother these sentences. 2. Angie, said Paul,
took him to the dermatologist when he what is the answer to this riddle? 3.
developed a strange rash on his face. Give Stans cat Ollie climbed all over the
two words that rhyme with the word furniture. Then he tried to catch the
rough. 4. tough, buff, stuff, bluff, goldfish. What is the meaning of this
enough, etc Fiction or nonfiction? 5. figure of speech? Larry gave away the
Every year on St. Patricks Day, secret Circle the subject of this
leprechauns dance in the moonlight at sentence. 5. natives of the tiny village.
midnight. __________________. 95Wednesday- wk 24 Correct these
22Tuesday wk 6 Does the underlined sentences. If I put things away, I wont
adjective tell which one, what kind, or be able to find anything. complained
how many? That large spotted cow ran away Herbert. Very well, said Jose, Ill
from the farmer. _which one Give the race you and I will win. Choose the best
predicate of the following sentence. 2. A word to complete the sentence. too Where
large gray cat jumped on top of the brick does the colon go? 4. 12:30 5. Buy these
wall. Correct these sentences. Their at the store:
grandfather baked cookies, and the 96Thursday- wk 24 Which contraction is
children ate them all. How well did you spelled correctly? 1. theyre Which part
do on the test? Tanisha asked. Which word of speech is underlined- noun, verb,
is NOT spelled correctly? 5. ocean owner adjective, or adverb? 2. adverb Correct
obay orchestra. these sentences 3. Millie read Snow White
23Wednesday- wk 6 Correct these and the Seven Dwarfs to her niece. 4. Peel
sentences. Will you put all those books on the potatoes, put them in a pot, add
the top shelf? Ben, Jerry, and Albert saw water, and cook them until theyre soft.
a movie called Invaders from Outer Space Synonyms or antonyms? 5. antonyms.
Saturday afternoon. Complete the analogy. 97Monday wk 25 Correct these sentences
100 : meter :: 36 : _____yard_______ What After it rang four times, Capt. Ruiz
reference source would you use to find a finally answered his phone. Our trip will
synonym for angry? 4. last from May 29, 1998 until Aug. 29,
___thesaurus___________ Synonyms, 1998. Give the possessive noun. 3. The
antonyms, or homophones? 5. byte, bite ladies purses Use this homophone pair in
_homophones__. one sentence (rows, rose) The rows of
24Thursday- wk 6 What contraction is people rose out of their chairs. Fact or
made from these two words? 1. They are opinion? opinion.
____theyre___ Add a prefix to this word. 98Tuesday wk 25 Give the comparative and
2. Able ___unable, disable___ Correct superlative forms of angry. 1. angrier,
these sentences Kelly didnt have lunch angriest Which part of speech is
today. My friend Katrina moved to Seattle, underlined-noun, verb, adjective, or
Washington recently. Past, present, adverb? 2. adjective Correct the
future? 5. Applied ____past___. sentences. 3. After working for eight
25Monday- wk 7 Correct these sentences. hours, George and Tyrone were exhausted.
Did you ride on one of the paddle boats Dad took both families to Pizza Palace
along the Missouri River? Larry shouted, after the movie. What is the correct way
Look at that! Use this homophone pair in to divide the word into syllables? 5. reg
one sentence. (band, banned) 3. He banned u lar.
us from seeing the band. Circle the 99Wednesday- wk 25 Correct these
preposition in this sentence. 4. He found sentences. To be successful, you have to
the puppy under the porch. Give another work really hard. Ms. Thomas, his
word that would belong in this group. 5. secretary, is on vacation in Tampa,
mauve puce indigo aqua ___any color___. Florida. Complete the analogy Pachyderm :
26Tuesday wk 7 Give an antonym for this elephant :: crocodilian : crocodile or
word: Unique- plain, average, so-so Which alligator Suffix or prefix? 4. -tion-
word is not spelled correctly? 2. theyre suffix 5. dis- prefix.
thier there their Correct these sentences. 100Thursday- wk 25 Circle the cause and
Snails, aphids, and mites nibbled on the underline the effect. 1. Once the water
plants in Aunt Maybelles garden. We like begins to boil, Mothers teakettle
hot weather. We always go to the beach to whistles. What reference source would you
swim. Does this word have a prefix or a use to find an antonym for clever? 2.
suffix? 5. Agreement ___suffix___. thesaurus Correct these sentences 3. Prof.
27Wednesday- wk 7 Correct these Tanaka has forgotten hes giving a lecture
sentences. Cherie th0ught, I hope he tomorrow at 8:30. 4. Do your brothers get
chooses me to be in the play. Sometimes I along very well? Choose the correct date
feel like playing with my friends, and to complete the sentence. 5. May 20, 1986.
sometimes I dont. What is the root or 101Monday wk 26 Correct these sentences
base word? Misbehaving __behave__ Simile Why cant he understand that we dont have
or metaphor? 4. Max can always fool us any more to give him? The sitter had to
because he is as sly as a fox. simile sing, Im a Little Teapot before Suzie
Circle the adverb in this sentence. 5. Mr. would go to bed. Use context clues to
Morris worked patiently with the new determine the meaning of the bolded word
student. below. 3. nosy, interferring Identify this
28Thursday- wk 7 How many syllables are part of a friendly letter. Salutation
in each word? Intersection - 4 Occurring (greeting) Circle the prepositional phrase
-3 Correct these sentences You mustnt in the sentence. Mr. Winslow takes
play until after youve done your chores. messages for his boss.
I may try out for soccer, or I may join 102Tuesday wk 26 What is the proper
the track team. Write the pronoun that abbreviation for fahrenheit? 1. F. Give
would replace the underlined words in this a proper noun for each common noun. 2.
sentence. 5. That football belongs to Mark city ___Kansas City___ 3. business
and me. __McDonalds Correct the sentences. He and
29Monday- wk 8 Correct these sentences. I were paid fifteen dollars for the work
His parents went to a Chinese restaurant we did. 5. We dont have room for any
to celebrate their anniversary. Prof. W. more pets, explained Mother.
C. Wilson and his wife were both born on 103Wednesday- wk 26 Correct these
January 16, 1965. Is the comma used sentences. Why did you eat those chips,
correctly? 3. June 16, 1940 ______yes_____ dip, and olives so close to lunchtime?
4. Memphis Tennessee, 43609 _____no_____ Have you drawn an animal on the mural yet?
Which part of speech is underlined- noun, Give the comparative and superlative
verb, adjective, or adverb? 5. Ali and adjectives. (busy) Busier, busiest What is
Giorgio met to pick berries in a nearby the meaning of this figure of speech? 4.
field. NOUN. inexpensive; cheap; very little cost
30Tuesday wk 8 Complete the analogy Circle the complete subject of this
evening : dusk :: morning :: dawn Correct sentence. 5. My artistic friend Ben.
these sentences. 2. Lay those dirty 104Thursday- wk 26 Write the pronouns
clothes on top of the washing machine. 3. that would replace the underlined nouns.
Gen. Gonzales didnt say anything to his 1. they 2. it Correct these sentences 3.
troops. Use context clues to determine the We havent got time now, but well stop by
meaning of the bolded word below. 4. The this afternoon. 4. Yes, you may borrow my
lighthouse illuminated a spot over a mile car, but you must return it by 11:00 p.m.
away, making it possible to see the Circle the cause and underline the effect.
sinking ship. ______means: light or 5. Samantha missed the school bus, so
lit_______ Fact or opinion? 5. Boys look Mother had to drive her to school.
better with short hair. ___opinion___. 105Monday wk 27 Correct these sentences
31Wednesday- wk 8 Correct these An alligator caused a fright when it
sentences. The explorers searched the escaped from the Bronx Zoo. The reporter
island, but they never found any hidden asked, Do you plan to run for
treasure. Were studying the poem, Paul re-election, Mr. President? Subject
Reveres Ride in English class. Which pronoun or object pronoun? Object pronoun
word would come first in alphabetical Subject pronoun What do these words have
order? energy Which word is spelled in common? They are all board games.
correctly? 4. studied Circle the 106Tuesday wk 27 Which part of speech is
adjectives in this sentence. 5. Amys underlined in this sentence? 1. verb Give
exotic parakeet laid three tiny eggs in two words that rhyme with wonder. 2.
the nest. thunder, blunder Correct the sentences. 3.
32Thursday- wk 8 Name this part of a The house shook, dishes rattled, and the
friendly letter. Terrance- signature What dog howled. It was an earthquake! Shes
do the words in this group have in common? calling her friend Jamie to see if he is
2. All things used to see with. Correct ready to go. Synonyms, antonyms, or
these sentences They have seen rainbows in homophones? 5. synonyms.
the sky many times during April. Helen and 107Wednesday- wk 27 Correct these
her English friend Phyllis took a trip sentences. Rita found her favorite book,
together. What contraction is made from Island of the Blue Dolphins, on the
these two words? 5. Ill. discount table. She and I are spending
33Monday- wk 9 Correct these sentences. tonight at Camilles mountain cabin. Add a
They heard thunder and saw lightning prefix to this word. recover, discover,
during the storm. This whole house is one uncover Where would the following probably
big mess. Give another word that would take place? 4. dentist Which two words
belong in this group. 3. Africa or South would need to be switched in order for the
America At what time of day would the words to be in alphabetical order? 5.
following probably happen? 4. Tom grabbed lovely, lightning.
his lunch money and library book and ran 108Thursday- wk 27 Which words have the
for the school bus. ___morning___ Which same sound as /i/ in mine? 1. rhyme
word is not spelled correctly? 5. tiniest. light tie Which word is a plural noun? 2.
34Tuesday wk 9 Write two words that calves Correct these sentences. The
rhyme with stare 1. chair, dare, bear, symphony began at 7:00 and ended at 10:30.
bare, care, fair, fare, compare What is Their dad has a new job, so they have to
the correct way to divide these words into move to Atlanta, Georgia, next month. Give
syllables?. 2. um*pire 3. cous*in Correct the past and future tenses for the verb
these sentences. 4. Michelle, Margo, and speak. 5. spoke will speak.
Martin came to Syds house for Sunday 109Monday wk 28 Correct these sentences
dinner. 5. The whole basketball team is Isaac broke the window, but it was an
going out for pizza after the game. accident. He paid to have it fixed. The
35Wednesday- wk 9 Correct these teams can begin to play as soon as the
sentences. Can you come with my friends referees whistle is blown. What does the
and I to Central Park? Is Adam spending word in bold mean? committing Write the
August at Lake Tahoe, or is he staying root word. 4. plenty fortune.
home? Is the underlined word a subject 110Tuesday wk 28 What is the correct way
pronoun or an object pronoun? Subject to divide the word into syllables? 1. cel
pronoun Complete the analogy. 4. Kenya : e brate Correct these sentences. 2. While
Africa :: Brazil : ____South America___ I was gone, my puppy ate my cookies, but
What reference source would you use to she left my milk. 3. Do you want to go to
find the longitude and latitude of the movies, or would you rather go
Calcutta, India? 5. atlas. bowling? Is the subject or predicate
36Thursday- wk 9 What is the correct underlined in this sentence? subject Does
abbreviation for tablespoon? tbsp. Which the underlined word have a prefix or a
words have the same sound as /f/ in suffix? 5. prefix.
fall? 2. enough fragile photograph 111Wednesday- wk 28 Correct these
Correct these sentences Were leaving for sentences. The first long book I ever read
Kansas City, Kansas, on the 6 oclock was Ramona, the Pest by Beverly Cleary.
train. Tammi shouted, keep away from that Mr. Lundbergs class planted an oak tree
broken bottle! Synonyms or antonyms? 5. along the walking trail on Arbor Day. Fact
relative, kin ____synonyms___. or opinion? opinion Which word is not
37Monday- wk 10 Correct these sentences. spelled correctly? 4. suprise Which words
The scariest story Marcus ever read was are adverbs? 5. sooner, almost, tomorrow.
Sounds in the Night by T. C. Jones. Mr. 112Thursday- wk 28 Does the underlined
and Mrs. Valdez have traveled to many adjective tell which one, what kind, or
countries around the world. Fact or how many? 1. which one Fact or fantasy? 2.
Fantasy? 3. fact What two words make up fact Correct these sentences. Before going
the contraction? 4. theyve ___they to work, Mrs. Bingham jogged around El
have___ Choose the best word to complete Estero Park four times. On Aug. 14, Dr.
the sentence. 5. noisiest. Agosto became head veterinarian at the San
38Tuesday wk 10 Write an opinion about Diego Zoo. Simile or metaphor? 5. simile.
this topic: immigrants 1. examples If the 113Monday wk 29 Correct these sentences
guide words on a page were sidewalk and You may have an apple or an orange, but
silence, which word would not be on the you cant have both. My sister and I have
page 2. simple Correct these sentences. 3. to stay with Ms. Papi while our parents
Willie said, Ill get you and me are in Germany. Give the comparative and
something to drink. Wow, Perry, thats a superlative forms of bad. worse, worst
great dive! shouted Carmen. Use this Circle the words that rhyme. 4. seize,
homophone pair in one sentence. (scene, squeeze, please Object pronoun or subject
seen) I havent seen that scene in the pronoun? object pronoun.
movie. He was seen at the scene of the 114Tuesday wk 29 Circle the cause and
crime. underline the effect. 1. Amy broke her arm
39Wednesday- wk 10 Correct these when she fell out of the treehouse. Which
sentences. Take a bath, brush your teeth, words have the same sound as /a/ in
and then go to bed. Cary, dont go plate? 2. strain, freight, prey Correct
anywhere but home after school. What is these sentences. 3. Latoyas birthday is
the present tense of the verb thought? on Christmas Day, but she celebrates it on
think Declarative, interrogative, Dec. 26. While most birds can fly, kiwis,
imperative, and exclamatory? 4. penguins, and ostriches cannot. What
exclamatory What is the following persons reference source would you use to find the
job? 5. waitress. average snowfall in January in Nome,
40Thursday- wk 10 Which word would come Alaska? 5. almanac.
last in alphabetical order? wrong Give the 115Wednesday- wk 29 Correct these
plural of each noun. 2. roof ____roofs sentences. Come here, Zoe, and help Mrs.
____ calf ___calves___ Correct these Aiello carry in the groceries. Have you
sentences Im going to the beach next ever heard Rev. David Taylor Jr. speak?
week, announced Tonya. Wasnt that the What is this part of a business letter
correct answer to Harolds question? Give called? Closing and signature Circle the
the complete predicate of this sentence. prepositional phrase in the sentence. 4.
The outcome of the game depends on us. Dont forget to put a stamp on the
__depends on us__. envelope. Complete the anaglogy. 5. creche
41Monday- wk 11 Correct these sentences. : Christmas :: menorah : Hanukkah.
Wow, what a great surprise! shouted 116Thursday- wk 29 What is the correct
Ernesto. We dont want anybody to hear our abbreviation for manager? 1. c) mgr.
secret. Add a suffix to this word. 3. Declarative, interrogative, imperative, or
Care: ing, less, ful, d, fully Simile or exclamatory? 2. Imperative OR exclamatory
metaphor? 4. Jeffrey was a walking Correct these sentences. An elephant was
dictionary. ___metaphor___ Give another marching down Main Street wearing a sign
word that would belong in this group. 5. advertising Ringling Brothers Circus. The
apple, orange, banana, pear, grapes, sidewalk was crowded as pedestrians were
strawberry, starfruit, papaya, peach, hurrying to work, to shop, and to
apricot, pomegranate, etc appointments. What is the correct way to
42Tuesday wk 11 Circle the words that divide the word into syllables? 5. a muse
rhyme 1. joke cloak broke away betray ment.
sleigh Correct these sentences. After 117Monday wk 30 Correct these sentences
working for two hours, they were covered Most of my friends like to play video
with dirt. 4. Did your sister promise to games, but Rafik and I prefer chess.
arrive by 6 p.m. for the party? Name this Rebecca, can you come sailing on our boat
part of a friendly letter. 5. The body. Saturday? Were going at 6:00 a.m. Use
43Wednesday- wk 11 Correct these context clues to determine the meaning of
sentences. Michael and I were excited the bolded word below. confused,
about running in the Boston Marathon. I bewildered, puzzled Past, present, or
can see, Hank, that youre studying hard. future? 4. present Circle the correct
Which words have four syllables? abbreviation for amount. amt.
amphibian, motorcycle, semicircle Circle 118Tuesday wk 30 Fact or opinion? 1.
the cause and underline the effect. 4. opinion Give an antonym for anxious. 2.
Tony was too big for his old bike, so he calm, peaceful Correct these sentences. 3.
sold it at the flea market. Give a common Dr. Lee, the pediatrician, is always very
noun for each proper noun. 5. woman city. gentle as she treats her young patients.
44Thursday- wk 11 Give the comparative Why are Lee, Stella, and Corinne digging
and superlative adjectives for lazy. up those bushes in their backyard? Use
lazier laziest Synonyms, antonyms, or this homophone pair in one sentence.
homophones? 2. synonyms Correct these (scent, sent) 5. The perfume that she sent
sentences Those stories Mr. Feinstein told me had a wonderful scent.
were really scary. Have you ever gone 119Wednesday- wk 30 Correct these
water-skiing on Lake Michigan? The /ou/ in sentences. Carlos lent his basketball to
the house sounds most like the vowel Roberto and me. We returned it after
sound in: surround. practice. The teams uniforms were filthy
45Monday wk 12 Correct these sentences after playing on that muddy field. The
Lisa and I are going ice-skating at players were dirty, too. Is the underlined
Rainbow Rinks. In September he and I have word a verb, adverb, or preposition?
to start going to middle school. Use preposition Which word is spelled
context clues to determine the meaning of correctly? 4. boundary Does the underlined
the bolded word below. 3. Venison is deer adjective tell which one, what kind, or
meat. Which word is spelled correctly? how many? 5. how many.
principal (the second word) Circle the 120Thursday- wk 30 Past, present, or
adjectives in this sentence. The cranky future? Future Past Correct these
old woman kept the boys ball when it came sentences. Mosquitoes, crickets, and the
over her fence. howling of a wolf kept the campers awake
46Tuesday wk 12 Which part of speech is most of the night. Why do I always have
underlined in the following sentence? 1. to give Kiki a bath, Mother? complained
verb Correct these sentences. Our teacher, Aaron. Give the comparative and
Mr. Toscano, hasnt had the measles, the superlative adjectives. (lazy) 5. lazier
mumps, or the chicken pox. Why did she laziest.
and I promise to clean up after the class 121Monday wk 31 Correct these sentences
party? muttered Kevin. Circle the Because there were so many people, we had
preposition in this sentence. The doctor to take two taxis. Did they arrive in
stood beside his patients bed. Give an time to catch the plane? inquired Tomas.
antonym for this word. deceased- alive, Yes, they just made it, Ralph replied.
living. Give synonyms for these words 3. complete
47Wednesday- wk 12 Correct these __finish__ 4. sufficient __enough__ Does
sentences. Dont wait until its too late the underlined adverb tell when, how much,
to buy a ticket for the show. Why dont or where? how.
you have any time to help me? Complete the 122Tuesday wk 31 What is the meaning of
analogy horse : quadruped :: human : biped this figure of speech? 1. The judge gave
Choose the best word to complete this the thief the longest sentence allowed by
sentence. 4. Whos Circle the adverb in law. Give an two words that rhyme with
this sentence. 5. They are always late to caught. 2. bought, sought, rot, cot,
ball games. dot, trot Correct these sentences. 3. Im
48Thursday- wk 12 Fact or opinion? sorry he didnt (or doesnt) like the
opinion Are the underlined words a common present I gave him. If this plan doesnt
noun or a proper noun? 2. common noun work, well have to start all over again.
Correct these sentences Their dinner What do these words have in common? 5.
reservation at Kates Kitchen is for 5:30 They are all bread types.
p.m. The presidents guards have to be 123Wednesday- wk 31 Correct these
strong, intelligent, and reliable. Give a sentences. Its Naomis turn to light the
synonym for attempt. try. candles for Hanukkah. Our town has a big
49Monday wk 13 Correct these sentences parade on July 4th to celebrate
Shannon did the cooking and cleaning while Independence Day. Circle the cause and
her mother was ill. Those are Petes underline the effect. I missed my flight
favorite music tapes. Circle the adverb in connections because my plane was twenty
this sentence. 3. We are going fishing minutes late getting into Chicago. Write
tomorrow. Choose the best word to complete an opinion about this topic: snakes 4.
this sentence. Do you know Juan very exampleSnakes are slimy. Which word is
___well____? Divide this word into not spelled correctly? 5. wether (whether
syllables gen er ous. or weather).
50Tuesday wk 13 Which word has the sound 124Thursday- wk 31 What type of job is
of /ch/ in cherry? 1. future Subject or described here? Auto mechanic Use context
Predicate? 2. predicate Correct these clues to determine the meaning of the
sentences. 3. Did you sail on Mr. Browns bolded word below. wandered; followed a
boat last weekend? 4. Both boys bikes winding course Correct these sentences.
were red with black stripes. Fact or She and Otto have gone to mail a package
Opinion? Fact. to Grandma Rosie. Were you there when we
51Wednesday- wk 13 Correct these sang Yankee Doodle in the school
sentences. Jamal has gone to visit his pageant? Underline the complete predicate
uncle in Jacksonville, Illinois. She of this sentence. 5. Harvested the whole
yelled to warn him, but it was too late. crop in one week.
Complete the analogy Qt. : quart :: oz. : 125Monday wk 32 Correct these sentences
ounce Which word is not spelled correctly? Mr. Watkins, the custodian, moved the
4. Thawt= thought Give the pronoun that students desks when he cleaned the room.
would replace the underlined noun. 5. My niece is going to get married on Sept.
they. 13, 1998. Simile or metaphor? Simile Which
52Thursday- wk 13 What contraction is word is not spelled correctly? 4. wasnt
made from these two words? Weve What (wasnt) At what time of day would this
reference source would you use to find occur? midnight.
information about Thomas Edisons 126Tuesday wk 32 Give the possessive
inventions? 2. encyclopedia/internet form. 1. astronauts suits Correct these
Correct these sentences Father said, sentences. 2. Skagway, Yukon Territory, is
Nobody is going anywhere until our chores an interesting town to visit. 3. Our
are done. They havent played ice hockey librarian, Mr. Talbot, gave a book talk on
since their goalie broke his ankle. Give a The Slave Dancer. Synonyms, antonyms, or
synonym for perhaps. may, might, maybe. homophones? arrival, departure
53Monday wk 14 Correct these sentences __antonyms__ Put these words in correct
Mervins dog wags its tail when it gets a alphabetical order. 5. disable disagree
bone. Bills baby sister tore the library disappoint disarm disaster.
books pages. Use context clues to 127Wednesday- wk 32 Correct these
determine the meaning of the bolded word sentences. Once the rain stopped, Phillip,
below. 3. Stranded or left Give the past Jack, and I went to the park. Ruth knitted
tense of these verbs. wound swept. a pair of slippers for Mrs. Gee, her
54Tuesday wk 14 Give the plural noun. 1. neighbor. What two words make this
Octopi, octopuses Choose the best words to contraction? whod _who___ ___would___
complete the sentence. 2. I wear ___a___ What part of speech is underlined in this
raincoat and take _an_ umbrella with me sentence? 4. verb Which word does not
when it rains. Correct these sentences. 3. belong? 5. shark- all of the others are
He and I wanted to see the new exhibit at invertebrates.
Sea World Aquarium. 4. Why doesnt he play 128Thursday- wk 32 Use this homophone
quietly while the baby is napping? Give pair in one sentence. (sight, site)
the comparative and superlative Example: The camp site was almost in
adjectives. 5.Pretty ______prettier____ sight. If the guide words on a page were
_____prettiest______. jaguar and jelly, which word could be
55Wednesday- wk 14 Correct these found on the page? 2. jealous Correct
sentences. Mrs. Kotter said, Dont do these sentences. Mother read the Wall
that any more. Did the womens lunches Street Journal before she went to work.
all cost the same amount? What is the base During the earthquake they felt the floor
or root word? populate What is the meaning shake under their feet. Add a suffix to
of this figure of speech? 4. Being very this word. 5. Destruct - destruction,
surprised Circle the complete subject of destructive, destructible.
this sentence. 5. The center of a tornado 129Monday wk 33 Correct these sentences
can cause a great deal of damage. I dont have anything to put in the yard
56Thursday- wk 14 Subject pronoun or sale, complained John. We saw Dr. Chin in
object pronoun? Object pronoun What part New Orleans when we were on vacation. What
of speech is underlined in this sentence? is the base or root word? 3. uncomfortable
2. adverb Correct these sentences Four __comfortable__ 4. illogical __logical__
white swans swam around the large, Underline the prepositional phrase in the
peaceful pond. Peter, Paul, and Mary were sentence. from your penpal.
having fun at Abbies Halloween party. 130Tuesday wk 33 Circle the complete
Identify this part of a business letter. predicate in this sentence. 1. The trained
heading. seal balanced on a ball on its nose. Use
57Monday wk 15 Correct these sentences context clues to determine the meaning of
Did those special packages Prof. Chang the bolded word below. 2. threatening or
ordered arrive safely? They were hungry dangerous Correct these sentences. Tom and
and tired after helping Jessie and me I have three pets, and they are all dogs.
build a treehouse. Identify the If anyone still needs a costume, he/she
preposition in this sentence. 3. with can get one from the closet. Add a prefix
Simile or metaphor? simile Which words are to this word. 5. uncertain.
not spelled correctly? histry, 131Wednesday- wk 33 Correct these
apolugy------ history, apology. sentences. Uncle Franks garden contained
58Tuesday wk 15 Complete the analogy. 1. onions, eggplants, and zucchini last year.
shark : fish :: koala : marsupial What is We have driven to San Francisco often. Our
the correct abbreviation for pound? 2. grandparents live there. Complete the
lb. Correct these sentences. 3. Theyre analogy. humidity: hygrometer ::
not taking class pictures until Wednesday temperature : thermometer Does the
at 1:45. 4. You cant make me do anything underlined adjective tell which one, how
I dont want to do! yelled Mitchell. many, or what kind? 4. which one What
Past, present, or future? 5.leapt reference source would you use to find the
___past___. shortest route from Italy to Belgium? 5.
59Wednesday- wk 15 Correct these atlas.
sentences. That greedy little child drank 132Thursday- wk 33 Give the pronoun that
all the cold lemonade they had. Terrys would replace the underline nouns in this
brothers afraid of the dark, so his mom sentence. they Which word does not belong
gave him a flashlight. What do the words in this group? 2. triangle (the rest are
in this group have in common? Theyre all solid 3-d figures) Correct these
used to record information/writing If the sentences. Stevens little sister lies
guide words on a page were laundry and down for a nap every day. The novel,
lawn, which words would not be on the Oliver Twist was written by Charles
page? 4. lawyer, lax Does the underlined Dickens. Which part of speech is
adverb tell how, when, where, or to what underlined? 5. adverb.
extent? 5. To what extent. 133Monday wk 34 Correct these sentences
60Thursday- wk 15 Does this word have a By January our group will have finished
prefix or a suffix? prefix Give the its report on Sojourner Truth. When Father
singular form for this plural noun. 2. heard about the bad storms, he cancelled
knife Correct these sentences Alice, who our skiing trip. Use context clues to
lived next door, went to a different determine the meaning of the bolded word
school. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy below. 3. scientist who studies weather
Evening by Robert Frost is my mothers and climate What is the correct way to
favorite poem. Synonyms or antonyms? divide this word into syllables? 4. con
antonyms. clu sion Where would the following
61Monday wk 16 Correct these sentences probably take place? a horse race.
Sammy, please hand me those pliers, said 134Tuesday wk 34 Give a fact about this
the instructor. Its obvious you dont topic: freckles 1. example- Freckles are
have any money to lend me. Circle the small dots on skin. If the guide words on
cause and underline the effect. 3. When a page were human and humor, which
the baseball hit the front window, one word would not be on the page? 2. humorous
pane of glass was broken. Identify where Correct these sentences. Arnolds
the colon is used correctly. 11:00 Use contribution was a large, cold, juicy
this homophone pair in one sentence. watermelon. An old, gnarled tree fell
(aloud, allowed) We were not allowed to across Bixby Creek causing it to overflow.
read aloud in class. Does the underlined adverb tell how, when,
62Tuesday wk 16 Complete the guide words where, or to what extent? 5. to what
on a page were pause and payment, extent.
which word would be on the page? 1. 135Wednesday- wk 34 Correct these
pavilion Correct these sentences. 2. It sentences. When you press that button, a
doesnt make any difference, since my mom clown will pop up, explained Judy.
wont let me go with you. 3. Dr. Otis Neither he nor I was responsible for that
scolded, You should have been more mess! he declared. Give the abbreviation
careful. What is the root or base word? for centimeter cm. Give the plural form
4. history Give the plural form of this for potato. 4. potatoes Which word is
noun. 5.latches. spelled correctly? 5. influence.
63Wednesday- wk 16 Correct these 136Thursday- wk 34 Give a common noun for
sentences. She has swum the English this proper noun. holiday Give the
Channel several times in the past year. comparative and superlative forms of
Why did those moose cross the river so good. 2. better, best Correct these
near Roberts cabin? Declarative, sentences. Im wearing Millies red coat,
interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory? and shes wearing my blue sweater. That
imperative Subject pronoun or object writers poem Sea Breezes was published
pronoun? 4. Subject pronoun Which words in New Yorker Magazine. What is the
have three syllables? 5. government, following persons job? 5. architect.
amusement. 137Monday wk 35 Correct these sentences
64Thursday- wk 16 Which reference source My brothers and I threw a party for
would you use to find out how many inches Mother. Her birthday was Friday, Aug. 18.
of rain fell in Oklahoma in 2003? almanac Was he given a ticket when he ran a red
Fiction or nonfiction? 2. nonfiction light? Complete the analogy. 3. wall :
Correct these sentences The Bishops asked opaque :: window : transparent What
Margaret to sing The Anniversary Waltz contraction is made with these two words?
at their celebration. Carlos has done his 4. mightve Circle the complete subject of
work correctly. Which part of speech is this sentence. A sudden storm.
underlined? adjective. 138Tuesday wk 35 Does this word have a
65Monday wk 17 Correct these sentences suffix, a prefix, both, or none? 1. Both
His favorite poem is Stuarts Worst (un, ful) Give another word that would be
Nightmare. My brother and I need to buy in this category. 2. Obama, Bush, Clinton,
shirts, pants, socks, and shoes for Lincoln, Ford, Kennedy.. Correct these
school. Is part of the subject or part of sentences. I am (or Im) never going to
the predicate underlined? 3. predicate sky dive again. It was too scary! The chef
Punctuate this address. 26 West 18th St. chopped an artichoke, some butter lettuce,
Seattle, WA 96430 Give an opinion about and a red pepper into the salad bowl. What
this topic: extraterrestrial life-forms is the correct way to divide this word
Examples.. into syllables? 5. as tron o my.
66Tuesday wk 17 What two words make up 139Wednesday- wk 35 Correct these
this contraction? 1. who will Synonyms and sentences. How are an alligator and a
antonyms? 2. allow, prohibit crocodile different? asked Petes little
____antonyms____ Correct these sentences. sister. School was cancelled when the
3. During the rainy season in Africa, rain temperature dropped to 40? F and the
falls every day. 4. The Main Street School furnace broke. Give the present and future
team was the best in the area. Circle the tenses of the verb meant. mean, will
prepositional phrase in the sentence. mean Which word is not spelled correctly?
5.Water flowed under the covered bridge. 4. misrable (miserable) Synonyms,
67Wednesday- wk 17 Correct these antonyms, or homophones? 5. antonyms.
sentences. When will the technician, Ms. 140Thursday- wk 35 Give the comparative
Rawlings, fix our computer? The dogs and superlative adjectives. (graceful)
tails wagged as Father gave them Johns more graceful, most graceful Does the
leftovers. Complete the analogy. Square : underlined adjective tell which one, what
plane :: cube : __solid__ Choose the best kind, or how many? 2. what kind Correct
word to complete this sentence. 4. sets these sentences. Sgt. Contreras and his
Use this homophone pair in one sentence. family were thrilled when he won a million
(piece, peace) 5. examples dollars in the lottery. I dont want to
68Thursday- wk 17 Which word is not touch those snakes, Tammy! yelled her
spelled correctly? usully (usually) Proper brother. Fiction or nonfiction? 5.
noun or common noun? Kentucky __proper__ fiction.
skateboard __common__ Correct these 141Monday wk 36 Correct these sentences
sentences 4. Have you ever read Popular Mama likes to sing Billy Boy to my
Mechanics? asked Orlando. 5. They all brother Bill and me. Because we were born
sang Happy Birthday before she cut the on the same day, Tanisha and I are having
cake. our party together. Common noun or proper
69Monday wk 18 Correct these sentences noun? 3. proper noun Metaphor and simile?
Can Jan and I stay overnight at Aunt 4. metaphor Which word has the most
Marys? Those noisy children yelled loudly syllables? photography.
as they played outside. Use context clues 142Tuesday wk 36 Which word is spelled
to determine the meaning of the bolded correctly? 1. environment (2nd choice)
word below. 3. recline= to lean backward Correct these sentences. 2. Pete, the
or lie down Choose the word that best lifeguard, jumped into the pool to rescue
completes this sentence. threw If the the ladys poodle. When George sends me
guide words on a page were ample and his new address, Ill write him a letter.
anchor,which word would be on the page? What is the correct abbreviation for
amusement. sergeant? sgt. (last choice) Where would
70Tuesday wk 18 What is the correct this statement probably be heard? 5. car
contraction for of the clock? 1. oclock mechanic/gas station.
Use this homophone pair in one sentence. 143Wednesday- wk 36 Correct these
(Ill, aisle) 2. Ill walk down the aisle sentences. Shall I take ballet lessons or
(or other examples) Correct these study the French horn this year? wondered
sentences. 3. The farmers oxen were held Megan. After seeing Jurassic Park, Jason
together by a wooden yoke. 4. Throughout asked, Do you think scientists will
the long, stormy night, the excited really clone DNA to make a living
campers shared ghost stories. Identify dinosaur? Give an opinion about this
this part of a business letter. 5. topic: violence on television. ExampleI
salutation. think that there is too much violence on
71Wednesday- wk 18 Correct these television. Identify the type of sentence.
sentences. The diver exclaimed, I never 4. declarative Synonyms, antonyms, or
did a dive like that before! Youll need homophones? 5. synonyms.
clay, glaze, and a kiln to make a ceramic 144Thursday- wk 36 If the guide words on
vase. Subject pronoun or object pronoun? a page were relative and relief, which
Subject pronoun Fact or Fiction? 4. words would not be found on the page?
fiction Which one? What kind? How many? 5. rejoice and relieve Add a suffix to this
what kind. word. 2. hope.hopeless, hopeful, hoped,
72Thursday- wk 18 Is the underlined word hopes Correct these sentences. Is it an
a common noun or a proper noun? common arduous climb to the top of Mt. McKinley?
noun What type of sentence is this? Eli wanted to know. After watching a
interrogative Correct these sentences 3. vampire movie, Eli woke up screaming, No!
Are you going to go mountain climbing with No! Dont suck my blood! Fact or opinion?
their group? 4. He and I took a guitar 5. opinion.
Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences.ppt

Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences

Monday-wk 1 Correct these sentences

- Red rose. London. Shamrock. The Union Jack. Leek. Thistle. Queen Elisabeth I. Queen Anne. Edinburgh. Cardiff. Queen Victoria. Great Britain. Belfast. Wales. The United Kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland. The Royal Family. Northern Ireland. England. Queen Elisabeth II.

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TOEFL - Classification Problem. Summary Problem. Experience Problem. . TOEFL. . . TOEFL Reading / : Paraphrase. Checklist for Integrated Essay.

Pointillism - Vincent van Gogh. It is also called. 6. RGB colors are used in photography. Self-portrait Breakfast La Tour Eifel The Beach Heist. In creation of his first paintings he was influenced by Monet. Complete the sentences. and pencils also can be used. Port in Marcel. Pointillism is based on. and.

Classical music - Mastered by Franz Joseph Haydn - he wrote 104 of them. All sonatas follow this form. Franz Joseph Haydn. Conclusions. What does the term Classical mean? The Sonata Form. Characteristics of the classical period. Franz Schubert. Ludwig Von Beethoven. The String Quartet. Haydn was the first to write one - he also mastered them.


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