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Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
Brief history of Changes in the National Curriculum
Brief history of Changes in the National Curriculum
Brief history of Changes in the National Curriculum
Brief history of Changes in the National Curriculum
Key Directions of Revised National Curriculum
Key Directions of Revised National Curriculum
Grade Report Card (Sample)
Grade Report Card (Sample)
Achievement trends in 9th Grade (2009-2012)
Achievement trends in 9th Grade (2009-2012)
Use of results
Use of results
PISA 2012 results cont
PISA 2012 results cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn cont
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Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for 13room by 08:10. Entering the room by 08:10.
Curriculum and Evaluation. Korean Entering the room by 08:10. 1st. Korean.
Education at a Glance: National 08:40 ~ 10:00 (80 min). Break - 10:00 ~
Assessments & Educational Attainment 10: 20 (20 min). Break - 10:00 ~ 10: 20
of Korea. (20 min). Break - 10:00 ~ 10: 20 (20 min).
2Historical backgrounds about Korea’s 2nd. Mathematics. 10:30 ~ 12:10 (100 min).
“education fever”. Hendrick Hamel’s Lunch - 12:20 ~ 13: 10 (50 min). Lunch -
account of Korean education in 17th 12:20 ~ 13: 10 (50 min). Lunch - 12:20 ~
century The nobles and the free men take 13: 10 (50 min). 3rd. English. 13:10 ~
great care for the education of their 14:20 (70 min). Break - 14:20 ~ 14: 40 (20
children. They place their children under min). Break - 14:20 ~ 14: 40 (20 min).
the direction of teachers to learn to read Break - 14:20 ~ 14: 40 (20 min). 4th.
and write. The peope of this country are Social Studies Sciences Vocational
very enthusiastic about [education] and Studies. 14:50 ~ 15:50 (60 min). Break -
the method they use is gentle and 15:50 ~ 16: 10 (20 min). Break - 15:50 ~
ingenious. Teachers offer their students 16: 10 (20 min). Break - 15:50 ~ 16: 10
the teaching of earlier scholars and (20 min). 5th. 2nd Foreign Languages/
constantly cite their example of those who Chinese Characters and Classics. 16:10 ~
attained fame through high scholarship. 16:50 (40 min).
The boys devote their time to study day 14Grade Report Card (Sample).
and night (Choe, 1987, p. 98). Registration Number. Name. Name. Resident
3Historical backgrounds con’t. “The ID. Resident ID. Resident ID. High School
Story of Spring Fragrance” (Chunhyangjeon (Class or Year of Graduation). 12345678.
in Korean), Korea’s best-loved folktale Kim, Gil-Dong. Kim, Gil-Dong.
The protagonist, Yi Doryong, is able to 951234-1234567. 951234-1234567.
save his sweetheart, Spring Fragrance 951234-1234567. Seoul High School (0009).
(Chunhyang), from a venal new governor by Test. Test. Korean. Mathematics. English.
placing first on the governemnt exam. He English. Social Studies. Social Studies.
is consequently appointed a secret 2nd Foreign Language/ Chinese C&C. B.
inspector who anonymously wanders the A. Korean History. Economics. Japanese I.
countryside checking up on local Standard Score. 131. 137. 141. 53. 64. 69.
administrators, and, in the nick of time, Percentile Rank. 93. 95. 97. 75. 93. 95.
coming across the new governor oppressing Stanine. 2. 2. 1. 4. 2. 2.
the love he left behind in the 15NAEA. Assessment Based on National
countrysice. Curriculum National Assessment of
4Historical backgrounds cont. Education Educational Achievement Achievement
both as a means for personal Standards Descriptions specifying the
self-cultivation and as a way of social objectives and content of the national
advancement High-stake examination system curriculum enough to guideline in teaching
served as main selection mechanism for the and learning Assessment for Population
limited number of government posts Formal Since 2008, NAEA is census test for all
education organized largely around exams students who study national curriculum.
preparation. 16Assessment framework. Grades.
5EDUCATION = EXAMs = SUCCESS Subjects. Contents. Assessing academic
TESTocracy” culture. Historical achievement based on national curriculum.
backgrounds cont. 9th grade. 11th grade. Korean language,
6Brief history of Changes in the Social Studies, Mathematics, Science,
National Curriculum. English, and Questionnaires. All the
7Key Directions of Revised National content covered from the 7th to the 9th
Curriculum. grade, 1st semester. Korean language,
8CSAT. Key characteristics. Mathematics, English, and Questionnaires.
Administration. Test-takers. College All the content covered in the 10th grade.
Scholastic Ability Test An assessment tool * Social Studies and Science for 6th grade
designed to measure students’ academic are assessed in a sample survey(since
readiness for college education An 2012).
achievement + proficiency test that also 17Achievement levels of NAEA. BELOW-
measures high-order thinking skills. The BASIC. Base Line of basic academic
CSAT is administered once a year (in achievement.
Nov.). Commissioned by the Ministry of 18Achievement trends in 9th Grade
Education, KICE develops and implements (2009-2012). Percentage(%).
the test each year. High school seniors 19Use of results.
People with a high school diploma or 20PISA 2012 results. PISA 2012 Result:
equivalent certificate. Performance of Korean students.
9Test composition. Mathematics. Mathematics. Mathematics.
10Test subjects. Test. Test. Associated Reading Literacy. Reading Literacy.
National Curriculum subjects. Number of Reading Literacy. Science. Science.
Items. Testing Time (min). Item type. Science. Mean (Korea). Mean (OECD). Rank.
Korean Language. Korean Language. Type A. Mean (Korea). Mean (OECD). Rank. Mean
Speech & Writing I, Reading & (Korea). Mean (OECD). Rank. 554. 494. 1.
Grammar I, Literature I. 45. 45. 80. 80. 536. 496. 1~2. 538. 501. 2~4.
Multiple choice. Multiple choice. Type B. 21PISA 2012 results cont.
Speech & Writing II, Reading & 22PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn.
Grammar II, Literature II. Math. Math. OECD average. 27. 32. 33. 4. 8. 33. 33.
Type A. Mathematics I, Pre-Calculus and 24. 0.31. 0.17. -0.2. -0.21. -0.21. -0.36.
Pre-Statistics. 30. 30. 100. 100. Multiple -0.38. -0.39. CATEGORY. Intrinsic M.
choice (70%) short answer (30%). Multiple Extrinsic M. Self-efficacy. Participation
choice (70%) short answer (30%). Type B. in math activities. Math intentions.
Mathematics I, Mathematics ?, Integration Subjective norms in math. Self-concept.
and Statistics, Geometry and Vector. Anxiety. RANKING.
English. English. English I, English II. 23PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn
45 (including 17 listening items). 70. cont.
Multiple choice. 24PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn
11Test subjects cont. Test. Test. cont. Percentage of students who reported
Subjects (NC). Number of Items. Testing being happy at school. . . .
Time (min). Item type. Inquiries. 25PISA 2012 results: Ready to learn
Inquiries. Inquiries. Social Studies. Life cont.
& Ethics, Ethics & Thought, Korean 26Concluding remarks. In Korea, entering
History, Korean Geography, World a prestigious university is a decisive
Geography, East Asian History, World factor in accomplishing socio-economic
History, Law & Politics, Economics, success of one’s life and desired career.
Society & Culture (up to 2 of the 10). For Korean students, CSAT score is the
20 per subject. 20 per subject. 20 per first priority to consider when selecting
subject. 30 per subject. 30 per subject. which university to enter and what to
30 per subject. Multiple choice. Multiple major in, rather than their academic
choice. Multiple choice. Sciences. Physics interests or aptitude. Since the measures
I, Chemistry I, Life Science I, Earth of effectiveness of education is primarily
Science I, Physics II, Chemistry II, Life based on the standardised tests, good
Science II, Earth Science II (up to 2 of teaching means teaching students to ace
the 8). Vocational Education. Agricultural both in-class achievement tests and
Bio Industry, Industry, Commerce & high-stake exams like the CSAT. However,
Information, Fishery & Shipping, Home the reality is frustrating because many
Economics & Business (1 of the 5). 2nd high schools in Korea mainly focus on
Foreign Languages/Chinese Characters and cramming for knowledge and
Classics. 2nd Foreign Languages/Chinese test-preparations in the classroom. In a
Characters and Classics. German I, French broad sense, education is meant to include
I, Spanish I, Chinese I, Japanese I, socilising skills in teaching, such as
Russian I, Arabic I, Basic Vietnamese, attitude, communication, character,
Chinese Characters and Classics (1 of the leadership and collaboration. In order to
9). 30 per subject. 40 min. Multiple make positive educational reform in Korea,
choice. we need to seek ways to use the assessment
12Test implementation. Annual events. for supporting students to develop talents
Test Development & Administration. and achieve their dreams, such as
Mar. Jun. Sep. Nov. Announcement of Annual performance assessment, formative
Administration Plan. June Mock Test. assessment, portpolio, etc, instead of
September Mock Test. Administration of the using it as a decisive factor to make
CSAT. one’s life decision.
13Administration Schedule (Time table). 27THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.
Session. Test. Time Schedule. Entering the
Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation.pptx
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Moonbok Lee Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation

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