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More about classes and objects

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1More about classes and objects. 6Class Shape.
Classes in Visual Basic.NET. 7Creating subclasses. Two options: New
2We have seen ... Basics of OOP file (through Add class...) Same file
terminology Object Class Method Subclasses might hold variables of their
Overloading Overriding Basics of OOP own VB.NET uses keyword
concepts Abstraction Polymorphism "Inherits" Public Class Circle
Encapsulation Inheritance How to draw Inherits Shape.
class diagrams. 8Overriding methods. A subclass can
3Shape, Circle and Rectangle. redefine methods that appear in its parent
4Creating classes in VB.NET. Classes Circle can give a new implementation to
are written in files, in a similar way inherited method draw() VB.NET uses the
than forms. They are added using the Add keyword "Overrides" Public
class... item in the Project menu. Overrides Function draw().
Involves ... setting up the variables 9Abstract methods. Sometimes the parent
implementing a constructor implementing class just "mentions" a method,
the methods required. without providing an implementation VB.NET
5Code for Shape. Public Class Shape uses keyword "MustOverride" Any
Protected x, y As Integer Public Sub New() class with at least one abstract method
x = 12 y = 30 End Sub Public Function must be declared abstract It is a good
draw() draw = "I am a nice idea to make the method draw() in Shape
shape" End Function End Class. abstract.
6Abstract classes. Cannot be 10Abstract Shape. Public MustInherit
instantiated Only classes that extend them Class Shape Protected x, y As Integer
can be instantiated Used as holders for Public Sub New() x = 12 y = 42 End Sub
their subclasses VB.NET uses keyword Public MustOverride Function draw() End
"MustInherit" Public MustInherit Class.
More about classes and objects.ppt
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More about classes and objects

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