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The Mount Rushmore National Memorial
The Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Map of USA with South Dakota highlighted
Map of USA with South Dakota highlighted
The entrance to the site
The entrance to the site
Black Hills
Black Hills
Letter from Chief Henry Standing Bear
Letter from Chief Henry Standing Bear
Crazy Horse Memorial, just south of Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Crazy Horse Memorial, just south of Mount Rushmore National Memorial
Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse
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Mount Rushmore Great heroes of America

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1Mount Rushmore Great heroes of 12Declaration of Independence declared
America. Who are they? Информационный American independence from Great Britain
проект СОШ «Школа надомного обучения» and started its history as a nation.
Учитель английского языка Краснюк Любовь 13Frequently Asked Questions. 1) Who
Алексеевна. created the sculpture? Gutzon Borglum and
2The Mount Rushmore National Memorial. 400 workers. 2) How much did the sculpture
3Map of USA with South Dakota cost? $989,992.32. 3) How long did it take
highlighted. to build? 14 years October 4, 1927 -
4The entrance to the site. October 31,1941 4) Are the faces eroding?
5Mt. Rushmore, George Washington No, The estimated erosion rate is 1 inch
close-up. every 10,000 years. 5) Who is the mountain
6George Washington. George Washington named after? Charles E. Rushmore, a New
was the first President of the USA. For York City Attorney, in 1885 who was out
all the great things that he did Americans here on business. 6) Were there any deaths
call him “ the Father of our Country”. during the carving? No. Did You Know? Over
George Washington set up a lot of 90% of Mount Rushmore was carved by using
political institutions, decided on where dynamite. Dynamite blasts removed
to have the American capital and ordered approximately 450,000 tons of rock from
the building of the White House. the mountain.
7Mt. Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt 14Black Hills. Native Americans have a
close-up. long history in the Black Hills.
8Theodore Roosevelt. He is the only 15Letter from Chief Henry Standing Bear.
president to have a famous toy named after "My fellow chiefs and I would like
him (the Teddy bear, named after a bear the white man to know that the red man has
cub that he refused to shoot in a 1902 great heroes, too."[1].
hunt in Mississippi). He was the first 16Crazy Horse Memorial, just south of
President to travel outside the country, Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
when he visited Panama. He was the first 178 miles away from Mount Rushmore. The
President to ride in an automobile. Crazy Horse Memorial is a mountain
9Mt. Rushmore, Abraham Lincoln monument under construction in the Black
close-up. Hills of South Dakota, in the form of
10Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln Crazy Horse, a warrior, riding a horse and
(February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was pointing into the distance. The memorial
the sixteenth President of the United consists of the mountain carving
States. He successfully led the country (monument), the Indian Museum of North
through its greatest internal crisis, the America, and the Native American Cultural
American Civil War, saving the Union and center. The monument is roughly 8 miles
ending slavery, only to be assassinated as (13 km) away from Mount Rushmore.
the war was over. 18Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse was a
11Mt. Rushmore, Thomas Jefferson respected member of the Oglala Sioux
close-up. Native American tribe and is noted for his
12Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson courage in battle. Crazy Horse was
(April 13, 1743 – July 4, 1826) was the recognized among his own people as a
third President of the United States leader committed to preserving the
(1801–1809), the principal author of the traditions and values of the Lakota way of
Declaration of Independence (1776) The life.
Mount Rushmore Great heroes of America.pptx
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Mount Rushmore Great heroes of America

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