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Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Much more to see
Use Cases
Use Cases
Use Cases
Use Cases
The Apps
The Apps
The Apps
The Apps
The Apps
The Apps
The Ecosystem
The Ecosystem
The Ecosystem
The Ecosystem
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Other design & Ux
Market size
Market size
Market size
Market size
Market size
Market size
Google Glass Sales Projection
Google Glass Sales Projection
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Much more to see

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Much more to see. 13practice, the purpose of our patent is to
2Use Cases. Emails, text messages, allow the user to see the messages near
Facebook status updates, tweets, RSS Stock the center of the visual field: while I'm
market values, breaking news Calendar talking with you, the message will not
events The words of their friends to the cover your face, but it will appear to me
deaf Driving directions to the drivers on your shoulder. In comparison, other
City tour information to the travelers solutions will show the same message on
Painting captions in the museums Subtitles your shoes or on the ceiling, because
of movies or at theaters Flight data to their technology is not transparent they
airplane model lovers Street signs and need to push it aside otherwise it will
menus translations in Beijing The Linkedin cover your view. Looking frequently at the
profile of your meet up Patient’s ceiling or at the floor is very tedious,
heartbeats to the surgeon Mileage and people who have tried those solution often
speed to a sportsman Performance in take them off after a minute.
reality games Domotics data at need … … 14Project Status. Feasibility &
WHATEVER THE CREATIVITY OF DEVELOPERS Design study: done Optical system based on
COMMUNITY WILL COME UP WITH. Alpha & Beta prototype: 90% done
3The Apps. Electronic circuit tuning: 80% done
4Target Market. Geeks, techies and SDK/API to partners & developers: July
fashionistas Sportsmen – joggers, sailors, 2013 – Sep. 2013. New frame design: August
motor bikers, ... Deaf Theaters, cinemas, 2013 New prototype: September 2013
museums, tourist places Trade shows, Industrialization for pre-series
exhibitions Surgeons Customized products production: Q4 2013 Pre-series on the
for warehouses, maintenance, etc. market for selected partners and early
5The Ecosystem. Eyeglasses having an adopters: Q1-2014 Global(*) Market Launch:
integrated micro-projector with the most Q2-2014 (*) depending on Partners
advanced optics and electronics with touch agreements.
sensors control. An SDK and API available 15Distribution/Sales channels. Sales
to SW Developers Community to create a set channels will be different and based on
of revolutionary apps for smartphone (iOS, the industrial partners will be found.
Android, Win8) and allow to get the Currently we have met several players both
information directly on GlassUp device in in Italy and worldwide in different
real-time. A GlassUp Store to enable user sectors: Telecommunications, Eyewear,
to download apps from the web. Exhibitions, Museums, Theaters, Fitness
6Other design & Ux. and Wellness, Logistics etc. Some of them
7Other design & Ux. Port distance: can act as distributors to sell to final
6 miles 45 minutes to arrival Weather: customers and may start their own
cloudy Sea: calm. Marketing campaign to sell GlassUp device
8Specifications. How it is Light and at their point sale. Other channels:
comfortable, stylish Two – three designs Consumer Electronics stores International
new design under preparation with Eyewear Distribution Company focused on different
company) Expected weight 70gr, material to market or geography e-commerce via popular
be defined What it contains A patented internet market place.
sophisticated optical system An electronic 16Financials. € / 000. 2013. 2014. 2015.
circuit with Accelerometer, Compass, Income Statement. Unit Sales. 100.000.
Ambient Light Sensor 320x240 display 200.000. A. Turnover. 20.000. 40.000. B.
resolution Bluetooth connectivity (Low Cost of Sales. -10.000. -20.000. C. Gross
Energy version) What you see Monochromatic Margin. 10.000. 20.000. Marketing Cost.
messages and icons on a transparent -100. -1.000. -2.000. D. General Expenses.
background Near the center of the Field of -20. -1.000. -2.000. E. EBITDA. -120.
View, no eye-strain 320x240 display 8.000. 16.000. Amortization. -80. -250.
resolution How it works One day battery -400. F. Pre-Tax Result. -200. 7.750.
use time A wide set of apps: Android, iOS 15.600. Taxation. -2.750. -5.600. G. After
and later on Windows Touch controls on the Tax Result. -200. 5.000. 10.000.
frame to select on a menu and submenus 17Financials - Assumptions. Sales
Automatic light control, optimized for all volumes estimates are a fraction of the
viewing conditions. incoming order requests. Average gross
9Market size. Google’s Glass Project sales unit price is estimated at € 200.
exposed a huge market interest for this Unit cost estimated at € 100. Marketing
kind of products A market research we made costs are estimated at € 10 per unit.
among 1,000 US citizens showed that one General Expense is for admin, consultancy
out of four was interested In May 2013 and the like. Amortization is 20% (5
Credit Suisse released a report years) of the cumulative investment.
forecasting a $30B / $50B market for Taxation is estimated at 35% of income.
wearable technology in the next two / 18Cash Flow. Cash Flow. Q1-Q2 2013.
three years. Sport should prevail in unit Q3-Q4 2013. Q1 2014. Founders’ Money. 200.
terms, and health/medical device in value. Development. -200. Industrialization.
Business Insider May 2013 research: -300. Apps Development. -200. -200.
“…Google Glass will reach 21 Million Working Capital. -500. Marketing. -300.
Annual Unit Sales by Year-End 2018”. Investment Needs. 0. -500. -1.000.
10Google Glass Sales Projection. Source: 19Investments Plan. 2013: € 300k for
Business Insider research May 2013. industrialization: molds, certifications,
11Competition. Google Glass: wearable international patents, etc € 100k for the
computer, high power consumption, more app development € 100k for marketing phase
social/entertainment device, expensive and 1 2014: € 200k for additional specific
annoying (display up-right) Recon apps development € 500k for working
Instruments: Recon Jet, display based, capital and € 300k for marketing Q1-2014
low-right position Epson Moverio: BT-100: Other funding sources: pre-selling the
big and heavy Lumus: only technology eyeglasses (crow funding) at a discounted
vendor, claiming ready since 2005, but not cost, Advanced payment at discounted price
launched yet Vuzix: movies only … Oakley, in exchange for exclusivity for specific
Laster, Olympus, Sony, … Digilens, sectors / countries.
Microsoft Fortaleza, … Bulky. Price / 20Next Steps. Development and
Complexity. Industrialization Finalize the
12The Team. CEO: Francesco Giartosio specifications and build the prototype
(Founder & Co-Owner) COO: Andrea Plan and launch the industrialization
Tellatin (Co-Owner) Mentor: Luca Escoffier Produce pre-series (few hundreds) Plan by
(Freelance) Business development & priority other products evolution for the
Sales: Alfio Giuffrida (Freelance) Optical general market (camera, earphone,
Team 1: Gianluigi Tregnaghi (Co-Owner), binocular, prescription lenses, Windows,
Fabrizio Liberati (Opto Service), Alessio ...) and those for specific niches
Zanutta (INAF), Sara Mautino (Freelance) (medical, museums, motorbike helmets, ...)
Optical Team 2: Tommaso Occhipinti, Fabio Partnerships Show the prototype to the
Frassetto, Ivan Capraro (Adaptica) R&D potential industrial partners, mainly in
Director: Fabio D’Alessi (SI14) HW: the eyewear and telecommunications
Stefano Bianconi and his team (SI14) SW: sectors, and seek one or more partnerships
Alberto Scarpa and his team (SI14) Product Close minor agreements related to other
Engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics: sectors and markets Funding Crowdfunding ,
Fabio Patron (Si14) Marketing & EU contribution, pre-sales External
Communications: Giovanni Contini, Joseph investment only tied to strategic
Bradley, Claudio Forte, Calogero Bruno partnerships App Market Define the best
(Students), Jennifer Sofia Catalano strategy to maximize the development of
(Freelance). apps; developer competitions, support to
13Patent Overview. The purpose of the niches, open platform, ... Study how to
patent for the optical system is to leverage the apps in order to sell the
display information, icons, picture product, and vice-versa.
directly on the lens with a transparent 21francesco.giartosio@glassup.net Tel.
background, in other words through the +39 3470021220.
same lens you can see the reality around andrea.tellatin@glassup.net Tel. +39
you and the digital information received 3496788772. alfio.giuffrida@glassup.net
from external source in overlay mode. In Tel. +39 3486913080. www.glassup.com.
Much more to see.ppt
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Much more to see

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