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Music around us

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1Открытый урок на тему: «Music Around 10like. Listen to the tape and complete the
Us – Your Point of View». Выполнила: Смит table. ( Check your answers) 8. I think
О.А. all of you know the song “love me tender”,
2Открытый урок по теме «Музыка вокруг at least you’ve heard it. You will hear
нас - ваша точка зрения» предназначен для two singers performing this song. Listen
студентов 1-2 курса колледжа, как to them please and say which of them you
составная часть темы «Хобби». Музыка like better and why. (Песня “love me
окружает нас всю жизнь. Она рассказывает о tender”).
людях, создавших ее и местах в которых она 118. I think all of you know the song
зародилась. Особенно важную роль музыка “love me tender”, at least you’ve heard
играет в жизни молодых людей. На it. You will hear two singers performing
сегодняшний день ребята объединяются в this song. Listen to them please and say
основном по своим музыкальным which of them you like better and why.
пристрастиям. В этом нет ничего плохого, (Песня “love me tender”) 9. As far as you
т.к. субкультуры, которые несут в себе understand we are going to start now the
позитив, могут привнести в мировую копилку discussion of the creative work of E.P.
культуры и общечеловеческих отношений There is a song in his repertoire which is
немало ценного. Как это было, например, с called “welcome to my world”. Let’s start
творчеством Элвиса Пресли. Урок построен with this song. ( “Welcome to my world”).
на обсуждении различных точек зрения на 1210. Elvis burst into the American
его творчество. Беседа о различных music scene and teenagers everywhere took
музыкальных стилях способствует расширения him to their hearts. Part of Elvis’s
кругозора учащихся. Во время обсуждения appeal was that he was a mass of
учащиеся усваивают элементарные правила contradictions. He appeared shy and
этикета в общении, учатся внимательно polite, he sang gospel with true feelings,
слушать собеседника. he was a loving son of his mother, but he
3Цели урока: Учебные: -Активация was also an audacious youth who encouraged
употребления лексики и teenagers to rebel. Despite his polite,
лексико-грамматических конструкций; shy and humble image Elvis had a
-Обучение навыкам монологической и reputation for never turning a woman away
диалогической речи по теме:«Music Around from his door. He loved all the attention.
Us – Your Point of View» -Обучение навыкам To continue this talk about Elvis Presley
аудирования; -Обучение умению высказывать we invited two remarkable people: one is
своё мнение, давать оценку происходящим Mrs. Parker from Harvard University and
событиям. Воспитательные: -Воспитание another one is Mrs. Jones from Oxford
интереса к культуре и истории других University. As far as I know Mrs. Parker
стран; -Воспитание интереса к изучению is a great fan of Elvis Presley. Let’s
иностранного языка; -Привитие речевого begin with you.
этикета; 13Mrs. Parker: Yes, that’s true. I think
4Самостоятельная работа на занятии: E P was a unique person. Otherwise people
-Выполнение текстовых заданий; wouldn’t call him the King of Rock'n'roll.
-Составление диалогов; -Составление своих Elvis woke up the whole generation His
вариантов проектов. Методы контроля: records were blockbusters, so were his
-индивидуальный; -текущий (ответы на concerts. He brought healthy sexuality to
вопросы преподавателя); -письменный music. When he started out he was all on
(тестовые задания). Межпредметные связи: - his own. It took time, energy, patience to
искусство; - история; - страноведение; say what he wanted to the world. He
5План урока. 1.Организационный метод. challenged us to change. He never cheated.
2.Ознакомление с темой и задачами урока. He always gave his best. When he died
3.Речевая зарядка по теме. 4.Выполнение 80,ooo people came to attend his funeral.
теста с использованием (отрывок о похоронах Э.П.) Radio and TV
лексико-грамматического материала по теме. programs all over the world interrupted to
5.Повторение лексического материала по inform people about his death. I have as a
теме: -прилагательные –ed and –ing proof a documentary film. You will see a
endings; -виды музыки. 6.Работа над record of his last concert. In six days he
диалогической речью: -составление диалогов died. Sweat streaming down his face as he
по образцу. 7.Работа по развитию навыков worked – you can see what looked fun and
аудирования и говорения: -прослушивание natural had turned into a job requiring
текста на кассету и заполнение таблицы; tremendous physical and mental effort. (
-прослушивание записи песни “Love Me запись песни “My Way”).
Tender” и составление высказывания. 14Mrs. Jones: I can’t agree with your
-Прослушивание двух точек зрения о statements. I think he was just a wild
творчестве Элвиса Пресли, просмотр performer who delighted American teenagers
видеосюжетов с записями его выступлений. and shocked their parents. In 1960s he
8.Работа над монологической речью: rarely appeared in public, I think Elvis
составление своей точки зрения о on stage was a maniac, swiveling,
творчестве певца. 9.Групповая работа: - wiggling, curling his lips. His style was
распределение на группы; - придумать totally primitive and audience reacted to
название группы; - составить интервью о it with shrieks, moans and groans as
творчестве рок или джаз группы; - написать though they were caught up in the ecstasy
статью об одном из выступлений группы. 10. of sex. This is the description of one of
Подведение итогов занятия. the concerts: “When Elvis walked on the
6MUSIC AROUND US – YOUR POINT OF VIEW. stage, everyone began to shout, stump and
1.Организационный момент. Объяснение темы shriek. Extra police were called - they
и целей урока. Music is part of our lives. had to stand by helplessly. Who can shut
It’s all around us. Every country in the up 3 thousand screaming teenagers? Some
world has its own special kind of music. girls fell on the floor. Some pulled their
Each kind of music is different and tells hair out of the root. Everyone seemed to
us about the place it comes from and the go mad”. (сюжет, как публика встречает
people who play and listen to it. The aim Э.П.).
of our lesson for today is to develop your 15Mrs. Parker: I want to remind you the
listening skills, the ability to discuss words of President Jimmy Carter: “He was
different points of view, to give your own the only king we ever had. E.P. was the
point of view, to revise some grammar king – the king of Rock'n'roll. He was a
material. superstar who had been at the top for
72.Лексическая зарядка: 1)Is music an twenty two years enchanting millions of
important part in your life? 2)Do you people. The entire nation mourns an idol.
often listen to music? 3)What makes it We have lost a friend. E.P. has changed
your favorite? 4)Do you listen to music at the face of American popular culture. He
the concerts? 5)Can you play any musical was unique an irreplaceable. Mrs. Jones:
instrument? 6)Is a special musical Then I want to remind you what school
training necessary to understand music? teachers, and not only they, told people
7)Are you a fun of any rock or pop group? about his performance. They said that E.P.
Why do you enjoy listening to it? 8)Who is was hurting the teenage generation with
your favorite musician? 9)What makes him / his erotic behavior in public. He was
her special to you? 10)We shall make a introducing to his young generation a new
short test just to warm you up on sexual freedom which was declared
prepositions, adjectives with –ed and –ing unhealthy and demoralizing. “Unfit Hero
endings, question tags. for Youth” – he was called by press.
83.Here is the list of adjectives. Can (сюжет, где осуждают Э.П.) That’s why Edd
you explain the difference in their Sullivan, who was a famous producer of TV
meanings? excited – showing feelings, shows, declared: ‘I don’t want him on my
enthusiasm exciting – stimulating, show. I don’t care what anyone says about
agitating relaxed – you feel calm, safe him – how great a talent he is – he just
relaxing – making you feel calm depressed won’t be on my show and that’s that”.
– you feel uneasy, sad, without hope 16Mrs. Parker: Yes, it always happens
depressing – pressing down, make you feel this way when we start something new. Not
sad moved – to be very excited moving – everybody likes it. By the way, in spite
affecting feelings annoyed – in aggressive of all his sayings Edd Sullivan had to
mood, angry annoying – irritating cheerful show Elvis due to his popularity. And he
– in a good mood cheering – encouraging had to recognize that Elvis was a decent
for doing something. young man. ( cюжет с Эддом Саливаном) As
95.Look at these different types of for his movement on the stage Elvis
music. What do you know about hem? What himself could never understand why there
type of music is most popular in your was a problem. He moved the way he did,
place now? rap, reggae, rock, gospel, because that was what seemed natural to
country, classical opera, jazz, pop, heavy him. “I don’t know what happens to me when
metal rap – is when a person talks I sing. I have to move my hands, feet,
rhythmically and continuously to musical knees, legs, my head – everything”. During
accompaniment. reggae – comes from Jamaica the filming of “Jailhouse Rock” a
in the Caribbean. It is called the music professional dancer Russ Tumblin gave him
of the poor, because the songs are about a few tips to sharpen up his dancing
the problems the people have. gospel – style. So you can enjoy watching him
religious music. country – is from dancing in the film. All the rest
America. Each song tells a story about performers are professional dancers. (
modern life, love, and feelings. classical сюжет Jailhouse Rock) I’m very sorry but
opera – classicism as a movement in art we are short of time. Thank you for coming
appeared in France in the 17th century. It to our program. It was very interesting to
is marked by the beauty of form good taste hear your opinions. завершающий сюжет. –
clarity and reserve. jazz – rhythmical выступление Э.П.
music. pop – production of light dance 1711. You are welcome to give your point
music, popular music of the day especially of view of E.P. creative work, whether it
for young people. rock’n’roll – music with is positive or negative. 12. Divide into
a very strong rhythm and simple tune. groups and imagine that you are performers
106. Look at different types of music in a rock or jazz band. Spend some time
and say how they make you feel: example: discussing the ideas about your band. Your
A: what makes you feel excited? B: group will need to produce: - a name for
listening to rock music. A: really? What the band - a newspaper article telling
else apart from listening to rock music readers about the band’s performance. - a
makes you feel excited? B: listening to letter from adoring fan. - an interview
country music. 7. Now, you will listen to with some of the band members. 13.
the tape recorder. You will hear three Подведение итогов.
different people talking about music they 18Благодарю за внимание.
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Music around us

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