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На африка 2 класс картинками

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1Public Health and GIS 590f: Computing 9health in Africa Feasible uses of GIS in
in the Developing World. Ruth Anderson health in Africa.
& Yaw Anokwa 1-17-07. 10Space and Disease. Disease
2Presentation Outline. GIS in health in Transmission Modes: TB & HIV - rely on
the developed world MARA (Mapping Malaria close human contact Malaria – mosquito
in Africa) Paper #1: GIS in health in flight distance Environmental Factors:
Africa Paper #2: GIS in Malaria in Climate – Malaria Social Environment –
Indonesia. HIV, TB.
3GIS in health in the Developed World? 11GIS Research in Africa. Malaria most
Improving Research Mapping Cancer data widely studied TB only a few uses (South
shows geographic trends -> links to Africa) could have a big role HIV one
environmental factors Targeting Resources study (HIV vs. accessibility to roads)
Lead Paint Screening in Indiana – target Difficulty obtaining data (stigma of HIV).
high risk housing types & 12GIS Work in Progress in Africa.
socioeconomic makeup Improving Community Inequalities in population per bed ratios
Programs Marketing Anti-Smoking or Cancer Fieldworker workload Measures of clinic
Screening Messages to most likely usage and interaction vs. distance
“customers” Initial Responses to traveled to attend Wealth vs. Health
Bioterrorism Location and inventories of outcomes Clinic access and Maternal &
supplies& trained personal. child health.
4Malaria in Africa. The Unknowns: Maps 13GIS Trends. GIS: tool-> science
of Severity and Risk Unreliable records of Analogy to Epidemiology in the 1970’s
death and sickness Which populations are Computer Hardware is cheaper &
exposed to risk How to allocate limited powerful Software has improved user
resources for control of Malaria? friendly, standard data formats,
5MARA Project. Atlas of Malaria in inexpensive software GPS units: cheaper
Africa http://www.mara.org.za/ and more accurate more projects will tend
http://www.mara.org.za/mapsinfo.htm. to collect geo data.
6The Application of Geographical 14Obstacles to GIS in health in Africa.
Information Systems to Important Public 1. Lack of Qualified Staff Pilot or
Health Problems in Africa. Tanser & le research projects vs. Operational systems
Sueur International Journal of Health Controlled by outsiders A: Develop
Geographics December 2002. capacity by developing African staff.
7Africa and Disease. Africa is hit hard 15Obstacles to GIS in health in Africa.
by Disease: HIV - leading cause of death 2. Lack of GIS data sets Difficult and
in Africa TB – leading infectious cause of expensive Decentralized and uncoordinated
death worldwide Malaria – 90% of world collection A: Pool Resources Establish
cases are in Africa. National Databases Forestry, Ecology,
8Disease and Geography. HIV - leading Archaeology, Epidemiology A: Sentinel
cause of death in Africa Prevalence of geo-referenced surveillance sites follow
STIs Human Migration from rural to urban up a designated population intensively
areas Intensified by natural disasters over time to illuminate small–scale
& conflicts TB – leading infectious patterns A: Remotely-sensed data sets e.g.
cause of death worldwide HIV infected mosquito habitat.
persons at higher risk Treatment is 16Obstacles to GIS in health in Africa.
cost-effective Malaria – 90% of world 3. Convincing Key Players of
cases are in Africa Armed conflicts, cost-effectiveness Analogy to
migrations of non-immune populations, Epidemiology.
climate patterns, socioeconomic patterns, 17Feasible uses of GIS in health in
nutritional status Holds back economic Africa. Research Tool High end GIS systems
growth <-> flourishes in Analytical functionality Health Planning
disadvantaged communities. and Management Tool Low end systems
9Paper Outline. Africa’s Health Overlay disease patterns and health
Priorities GIS Research in health in facilities Rapid manipulation for decision
Africa Trends in GIS Obstacles to GIS in making.
На африка 2 класс картинками.ppt
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На африка 2 класс картинками

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