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Hemingway – the Early Years
Hemingway – the Early Years
Hemingway – the Early Years
Hemingway – the Early Years
Hemingway – WWI
Hemingway – WWI
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На английском языке про эрнеста хемингуэя

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1Ernest Hemingway, WWI, and The Lost 13the Code Hero to represent these men Most
Generation. A Farewell to Arms English of Hemingway’s novels and stories focus on
11-2 AP English Language and Composition. the Code Hero’s attempt to find meaning in
2Hemingway – the Early Years. Born 1899 a meaningless world.
in Oak Park, Illinois Comfortable 14Hemingway’s Code Hero. English 11-2 AP
Childhood Middle Class Family Father was a English Language and Composition A
doctor, mother was a music enthusiast. Farewell to Arms.
3Hemingway – the Early Years. After 15The Code Hero. Hemingway focused his
high school (1914), attempted to enlist in novels around code heroes who struggle
the army Rejected on account of bad eye with the mixture of their tragic faults
sight Became a “cub reporter” for the and their surrounding environment.
Kansas City Star. 16The Code Hero. Traits of a typical
4Hemingway – WWI. In 1917 entered WWI Hemingway Code Hero are a love of good
Enlisted in the Italian Army as an times, stimulating surroundings, and
ambulance driver Critically wounded in the strict moral rules, including honesty. The
leg while serving on the Italian front. Code Hero always exhibits some form of
5Hemingway – WWI. Fall of 1918 spent at physical wound that serves as his tragic
Red Cross hospital in Milan Rumors of flaw and the weakness of his character.
romantic relationship with his nurse, 17The Code Hero. Hemingway defined the
Agnes von Kurowsky Returned to Italian Code Hero as "a man who lives
front by the spring. correctly, following the ideals of honor,
6Hemingway – WWI. While rescuing an courage and endurance in a world that is
Italian soldier, wounded by German mortar sometimes chaotic, often stressful, and
Over 270 pieces of shrapnel pierced his always painful."
leg Returned to the States as a decorated 18The Code Hero. The Code Hero measures
war hero, but lived a restless, himself by how well he handles the
disillusioned life. difficult situations that life throws at
7The Lost Generation. The Generation of him. In the end the Code Hero will always
1914 (WWI Generation) is often referred to lose because we are all mortal, but the
as the Lost Generation These men and women true measure is how he faces death.
volunteered to fight a war – the “Great 19The Code Hero. The Code Hero believes
War,” the “War to End All Wars” This war in "Nada," a Spanish word
promised glory and honor. meaning nothing. The Nada Principle
8The Lost Generation. Past wars were questions the existence of an afterlife –
Romantic: hand-to-hand combat, man vs. man Death will bring utter darkness. If there
Survival was determined by the strength of is no life after death, then life becomes
the individual WWI destroyed these ideals. meaningless.
9The Lost Generation. Trench warfare, 20The Code Hero. The Code Hero is
mortars, grenades, and poison gas replaced typically individualistic and free-willed.
the traditional modes of fighting Soldiers Although he believes in the ideals of
rarely saw their enemy Many killed without courage and honor, he has his own set of
a chance to fight The strength of the morals and principles based on his beliefs
individual became meaningless. in honor, courage and endurance.
10The Lost Generation. Faith in God was 21The Code Hero. A Code Hero never shows
called into question Prayers served no use emotions; showing emotions and having a
Men died without warning, and faith could commitment to women shows weakness.
not save them Shell-shock (PTSD) was the Qualities such as bravery,
legacy of the survivors. adventurousness, and love for travel also
11The Lost Generation. Nothing held define the Code Hero.
meaning for these survivors Belief in 22The Code Hero. A final trait of the
themselves failed them Belief in God Code Hero is his dislike of the dark. It
failed them They led disillusioned lives. symbolizes death and is a source of fear
12The Lost Generation. Hemingway for him (Nada Principle).
belonged to this generation They led 23The Code Hero. The rite of manhood for
restless lives in search of anything the Code Hero is facing death. However,
meaningful They often succumbed to drugs once he faces death bravely and becomes a
or alcohol to escape their depression, or man, he must continue the struggle,
sought out adventures to give life some constantly proving himself in order to
temporary meaning. retain his manhood.
13The Lost Generation. Hemingway created
На английском языке про эрнеста хемингуэя.ppt
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На английском языке про эрнеста хемингуэя

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