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Картинки из презентации «OGP STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING Berlin, Germany» к уроку английского языка на тему «Без темы»

Автор: melnikov. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «OGP STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING Berlin, Germany.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 455 КБ.


содержание презентации «OGP STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING Berlin, Germany.ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1OGP STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING 18ISO 13706:2005. PNGI-- Air-cooled heat
Berlin, Germany. 3.02.2009 Presentation of exchangers. ISO 13704:2007. PNGI--
TC 23: current events and the agenda of Calculation of heater-tube thickness in
the coming years V.V.Vernikovsky, petroleum refineries. ISO 13533:2001.
executive secretary of TC23. PNGI-- Drilling and production equipment
2Contents of the presentation. Current -- Drill-through equipment. ISO
events in TC 23 Perspectives of 13534:2000. PNGI-- Drilling and production
garmonisation. equipment -- Inspection, maintenance,
3Two years experience of planning the repair and remanufacture of hoisting
national standards’ development Forming of equipment.
capable management system for national 19Decision of the Volgograd Conference -
standards development in TC Formation of 2008. To create the program of the
SC – interaction with companies, forming harmonization of the national standards on
Working groups. The main totals of work in the base of the ISO standards for the
2007-2009. period of 2015.
4Reconstruction of TC 23. 20Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
Rostechregulirovanie adopted new Recommended standards. 2 parts of the
decisions: To cancel the national TC on program: Standards for Offshore
main pipeline transportation To organize Exploration, Development and Production
two new subcommittees in TC 23: Main Total – 20 items Standards on materials
pipeline transportation of oil (on base of and equipment for oil & gas industries
JSC TRANSNEFT) Main pipeline Total 50 items.
transportation of gas (on base of JSC 21Program of harmonisation – 2010 - 2015
GAZPROM). Offshore Exploration, Development and
5Realization of plan-2008 on national Production. ISO/DIS 19906. Arctic offshore
standards development. Subcommittee structures. 2009 - 22010. ISO 10418:2003.
«Industry-wide regulations and rules» (JSC Offshore production installations --
Gazprom) The national standard «Processing Analysis, design, installation and testing
of natural gas. Terms and definitions» on of basic surface process safety systems.
the stage of Committee draft. 2009 - 22010. ISO 13628-1-4:2005. Design
6Realization of plan 2008 on national and operation of subsea production
standards development. Subcommittee systems. 2009 - 2010. ISO 13628-5-10:2005.
«Natural gas production» (JSC Gazprom) 2 Design and operation of subsea production
drafts of national standards: 1. systems. 2010. ISO 19902. Fixed steel
Exploration project of gas and gaseous offshore structures. 2010. ISO 19903:2006.
condensate fields. Technical requirements Fixed concrete offshore structures. 2011.
to project documents. 2. Exploration of 22Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
Gas and gaseous condensates’ fields. Offshore Exploration, Development and
Technical requirements to engineering Production (cont.). ISO 19904-1-2.
processes are on the stage of Committee Floating offshore structures. 2011. ISO/CD
draft. 19905-1. Site-specific assessment of
7Subcommittee «Gas distribution and mobile offshore units -- Part 1: Jack-ups.
using of gas» (JSC Gazprom) There are 8 2011. ISO 13702:1999 . Control and
national standards on the stage of mitigation of fires and explosions on
Committee draft. Realization of plan 2008 offshore production installations --
on national standards development. Requirements and guidelines. 2012. ISO
8Realization of plan 2008 on national 14224:2006 . Collection and exchange of
standards development. Subcommittee reliability and maintenance data for
«Subsea oil and gas production» (LUKOIL). equipment. 2012. ISO 15544:2000.
Draft of standards. Customer. Performer. Requirements and guidelines for emergency
Petroleum and natural gas industries -- response. 2012. ISO 20815:2008 .
General requirements for offshore Production assurance and reliability
structures. ISO 19900:2002. LUKOIL. LC management. 2012.
«VNIIGAZ». Submarine pipeline systems. 23Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
General technical requirements. PC Standards on materials and equipment for
«GAZPROM». LC «VNIIGAZ». Petroleum and oil & gas industries. 2010. ISO
natural gas industries -- Design and 10407:1993 . Drilling and production
installation of piping systems on offshore equipment -- Drill stem design and
production platforms. ISO operating limits. ISO 10424-1,2. Petroleum
13703:2000/Cor.1:2002. Rosneft. LC and natural gas industries -- Rotary
“KREINSHELF" drilling equipment. ISO 10431:1993 .
9Subcommittee «Materials, equipments Pumping units. ISO 10428:1993. Sucker rods
for natural gas and oil industry» (pony rods, polished rods, couplings and
(Producers of oil and gas equipments sub-couplings). ISO 15136-1,2. Downhole
Union) 13 projects of national standards, equipment for petroleum and natural gas
including 9 projects on the base of ISO industries -- Progressing cavity pump
standards. Realization of plan 2008 on systems for artificial lift. ISO
national standards development. 10439:2002. Centrifugal compressors.
10Observation of garmonisation of the 24Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
national sts on base of ISO sts - 2008. Standards on materials and equipment for
ISO 15547-1:2005. PNGI -- Plate-type heat oil & gas industries. 2010 (cont.).
exchangers -- Part 1: Plate-and-frame heat ISO 10440-1, 2. Rotary-type
exchangers. ISO 13535:2000. PNGI -- positive-displacement compressors. ISO
Drilling and production equipment -- 10442:2002. Packaged, integrally geared
Hoisting equipment. ISO 10423:2003. PNGI centrifugal air compressors. ISO
-- Drilling and production equipment -- 17078-1:2004. Drilling and production
Wellhead and christmas tree equipment. ISO equipment.
14693:2003. PNGI -- Drilling and 25Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
well-servicing equipment. ISO 16812:2007. Standards on materials and equipment for
PNGI -- Shell-and-tube heat exchangers. oil & gas industries. 2011. ISO
ISO 13707:2000. PNGI -- Reciprocating 15761:2002. Steel gate, globe and check
compressors. valves for sizes DN 100 and smaller, for
11Observation of garmonisation of the the petroleum and natural gas industries.
national sts on base of ISO sts (cont.). ISO 13709:2003. Centrifugal pumps for
ISO 13705:2006. PNGI -- Fired heaters for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas
general refinery service. ISO industries. ISO 10432:2004. Downhole
15156-1:2001. PNGI -- Materials for use in equipment -- Subsurface safety valve
H2S-containing environments in oil and gas equipment. ISO 10417:2004 . Subsurface
production -- Part 1: General principles safety valve systems -- Design,
for selection of cracking-resistant installation, operation and redress. ISO
materials. ISO 15156-2:2003. PNGI -- 13710:2004 . Reciprocating positive
Materials for use in H2S-containing displacement pumps. ISO 3977-5:2001. Gas
environments in oil and gas production -- turbines -- Procurement -- Part 5:
Part 2: Cracking-resistant carbon and low Applications for petroleum and natural gas
alloy steels, and the use of cast irons. industries.
12Financing of standards development in 26Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
2008. JSC «Gazprom» - 6 projects Standards on materials and equipment for
«Mezhregiongaz» - 8 projects JSC «LUKOIL» oil & gas industries. 2012. ISO
- 1 project JSC «Rosneft» - 1 project 10438-1,2,3,4. Lubrication, shaft-sealing
Federal budget – 12 projects Internal and control-oil systems and auxiliaries.
funds – 1 project. ISO 10414-1,2. Field testing of drilling
13Design of works on national fluids. ISO 21049:2004. Pumps -- Shaft
standardization 2009. Total quantity: 62 sealing systems for centrifugal and rotary
projects, including: SC 1 «Industry-wide pumps. ISO/CD 28781. Downhole equipment --
regulations and rules» - 15 SC 2 «Crude Subsurface tubing mounted formation
oil production» - 2 SC 3 «Natural gas barrier valves and related equipment. ISO
production» - 11 SC 4 «Gas distribution 10416:2008 . Drilling fluids -- Laboratory
and using of gas» - 6 SC 5 «Sub sea oil testing.
and gas production» - 11. 27Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
14Design of works on national Standards on materials and equipment for
standardization 2009. SC 6 «Materials and oil & gas industries. 2012 (cont.).
equipments» - 17 including: 9 drafts – ISO 13500:2008 . Drilling fluid materials
proposals of SC 6, 7 drafts – -- Specifications and tests. ISO
IrkutskNIIhimmash, standards complex on 13501:2005 . Drilling fluids -- Processing
pressure vessels and apparatuses. 1- systems evaluation. ISO 13503-1,2,3,4,5.
Science and production association Completion fluids and materials. ISO
“Drilling”. 14310:2008 . Downhole equipment -- Packers
15Program of standardization TC23-2009. and bridge plugs. ISO 10426-1,2,3,4,5,6.
Extraction and oil and gas refining– 22 Cements and materials for well cementing.
Equipment for oil and gas industry – 12 28Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
Equipment for processing – 8 Constructions Standards on materials and equipment for
of continental shelf – 11 Equipment for oil & gas industries. 2013. ISO
chemistry industry - 6. 3977-5:2001. Gas turbines -- Procurement
16Development of the national standards -- Part 5: Applications for petroleum and
in subcomittees. natural gas industries. ISO 14691:2008.
17Developing the national standards on Flexible couplings for mechanical power
the base of the ISO standards - 2009. transmission -- General-purpose
Subcommittee «Subsea oil and gas applications. ISO 10441:2007. Flexible
production» - 7 items. ISO 13628-1:2005. couplings for mechanical power
PNGI-- Design and operation of subsea transmission -- Special-purpose
production systems -- Part 1: General applications. ISO/CD 21457. Materials
requirements and recommendations. ISO selection and corrosion control for oil
13628-2:2006. Part 2: Unbonded flexible and gas production systems. ISO/FDIS
pipe systems for subsea and marine 23936-1. Non-metallic materials in contact
applications. ISO 13628-3:2000. Part 3: with media related to oil and gas
Through flowline (TFL) systems. ISO production -- Part 1: Thermoplastics.
13628-4:1999. Part 4: Subsea wellhead and 29Program of harmonization – 2010 - 2015
tree equipment. ISO 20815:2008. PNGI-- Standards on materials and equipment for
Production assurance and reliability oil & gas industries. 2013 (cont.).
management. ISO 19906. PNGI-- Arctic ISO 13691:2001 . High-speed
offshore structures. ISO 10418:2003. special-purpose gear units. ISO/DIS 17824
PNGI-- Offshore production installations . Downhole equipment -- Sand-control
-- Analysis, design, installation and screens. ISO 16070:2005. Downhole
testing of basic surface process safety equipment -- Lock mandrels and landing
systems. nipples. ISO 10434:2004 . Bolted bonnet
18Developing the national standards on steel gate valves for the petroleum,
the base of the ISO standards – 2009 petrochemical and allied industries.
(cont.). Subcommittee «Materials, 30Web-site TC 23 www.tksneftegaz.ru.
equipments for natural gas and oil 31OGP STANDARDS COMMITTEE MEETING
industry» - 6 items. PNGI-- Aluminium Berlin, Germany. 3.02.2009 Presentation of
alloy pipe for use as tubing for wells. TC 23: current events and the agenda of
ISO 15546:2007. PNGI-- Aluminium alloy the coming years V.V.Vernikovsky,
drill pipe. ISO. ISO 13631:2002. PNGI-- executive secretary of TC23.
Packaged reciprocating gas compressors.
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