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Over the Top Under the Hood OTT Video over IP

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1Over the Top/Under the Hood OTT Video 12Media Player Basic remote and Interface
over IP. Mayumi Hirtzel, University of 720p (later models go to 1080p) Most
Pennsylvania AHECTA 2011 June 23, 2011 - output options (HDMI, S-video, Composite,
Tampa, FL. Component; Optical); basic cables provided
2Overview. Introduction Questions? Mid-range “Channel” options Netflix, Hulu
Perspectives? (A little) Background about Plus, NHL, MLB, Amazon video Pandora,
Penn and PVN Why we chose an OTT solution iTunes Higher-ed-specific (see TelVue).
So, what is “OTT”? “And what makes you 13OTT Baseline Comparison. AppleTV.
qualified to talk about it?” OTT Examples Boxee. Roku. Wired. Wireless. Outputs. #
(Hardware and Interface) Specifics of each of Apps. Home Networking. Resolution.
option Quality Comparison Findings at Pricepoint. X. X. X. X. X. X. HDMI;
Penn. Optical. HDMI; Optical. HDMI, S-video,
3Video over IP. How many of you offer Composite, Component; Optical. Lowest.
video over IP (streaming, on-demand Highest. Mid-range. X. X. N/A. 720p.
capacity) on your campus broadband 1080p/i. 720p (1080p). ~$99. $150.
Ethernet network? How many of you have a ~$80-$130.
broadband Ethernet network? 14OTT Biased Comparison. +. +. -.
4How, When, With What. Even if you AppleTV. Boxee. Roku. Hardware. Interface.
don’t have “on-demand, video over IP” as a Picture quality. Ease of setup. Home
service, students are using your network Networking. Recommendation. No HDMI cable?
to watch TV, movies, and more: How they Really? Annoying design. Bare bones.
want to watch it When they want to watch Pretty, but unintuitive. So. Many. Apps!
it With the device of their choosing. Remote keyboard unhelpful. Boring. Best.
5PennNet and PVN. PennNet: Penn Good. Better. Good. Better. Best. Personal
Internet access Wired Ethernet 10Mbs to Preference. Personal Preference. Personal
wallplate (throttled) Wireless issues Penn Preference.
Video Network HFC distribution network on 15Did You Just Waste My Time? All OTTs
campus (ca 1994) ~8000 drops / ~60 specializing in digital media reception
channels / 550MHz Yes to Digital and some and streaming do essentially the same
HD (QAM). thing AppleTV, Boxee, Chumby, GoogleTV,
6Why OTT at Penn? Past “failures” Orb, PS3, Roku, Wii, XBOX 360 … ! Which
Inuk/Internet 2 project No clear winner in one best matches your - or your students’
IP Video for us After 2 years… Why - needs and wants?
duplicate existing service? Cable TV 16Penn Findings. No noticeable blips on
already successful Supplemental lineup network No control group or testing Needed
more appealing “Who wants it?”. to educate students about registration Not
7Over the Top. (In this case) Set-top exactly as easy as “plug-and-play” Same as
box designed for media display using an any other Internet device Largest
Internet network input for data/packet percentage of registered “peripheral”
retrieval Three examples: AppleTV (Apple) Internet devices (not computers) was XBOX
Boxee Box (D-Link) Roku HD (Roku). 360 @ 30%.
8Long Walks and Cute Animals. Not an 17All About the Benjamins. …and the
engineer! TV-watching habits I like TV! Benitas! Students want what they want:
(But not so much “live”) Media saturation What’s in the box, not the box itself!
from multiple sources Laptop, smartphone, Students don’t think, “I want to watch
game systems, TV (sort of) Opinionated. Showtime tonight!” They think, “I want to
Cheap. Impatient. Me ~ Average student watch ‘Dexter’ tonight!”.
viewer? 18K.I.S.S. Penn opted for a solution
9Little Bit o’This, Little Bit o’That. that was extremely low-cost - for us, and
AppleTV v. Boxee v. Roku Comparison and for them - with OTT recommendations Mom
Findings Connection/Output options All and Dad already have Comcast, Time Warner,
wired connections Hardware design Ease of FiOS, Dish, DirecTV at home - many are
use Get ready for some personal bias! also available to students (remotely)
10AppleTV. Slick design and user Education issue HBO Go very successful
interface Link to your Apple everything example Talk to your vendors about
(iTunes, iMovie, etc.) Fair number of on-demand options.
media apps (Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, 19What is the Answer? IP Video is the
iTunes); also rental/purchase HDMI out future … … But how far away? Over IP? In
(rassa-frassa-! No Cable Provided?!); “The Cloud?” Existing OTT services are a
Optical out 720p No enterprise wireless. stop-gap solution No clear “winner” in the
11Boxee Box. Odd design / Big Keyboard race of which service is best If you want
remote HDMI out (cable provided); Optical to take a cautious approach to Video over
out 1080p and 1080i Many, many apps / IP, OTT is one way to do it.
channels Favor “freebies” like YouTube, 20Q & A / Hands-On. Mayumi Hirtzel
TED, Khan Academy Essentially designed to hirtzel@isc.upenn.edu @ the AHECTA booth
replace PC running Boxee software. in the Exhibit Hall.
12Roku HD. Functional design - Streaming
Over the Top Under the Hood OTT Video over IP.ppt
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Over the Top Under the Hood OTT Video over IP

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