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Reflection continued
Reflection continued
Samples and Websites
Samples and Websites
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Personal Career Portfolios

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1Personal Career Portfolios. Ms. 9of family Trophies, badges, crests,
Lapointe Career Counsellor. certificates Training Participation in an
2Definition. Port – to move Folio – ethnic or cultural organization Faith
papers or artifacts A portable collection development Strengths Abilities.
of papers/artifacts presented in a variety 10SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS Grade 9. Career
of formats Hardcopy, electronic and web Development Plan Sheet Graduation
based. Checklist 2 school projects TOKW Goals
3What is a Career Portfolio? Like a Values Skills. Title page (Personal Career
Wallet: it is a place where you keep your Portfolio) Table of Contents need an
prized possession and what is important to INTRODUCATION section among others
you. Documentation that describes you and Volunteer section for practicum
your capabilities. Prove that you possess Professional & Neat look good no
the skills and abilities. spelling errors Letter of Reference.
4Why should you bother making a 11Reflect. Reflection is a lifelong
portfolio? Personal development – Self process. It helps you look at what you
Assessment Skill Development Career have done, analyze your results, measure
exploration Further education and training your successes and adjust your conduct in
For marks/Class requirement. the future. You did this naturally when
5continued. Workplace Career you were a small child discovering how the
Development Life long process Demonstrate world worked. Reflect part allows you to
concrete proof of skills and learning ask yourself questions about the learning
Self-evaluation tool Essential tool for connected to the portfolio item. For
the new worker. Marketing and example: What have I learned? What have I
self-promotional tool Assist in transition noticed What would I do differently? What
Credit (class and grad) Tool used to track strengths and weaknesses are shown in this
and record learning experiences (skills, item? How does what I am doing affect my
jobs, school, life) Interviews. future choices?
6A Portfolio Can Help Answer These 12Reflection continued. For most items
Questions: Employer/other: Tell me about included in your portfolio you will need
yourself? Why should we hire you? Why do to provide a reflection/justification. Why
you think you are qualified for this job? did you include it? Why is it important?
Why should we grant you a What did you learn?
scholarship/award? Self What do I want to 13SKILLS. Handout conference board of
do next? What are my strengths? What am I Canada and skills sheet Destination 2020
proud of? What am I interested in? Hopes, Strength sheet SKILLS: Job Specific,
Dreams, Goals! Transferable, Self Management.
7Steps involved in developing a PCP. 14How to create your own sheets?
Collect Select Reflect TIME and EFFORT – Microsoft publisher Clip
take pride in this opportunity! art/borders/colours Word.
8What should you do first? Listen to 15Portfolio Plan. Grade 9 Career
this presentation and follow the Guidance 90 Grade 10 Christian Ethics 10
instructions Binder, sheet protectors, Grade 11 English 20 or Christian Ethics 20
dividers that work Then COLLECT. Grade 12 Christian Ethics 30.
9What should you collect? Transcript GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!
Attendance record Resume Certificate from 16Things to remember: Order Minimum of
school Letters of recommendation An essay, twenty items Continuous project (don’t
report or article TOKW Picture of a team lose it and continue to develop your
you were on A poem, quote, book that portfolio).
represents a value or belief that is 17Vanier Portfolio Plan. Grade 10
important to you A picture of a project or Resume/Cover Letter, My Story Grade 11
plaque List of skills and how they were Career Report Electronic Portfolio Grade
achieved Brief description of courses 12 Actual Interview with Portfolio The
taken Short and long term goals. Report Beginning/Your Future Work force,
cards Personal Career Development Plan post-secondary education, personal and
Personal Interest Inventories professional development.
Documentation of membership in a club 18Samples and Websites. Pursueonline
Extracurricular awards (swimming, scouts, Math Curriculum Information.
etc) Picture or video of a completed 19THANK YOU. ROOM 221
report First Aid/Babysitting/etc. Picture Christa.lapointe@htcsd.ca.
Personal Career Portfolios.ppt
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Personal Career Portfolios

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