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Personal Software Process Overview

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1Personal Software Process Overview. 18Handling Missed Commitments. Don’t
CIS 376 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn. just give up trying Check with an
2Process Improvement. 1. Define the independent expert for alternative
quality goal 2. Measure product quality 3. strategies to meet the commitment Consider
Understand the process 4. Adjust the adding resources to project Look for
process 5. Use the adjusted process 6. smarter ways to do the design Waiting
Measure the results 7. Compare results to until the last minute to recognize the
goal 8.Go to step 4 and continue problem always leads to disaster.
improvements. 19Consequences of Failing to Manage
3These notes are based on: Introduction Commitments. Work required exceeds time
to the Personal Software Process Watts S. available Failure to meet commitments
Humphrey Addison-Wesley Longman (1997). Misplaced priorities Poor quality work
4Logic of Time Management. You will Loss of trust Loss of respect for your
likely spend your time this week the same judgement.
way you did last week You have to track 20Project Management. If you are falling
the way you spend time to allow for behind, your schedule will continue to
planning You must compare your time slip unless you do something different
estimates and plans to what you actually Simply trying harder will not help You are
did You need to determine where your in trouble if you do not know how much of
previous plans were in error and correct a project is completed and how much
future planning To mange your time, you remains When you need luck to meet a
need to make a plan and follow your plan. commitment you will not get it When your
5Understanding How You Spend Time. estimates are wrong, they are most likely
Categorize your major activities Record to be too low Almost all changes involve
time spent in each major activity Record more work.
time in a standard way Keep the time data 21Managing Personal Schedules. Gantt
in a convenient place engineering notebook charts based on project check points or
include a table of contents used for milestones (e.g. completed activities)
planning and recording time. Tracking earned value (e.g. line graphs
6Tabular Time Recording Log Pages. Date showing estimated, projected, and actual
Start Time Stop Time Interruption Time completion times) MS Project type tools.
Delta Time (interruption time removed) 22Why are we doing all this? The quality
Activity Name Comments Completed Task of a software system is determined by the
(check box) Units of Work Completed. quality of its worst components. The
7Hints on Logging Time. Keep the quality of a software components is
engineering notebook with you at all times determined by the quality of its
When you forget to record a time, make an developer’s knowledge, discipline, and
estimate and write it down as soon as commitment. As software professionals you
possible Use a stop watch to time should now how to measure, track, and
interruptions Summarize your time analyze your own performance. You should
promptly. be able to learn from your past failures
8Period and Product Planning. Period and improve your personal practices.
Planning based on period of time (e.g. 23What is Personal Software Process?
week) details how time is spent during PSP0 You establish a measured performance
this period Product Planning based on an baseline PSP1 You make size, resource, and
activity (e.g. writing a program) products schedule plans PSP2 You practice defect
may be things like programs, documents, management and yield management PSP3 You
knowledge, or service provided Both are scale up PSP methods to larger projects.
important. 24PSP Overview - 2. PSP3 Cyclic
9Period Planning Using the Weekly development. PSP2.1 Design templates. PSP2
Activity Summary. Table with task names as Code reviews Design reviews. PSP1.1 Task
column headings and days/dates as the row planning Schedule planning. PSP1 Size
labels Table cells contain total time on estimating Test report. PSP0.1 Coding
that task for a given date Totals are standard Size measurement Process
computed for each row and column Summary improvement proposal (PIP). PSP0 Current
table is computed for current week and process Time recording Defect recording
compared to summary table for previous Defect type standard.
week. 25The CMM and the PSP - 2. 5. 4. 3. 2.
10Weekly Summary Table. 1. *PSP key process areas. Level 1. Level
11Product Plan Components. Estimated 5: Process change management* Technology
size of the product Important features of innovation* Defect prevention*. Level 4
product Time estimates for the required Quality management* Process measurement
work Projected schedule Note: Small jobs and analysis*. Level 3 Peer reviews*
do not require plans that are as Intergroup coordination Software product
sophisticated as large jobs. engineering* Integrated software
12Job Number Log. Rows are organized for management* Training program Organization
each project task (not by date) Columns process definition* Organization process
Date Process Estimated: Time and Units focus*. Level 2 Software configuration
(based on past experience) Actual: Time, management Software quality assurance
Units, and Production Rate To Date: Time, Software subcontract management Software
Units, Production Rate, Minimum Production project tracking and oversight* Software
Rate, and Maximum Production Rate. project planning* Requirements management.
13Elements of Time Management. Decide 26PSP0 Process. A simple defined
how you want to spend your time Make a personal process Uses your current design
time budget Track the way you spend your and development methods You need to gather
time Decide what changes to make in your data on: time spent by phase defects found
time budget Make your actions agree with in by compile and test Prepare a summary
your time budget. report.
14Managing Variable Time. Determine your 27PSP0 Process Elements. Process script
highest priority items Determine the Project plan summary form Time recording
deadlines for specific tasks Identify log Defect reporting log Defect type
activities that you want to do as soon as standard.
you have time to do them. 28Defect Recording Log. Defect type
15Managing Commitments. Personal Phase in which defect was injected (best
commitments are viewed as being voluntary guess) Phase in which defect was found and
Contractual commitments involve two repaired Time to fix defect If defect was
parties agreeing on an action and a time injected during repair of another defect
frame True commitments involve explicit (e.g. fix defect) what fix was it (best
and voluntary agreement between two or guess) Note: A defect is any thing that
more parties. must be changed for the program to be
16Agreements Required. What will be done properly developed, enhanced, or used.
Who will do it When it will be done 29PSP Standard Defect Types.
Compensation or other consideration to be Documentation Syntax Build or package
given upon completion Who is to provide Assignment Interface. Checking Data
the compensation. Function System Environment.
17Managing Commitments. Analyze the job 30PSP Higher Level Processes. You must
before agreeing to the commitment Support be operating at PSP0 to begin to move up
the commitment with a plan Document the We discussed the most project planning
agreement If you are unable to complete issues for PSP1 in CIS 375 PSP2 is
your commitment, notify all affected concerned with defect and yield management
parties promptly and try to minimize the (our focus for the next 3 weeks from
impact of your failure to complete your Sommerville).
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Personal Software Process Overview

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