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Ex.35 p.45Helps to find animals to their homes. Example: The eagle lives in the mountains. desert. ocean. eagle. sea. sea. river. mountains. dolphin. camel. whale. snake. crocodile.

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«Endangered animals» - The polar bear became the symbol of the first casualties, losing their habitat due to climate change. Bluefin tuna. Magelansky penguin. Scientists suggest that in the wild there are about 1600 species. Monarch butterfly. Bluefin tuna - a large migratory fish in the western and eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean.

«The animals» - DOLPHIN. ZEBRA. TIGER. PENGUIN. LIZARD. FOX. SEAL. The animals which live in the OCEAN. POLAR BEAR. The animals which live in the desert. WOMBAT. SQUIRREL. EMU. SEA-HORSE. GORILLA. SNAKE. The animals which live in Australia. BISON. The animals which live in the rainforest and tropics. CAMEL. The animals which live in a SAVANNA.

«Kinds of animals» - tiger. cow. dog kitten horse calf lamb sheep bear-cub. Домашние животные. kitten. It is a friend of man. This animal red, in fairy tales she is a cunning. Тигр - tiger тигренок - tiger-cub. Вставьте пропущенные буквы. Кошка - cat котенок - kitten. This pet medium sizes. Соотнесите слова с картинками.

«Животные на английском языке» - nutria. turkey. Английский язык. ДОМАШНИЕ ЖИВОТНЫЕ и ПТИЦЫ. geese. goat. horse. pig. rabbit. sheep. cow. hen.

«Белка» - The ears are long, with brushes, especially pronounced in winter. Убежища обыкновенная белка устраивает только на деревьях. Asylum, squirrel suit only on trees. Protein is a lively, agile animal. Nest(гнездо). Love the mature plantings-t?mnohvojnye kedrovniki, groves, pihta?i. Prehensile toes with sharp claws.

«Animals names» - b...rds. c...w. p...ppy. ...heep. h...re. Тренажёр «Вставь пропущенную букву". be...r. co...k. Animals.


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