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In the world оf idioms
In the world оf idioms
What are idioms
What are idioms
What are idioms
What are idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Classification of idioms
Animal kingdom
Animal kingdom
Animal kingdom
Animal kingdom
Animal kingdom
Animal kingdom
Thank you for attention
Thank you for attention
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1«In the world оf idioms». Выполнила: 10the woman fall down during the race other
ученица 10 Б класса МБОУ « БСОШ№1» she had tried so hard.
Каштанова Надежда Научный руководитель: 11Investigation. 1. How many idioms do
учитель английского языка Югаметова Ф.Р. you know? 2. How often do you use idioms?
2Introduction: Any language has a lot 3. Do you think that idioms enrich the
of idioms. Idiomatic expressions are a English language?
vital component of the language. They 12The comparison of English, Russian and
reflect mentality and culture of the Chuvash idioms. Чувашский вариант.
people. If we take Russian language we Английский вариант. Русский вариант. A
will also find out a great number of friend in need is a friend indeed. Друзья
idioms, like “has remained with a nose”, познаются в беде. Юлташ лай?хи инкекре
“to sit in a pool”, “ate a dog” and so on. кур?нать. Agree like cats and dogs. Жить
All over the world free using idioms in как кошка с собакой. Кушакпа йыта пек
speech is a difficult problem for people. пур?на??? As you make your bed so you must
Idioms often cause serious difficulties lie on it. Что посеешь, то и пожнешь. М?н
even with people, who know English very акан ?авна выран. Better late then never.
well.. So, in my work I’ll try to get you Лучше поздно, чем никогда. Кая юлсан каю
to be interested in the beautiful world of ш?тать. A storm in a teacup. Буря в
idioms. I’ve realized the necessity of стакане воды. Стакан шыври ?им - т?в?л. It
knowing idioms and using them in our daily never rains but it pours. Беда не приходит
speech before starting my work. I studied одна. Хуйх? п?ччен ??ремест. Rain at
articles devoted to English, Russian and seven, fine at eleven. Семь пятниц на
Chuvash idioms, so the results of the неделе. Шух?ш? ?урхи шыв пек вылять. Lord
investigation you’ll see on the next helps those who help themselves. На бога
pages. надейся, а сам не плошай. Турра шан та,
3The actuality: In today's world of х?в та ан ?ыв?р.
communication, when people from different 13Differences. 1. Идиоматические
countries the opportunity to acquire a выражения русского языка Тематическая
large wide communion, it is necessary to группа «работа» является неоспоримым
know the originality of stylistics лидером среди русских пословиц. Это
language that we want to communicate. So, говорит о работоспособности и трудолюбии
idioms are a very important aspect in народа. Довольно большая часть русских
learning language - using idioms in daily идиом - на религиозную тему. Интересен тот
speech shows a high level of knowledge of факт, что в русском языке совсем не много
the language and it will enrich your идиом на тему денег. 2. Идиоматические
speech, make it more natural, expressive выражения английского языка Самой объемной
it will help you to communicate easier тематической группой идиоматических
with foreigners. выражений английского языка тема «Wealth»
4Aims: 1) to explore the world of («богатство») и «Work» («работа»). В
English, Russian and Chuvash idioms, to целом, английский народ можно
prove that we can use them in our everyday охарактеризовать, как в меру спокойный, но
speech 2) to analyze school textbooks and в то же время озабоченный финансовыми
show how to use idioms in practice. вопросами. Некоторые английские пословицы
5Tasks: 1) to demonstrate a variety of звучат довольно пессимистически. Также
them in our textbooks 2) to help other нужно отметить, что в английском языке
students to use idioms 3) to read and to немного идиом со словом «друг», «дружба»,
analyze the information on this topic; 4) что говорит о том, что отношения англичан
to make the presentation, which can be больше деловые. 3. Идиоматические
interesting to my classmates, teachers and выражения чувашского языка Самыми
all humans who are interested in learning объемными тематическими группами оказались
idioms; 5) to compare English, Russian and фразеологизмы со словами «Кам?л/душа»,
Chuvash idioms with those, used in modern «Намас/стыд, позор», «Самах, ч?лхе/слово,
pop songs. язык». Это характеризует чувашей как
6The practical use. The work can be душевный, отзывчивый народ, очень
used at the English, Russian and Chuvash заботящемся о своем честном имени.
lessons. It can help students to improve 14Similarities. Идиомы всех трех языков
their language also as an additional с компонентами «часть тела» обладают
material in improving speaking, reading, повышенным сходством. Этим они очень
listening skills, in reading literature in схожи. Также в английском, русском и
original and listening to music in чувашском языках встречается множество
English. аналогичных идиом. Например: - It is
7What are idioms? An idiom is a phrase better to be born lucky than rich -Не
or expression that has a meaning different родись красивой, а родись счастливой
from what the words suggest in their usual -Хитре х?р?н кун-?ул? яланах телейс?р
meaning. Idioms are very widespread in тене.
modern English language. We can divide all 15Conclusion. Analyzing the idioms I
idioms into different parts. They’re made some conclusions. English is a
everywhere around us. They can relate to language particularly rich in idioms.
music, books, school and different part of Without idioms English would lose much of
the body and so on. its variety and humor both in speech
8Classification of idioms. Idioms. writing. Studying idioms helps to
Weather. Animal kingdom. Music School understand the culture and life of the
Beauty Books Time Home Love Colors. peoples. Similarly, an element of language
Relationship. Parts of the body. Food. is that many important events are recorded
Crime. Abilities. in the phraseology: everyday life, sports
9Music. Books. Music to my ears = good and cultural events. On the example
news, information that makes someone considered idioms can imagine how diverse
happy. Н-р: When my boss told me about my and expressive idioms Russian, English and
job it was music to my ears. Have one’s Chuvash languages??, how they are similar
nose in a book = to be reading a book; to and different from each other. I think
read books all the time. Н-р: Every time I having a rich vocabulary of idioms, you
see him, he has his nose in a book. can not only understand stylistics,
10Animal kingdom. Busy as a bee =works emotion of language but you also will
like a bee. Colors. Parts of the body. enrich your speech and make your
Green with envy = a person is jealous. intercourse easier with foreign students
Break one’s heart = make very sad or and friends.
hopeless. Н-р: It broke my heart to see 16Thank you for attention!
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По английскому языку на jobs around us

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