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Пойнт печать слайда без обрезки

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1DICOM explained in the context of 18VR: 0010,0010 10 Smith^John.
Structured Reporting. NEMA workshop, 19Example of a DICOM Message:
Washington DC March 29-30, 2000. Herman 20Sequences: VR =“SQ” Sequence contains
Oosterwijk, OTech Inc. zero or more items, which contains a set
herman@otechimg.com. of Data Elements Used to encode repeating
2Objective: To get a basic sets Accommodates multilevel nesting
understanding of DICOM services and (recursion) Explicit length SQ: value of
objects in the context of Structured bytes in length field Undefined length SQ:
Reporting: DICOM objects (IOD’s) DICOM requires flag in length field and SQ and
encoding: Data elements, VR, sequences, item delimiters (sppt rqd).
Codes DICOM exchange media. 21SR Example: *. contains. contains.
3Parts of the Standard: 1. Overview 2. contains. selected from. Document Root
Conformance 3. Information Objects 4. Node CONTAINER. Leaf Node CODE. has
Services Class Specifications 5. Data concept mod. " Chest X-ray. "
Structures and Semantics 6. Data (Document Title). " Views = PA and
Dictionary 7. Message Exchange. Lateral. " contains. contains.
4Parts of the Standard: 8. Network contains. Leaf Node IMAGE. Heading Node.
Support 9. Point to point 10. Media Content Node CODE. Heading Node.
Storage and File format 11. Media Storage CONTAINER. " Baseline. "
Application Profiles 12. Physical Media CONTAINER " Specific. " finding.
13. Point to point Print mgt 14. Greyscale = mass" " Conclusions. "
display function standard xx. Image Findings. " has properties.
Supplements!!! Content Node CODE. Content node SCOORD.
5DICOM key parts: Common Information Leaf Node NUM. " conclusion. =
Model Conformance claims to define probable. " best illustration of.
functionality: Matching is critical Roles: " =. " diameter. = 1.3 cm"
SCU/SCP Unique Identification of objects: malignancy" findings. " inferred
Each DICOM object is unique Documentation from. inferred from. Leaf Node IMAGE. Has.
tools such as Macros. obs context. Has. obs context. Has. obs
6Key DICOM concept==SOP Class (Service context. Content Node PNAME. Content Node
defn + Information Object Defn): DIMSE UIDREF. Content Node PNAME. "
-------------- C-Store Service Elt. Info Recording Observe. r =. " Study
Object----------- SR Object Defn (IOD). Instance UID of. "
SOP Class------------ C-Store SR. SOP Patient-Data-Acquisition.
Instance-------- C-Store Mrs. Smith SR. Smith^John^^Dr^" Evidence Directly
7Relationship between: Service Class Examined. Subject. =. Homer^Jane^^^"
Information Object Definition(IOD) DIMSE Relationship Modes. by RO. =
Service Elements Service Object Pair (SOP)" = By-value. =
Class. Service Elements: N-Create N-Set By-reference.
N-Get N-Delete N-Action N-Event-rep. 22SR Example:
C-Store C-Get C-Find C-Move C-Echo. 23Codes: SNOMED: Systematized
IOD-->Module-->Attrib. DCM 7. (=SOP Nomenclature for Human and Veterinary
Class). DCM 3. DCM 4. DCM 5,6. Medicine; maintained by College of
8Information Object Definition (IOD): American Pathologists (CAP); anatomic
IOD Description; i.e. what is the real identifiers, observations, etc. Requires
world object (Information Entities-IE) license fee LOINC: Logical Observation
that is represented. Can be one or more Identifiers, Names and Codes (LOINC);
IE’s (Composite, Normalized) Examples: measurements No license (free) CPT, ICD9:
Image IOD: Patient, Study, Equipment, Procedure Codes BI-RADS: Mammography
Image ----> Composite Patient IOD: 99SDM, SDM, DTMR.
Patient info ---->Normalized. 24Codes, Why?: Human language is not
9Information Object Definition (IOD): exact, many variations are possible: e.g.
IOD Entity-Relationship model; provide the Exam type is: Chest Thorax Chest PA/LAT
context (relationships) between the IE’s. chest.
This information model is critical! IOD 25Codes, where, how to encode: From CAP,
Module table; which modules provide the DUKE website, in supplements, eventually
attributes for the IOD Modules are defined in new DICOM Supplement 53. Encoding:
for “convenience reasons” (all patient Coding Scheme Version # Code Meaning
info together, all image info Optional Extended coding for context
together....) Modules contain Attributes information.
(Pat. name, etc.). 26Example from Digital X-Ray (DX) IOD:
10SR Information Model: Patient. 1. is. Makes extensive use of Coded data entries
the subject. of. 1,n. Study. 1. contains. using standard vocabulary: Instead of
1,n. 0,n. spatially. defines. Series. specifying “sagittal” for View Code, one
creates. 1,n. 1. 1. 1. Frame of Reference. specifies: Code Value : R-112300 Coding
Equipment. contains. 0,1. 0,n. 0,n. 0,n. Scheme : SNOMED Scheme Version: Version
Modality. Presentation. Curve. Image. LUT. 1.0 Meaning : Sagittal.
State. 0,1. 0,n. 0,n. 0,n. Stored. SR. VOI 27DICOM Services: Modality Worklist
LUT. Overlay. Print. Document. Management. Storage. Storage Commit.
11 Query/Retrieve. Print. Performed Procedure
12 Step. Verification. Information System.
13Module Definition: Attribute Name, MR.
Tag, Type, Description. 28Storage Service class (ctd): SCP level
14Value of data elements can belong to a of conformance: Level 0 (local): user
Set: Value Multiplicity: Defined Terms: defined subset will be stored only Level 1
Can be extended (e.g. Modality: CT,MR, ES, (base): Type 1 and 2 attributes will be
SR, etc.) Enumerated values: No stored, others may be discarded. SCP is
extensions, additions (e.g. Patient Sex: not required to validate the Attributes
M, F, O). More than one value, requires Level 2 (full): Type 1,2,3 will be stored
separator (e.g. Other Patient Names). SCP is not required to validate Attributes
15Type Designation: 1: Required (e.g. Patient ID, Study Instance UID and Series
pixel spacing) 1C: Required when condition Instance UID may be coerced (negotiated).
met (e.g. pixel aspect ratio) 2: Required, 29Waveforms: Why yet another way of
can be “0” if unknown (e.g. Patient Name, encapsulating waveforms ? Current
Accession number) 2C: Conditional (e.g. mechanisms are proprietary; timing seems
patient positioning) 3: Optional (e.g. ripe for standardization Relationship
Other Patient Name). between images and waveforms is key
16DICOM Part 5-6 Data set and Existing Curve specification in DICOM was
structures: Data Element Tag, Optional not sufficient.
Value Representation, Length, Value Field. 30Waveforms: Relate Images.
Data Elem. Data Elem. Data Elem. Data 31DICOM Media Specifications: Medical
Elem. Tag. VR. Value Length. Value Field. Imaging Application. DICOM Application
17Data set and structures (ctd): Tag: Entity. A. B. C. OSI Upper layer svc
Identifies Attribute Value representation boundary. DICOM File svc boundary. DCM
(VR): Groups similar attributes for Presn. OSI. 50 pin. TCP/IP. Media Format.
identification and definition purposes, Media Format. Media Format. Phys. Medium.
e.g.: Patient name, Physician name, Other Phys. Medium. Phys. Medium.
Patient names, etc.: VR is “PN” Birth 32DICOM Media Specifications (ctd):
date, Exam date, etc.: VR is “DA” VR DICOM Application Entity. Basic Dir.
syntaxes specified in part 5. Service / Object Pairs. DICOM File Format.
18Data set and structures (ctd): Media Formats: e.g. File data structures.
Implicit VR: Assumed based on tag Explicit Physical Media: e.g. CD-R; 90 mm MOD, etc.
VR: Explicitly specified Note: VR is part 10. part 11. part 12.
negotiated during association! Explicit 33FILE SET.
VR: 0010,0010 PN 10 Smith^John Implicit
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Пойнт печать слайда без обрезки

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