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Political Music Videos
Political Music Videos
Early Music Videos
Early Music Videos
2008 Election
2008 Election
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Political Music Videos

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1Political Music Videos. Brigette 7the video effective?
Proctor. 8Recent Music Videos. 2005 Get Ya
2Music and Politics. Music a major Hustle On, Juvenile Tribute to victims of
component of campaigns and elections Hurricane Katrina Shot in the rubble from
through Campaign Songs - John Quincy housing communities Makes strong political
Adams: Little Know Ye Who's Coming His statements: paper heads of Bush and Cheney
song warns of fire, slavery, pestilence with “Help is Coming” on the back Kids
and plague if Adams does not win the dress up as Bush and Cheney Sign reads
election over Andrew Jackson: “Fire's “2005 or 1905” Is this video effective?
a-comin', swords a-comin'/pistols, guns 9Recent Music Videos. 2007 What I’ve
and knives are comin'/...if John Quincy Done, Linkin Park Juxtaposition of ironies
not be comin'.” - FDR: Happy Days are Here World Trade Center towers collapsing Ku
Again (from the 1930 musical Chasing) Klux Klan footage Images of important
Roosevelt was the first President to pick historical figures including Abraham
a pre-existing song for his campaign, Lincoln, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro
handing the Democratic Party its Racism, nuclear war, starvation Is the
unofficial theme song for years to come - video effective?
John F. Kennedy: Kennedy for Me theme 102008 Election. Raisin’ McCain, John
song. Time Magazine online Rich Original anthem by country music star
http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages in support of John McCain McCain t-shirts
0,28757,1840981,00.html. and signs; American flag; special needs
3Early Music Videos. 1984 God Bless the person Hank Williams, Jr. The McCain-Palin
USA by Lee Greenwood Released in the wake Tradition. John Rich performing Raisin’
of the deep early 1980s recession and at McCain.
the beginning of Reagan’s 1984 re-election 112008 Election. 2008 Yes We Can,
campaign. Will.i.am Collage style video created from
4Early Music Videos. God Bless the USA Obama’s concession speech in the New
cont. “God Bless the USA” became that Hampshire primary Considered a viral
GOP’s theme song, and Greenwood sang it video: a video that gets widespread
during the Republican convention Its popularity through Internet sharing
popularity has surged anew first in 1991 Conservatives view the video as
during the Gulf War and later during the over-the-top and worshipful Emmy award for
Iraq War Shows values: family, flag, Best New Approaches in Daytime
freedom, liberty Democrats had a visceral Entertainment Guest appearances: Scarlet
reaction: Video reiterates values to Johansson, Herbie Hancock, Common, John
distract the lower class from Republicans Legend.
true economic interests. 122008 Election. 2008 We Are The Ones,
5Early Music Videos. 1989 Fight the Will.i.am and Zoe 2008 American Prayer,
Power by Public Enemy “Fight the Power!” Will.i.am (Barack Obama Music Video).
is the political statement of the group 13New Technology. Development of
Spike Lee produced and directed two music commercial editing programs and increasing
videos for the group 1st video featured Internet bandwidth has allowed everyday
various clips from the movie Do the Right citizens the means to create videos Free
Thing 2nd video is a simulation of a video-hosting sites such as YouTube.com
massive political rally in Brooklyn. and Hulu.com: provide sharing capabilities
6Early Music Videos. Fight the Power with other users allow for user-generated
cont. Video and song were a major hit for content Support and foster viral video.
black youth ? black power anthem Cameo by Harp, Dustin. “Programmed by the People:
Tawana Brawley - young black girl The Intersection of Political
allegedly raped by 6 white police officers Communication and the YouTube Generation.”
First hip hop video to feature ideas of Conference Papers -- International
political and historical importance MTV Communication Association; 2007 Annual
and VH1 did support the video Song not Meeting, pp1-23.
widely accepted: Older generations did not 14New Meaning. Political music videos
approve of Chuck D calling the March on take on a whole new meaning Videos now
Washington “nonsense” Both black and white seem to replace the enthusiasm achieved
radio stations refused to play the song. from campaign songs Raisin McCain and Yes
7Recent Music Videos. 2005 Wake Me Up We Can are music videos in support of one
When September Ends, Green Day Video particular candidate Most recent political
features the story of a teenage couple music videos are parodies or humorous
Highlights anti-war sentiment of US John.he.is Rainin’ McCain JibJab.com Obama
occupation in Iraq Song eventually became girl videos.
a tribute to Hurricane Katrina victims Is
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Political Music Videos

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