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Present simple and continuous

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1Present simple and continuous. 16I’ve painted the kitchen, and now I’m
2Present simple. Form: He/she/it works. doing the bathroom.) The continuous
I work. They work He doesn’t work. They expresses an activity over a period of
don’t work. Does he work? Do they work? time ( I’ve got paint in my hair because
Use: we use the present simple tense to: I’ve been decorating).
-give information about permanent 17Some verbs have the idea of a long
activities (Valentino makes luxury time, for example, wait, work, play, try,
chocolates.). learn, rain. These verbs are often found
3describe a state that doesn’t change: in the continuous. I’ve cut my finger.(one
(He looks like his father.) -talk about short action) I’ve been cutting
routine activities, repeated actions or firewood.(perhaps over several hours).
habits: (I often travel abroad on 18Some verbs don’t have the idea of a
business.) -some verbs are always used in long time, for example, find, start, buy,
the present simple (not with –ing): What die, lose, break, stop. Those verbs are
do you mean? I remember her name. more usually found in the simple. I’ve got
4Present continuous. Form: I am going. lost my passport.
He/she/it is going. They are going. I am 19Complete the sentences with the
not going. Am I going? Use: We use the correct verb form, Present Perfect Simple
present continuous to: -describe or Continuous : I ______ ( wait ) for you
activities in progress at the moment of for ages! Where have you been? I ______ (
speaking (She is talking to him on the break ) a glass. I’m awfully sorry. Wow!
phone right now.). Ou _____ ( make ) dinner! Let’s eat now.
5-describe temporary situations: (The She ______ ( sleep ) downstairs because
delegation is staying at the Hilton until she has broken her leg.
Friday.) - refer to future arrangements: 20We ______ ( look ) for a hotel for two
(He is starting a new job next week.) - hours! I’m exhausted! I ______ ( work )
describe changing situation: (We are all day, and I _____ ( not finish ) yet.
developing a new marketing strategy.). 21Company vocabulary. Subsidiary Profit
6Complete these sentences with either Turnover Head office Workforce. The money
the present simple or the present a company makes after taking away its
continuous. We normally _______ (hold) ous costs A company which is more than 50%
sales conference in Spain, but this year owned by a parent company The amount of
we _______ (hold) it in Poland. Although money a company receives from sales The
we ________ (use) our own sales employees The main building of a large
representative at the moment, we generally organisation.
_________ (use) agents in Japan. It 22vocabulary. Market share Share price.
normally _______ (take) us two years to The cost of a company’s shares The
develop a new product. percentages of sales a company has in a
7We don’t often ______ (raise) our particular market.
prices more than 5%, but this time we 23quiz. if you don’t like it, you can
__________ (raise) them 10%. Usually our _____ it and we’ll give you your money
Sales Director _________ (deal) with back one of the problems of online
important customers. We usually ________ sales:_____ when the customer is not at
(recruit) from within the company, but home a building for storing goods______
this time we _________ (advertise) another word for buy, or sth that’s
externally. bought.
8We _______ (rent) offices until our 24a reduction often expressed as
new headquarters are ready. The company percentage of the original price _______
________ (want) to achieve record sales we must _____ our customers the best
this year. products and services a buyer buys and a
9Present perfect simple and continuous. seller ______ if you don’t like it, you
10Present perfect - simple. Form : can _____ it for sth else of the same
I/you/we/they have worked he/she/it has value.
worked I/you/he/she/it/we/they haven’t 25sth you think is cheap in relation to
worked Have I/ you/ we/ they worked? Has its real value _____ when you send the
he/she/it worked? goods, you ship or ______ them money given
11Uses. Talk about actions that continue back to a customer who has returned goods
from the past to the present We have been _____ we don’t have any at the moment;
in this business for over 50 years. (we we’re out of _____.
are still in business) Talk about past 26General Approach to great ideas. An
events that have an impact in the present idea is a form (such as a thought) formed
Recently profits have fallen sharply by consciousness (including mind) through
because of strong competition. the process of ideation. In a popular
12Talk about life experiences He’s sense, an idea arises in a reflex,
worked in a number of different firms. spontaneous manner, even without thinking
She’s never had to lead a team before. (in or serious reflection , for example, when
her life up to now). we talk about the idea of a person or a
13Present perfect continuous. Form : place.
have/has + been + -ing She’s been studying 27No one way is going to work best for
for three years. They haven’t been working all ideas, but here's a general scheme to
here long. How long have they been living frame your efforts: Look at your idea.
here? Observe it from different perspectives and
14Use. An activity that began in the angles. Take your idea apart. Use
past and is continuing now. I’ve been different approaches. Try looking at each
studying English for three years? part as a separate idea. Add to/remove
Sometimes there is no difference between from your idea. Your idea should be
the simple and the continuous. The complete, but not overdone.
continuous can express a temporary 28Modify/Substitute parts. Find out
activity, while the simple expresses a which works best. Put the parts together.
permanent state. Use different designs and orderings.
15A past activity that has caused a Combine ideas together. In different ways.
present result I’ve been working all day. 29Use your idea. Adapt it for a special
(I’m tired now). purpose. Maybe some new ideas will occur
16Present perfect simple or continuous? to you.
The simple expresses a complited action (
Present simple and continuous.ppt
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Present simple and continuous

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