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Private Banking Customized Financial Planning
Private Banking Customized Financial Planning
Private Banking Customized Financial Planning
Private Banking Customized Financial Planning
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Private Banking Customized Financial Planning

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1Private Banking Customized Financial 13Director => Consultant agreement
Planning. For William Wyatt. “Preparing Employees to purchase the shares of any
for the Future”. partners who want to sell-out =>
2Presented by Dr. Kai Poetschke, MBA. Possibly could get increase in credit.
Economist and Journalist MBA: London 14Suggestion (3): Private Equity
School of Economics, PhD: New York Investor. Non-traditional low-cost source
University Worked for Bank of Scotland and of financing Adds discipline to management
Chase Manhattan Bank Moderator of own & possible expertise know-how More
TV-Show: “Your business is my business” contacts leading to new business
since 1967. opportunities & new clients More
3Excellence through Strength - An access to capital from existing creditors.
uncompromising attitude to quality. 15Suggestion (4) : Strategic
Founded in 1870, Deutsche Bank is Partnership. Raise additional capital
currently the largest financial Synergies Find a partner who could bring
institution in the world, with assets additional value to the firm: Example, a
exceeding USD 800 billion. ? a strength firm / partner who is strong in
that is able to reach around the world, distribution or marketing Strategic
identify opportunities and realize them partners – to consolidate with competitors
for the benefit of its clients. One of the (although you may get the lower value)
most highly rated banks in the world. Could possibly get increase in credit.
Pre-eminent reputation among world major 16Plastic Company: Retirement Plan.
banks, based on the strength and depth of 401(K) : Defined Contribution &
its business, on its innovative approach Defined Benefit Menu of portfolios to
to new opportunities, and on enduring choose from Deferred income tax: low tax
client relationships. bracket vs. current tax income Stock
4Relationships - Strong client Options.
partnerships. Our aim is to establish an 17Business: French Restaurant. A 50%
all encompassing financial plan with Co-Owner Earnings from restaurant: $10,000
expertise and care that addresses all per year Son: Chef & Manager. Would
issues With an appropriate wealth like to continue business Solution:
management strategy, the overall objective Limited partnership (Father), General
is wealth preservation and enhancement Partner (Son) with a management contract:
through a disciplined approach to I.e. Bonus Base or Fee Base (tax
investment, combining: 1. A thorough deductible) Son tax bracket: Low Gift from
understanding of your individual father: $10,000 worth of sharse of the
circumstances, income requirements, return restaurant per year (up to $650,000 tax
expectations, risk appetite and other exemption).
objectives. 2. A complete and detailed 18Personal Investments Asset Allocation
analysis on your personal business Recommendations.
including recommendation regarding 19Presented by Professor Dr. Sandra
succession planning, buy-outs, IPOs & Duncan. BSc Finance, MBA, JD, PhD (Tax
any other customized solutions. 3. Asset Efficient investments) Author of best
allocation and selection expertise that selling book “Damn it, Take Control of
reflects our client’s specific goals. 4. A Your Finances – How to legally pay no
well-established, prudent investment taxes”. 27 years of experience in
philosophy. 5. Strong emphasis on client structured investments with Goldman Sachs,
communication and reporting. Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank Associate
5Relationships - Strong client Professor of Tax planning New York
partnerships. Deutsche Bank Private University.
Banking is able to access a wide range of 20Personal Investment Used assets are
resources and expertise from its large not included. Is your current investment
global network within the Deutsche Bank asset allocation adequate? Cash
Group. Irrespective of location, the group Equivalents $ 57,000 (3.38%) Certificate
works closely together as a team in the of Deposit $ 100,000 (5.93%) U.S. Treasury
interests of the clients and as an Notes $ 175,000 (10.37%) Municipal Bonds $
integral part of Deutsche Bank Private 310,000 (18.38%) Large Cap U.S. Growth
Banking worldwide network. Deutsche Bank Stocks $ 285,000 (16.89%) Commercial Real
Private Banking brings to you Estate $ 375,000 (22.23%) French
professionals who have long and varied Restaurant $ 55,000 (3.26%) Stock in
experiences in private client work. Plastics Company $ 380,000 (22.53%).
6Added Value Services. Trust & 21Current Overall Asset Allocation.
Fiduciary Services - Deutsche Bank 22Recommendations I. Commercial real
International Trust Company Limited estate investment ties up too much capital
(DBITC), headquartered in Guernsey and ROE (Cash Flow) too low (7.7%) Suggestion:
with presences in DB’s regional private Refinance existing mortgage up to maximum
banking centers, provides trust, fiduciary allowed value Interest cost of mortgage is
and other related services to our private tax deductible Solution: Additional cash
clients. Confidentiality & Privacy are becomes available for investment in
key: Creditor Protection, efficient tax company.
planning Your Private Banker in Deutsche 23Current Financial Markets Asset
Bank can access and co-ordinate with the Allocation.
professionals at DBITC who have expertise 24Recommended Asset Allocation
in Trust and Estate Planning in order to Conservative – Balanced Portfolio.
safeguard your wealth and facilitate 25Recommendations II. Current financial
effective wealth conservation. US based market asset allocation is not balanced
Trust & Estate Planning incorporating enough! Goals: Capital Appreciation on
all aspects of US laws & regulations investments Restructure to a Balanced
are accessed through our local Trust Portfolio: 10% Cash/CDs, 40% Equities, 50%
experts in NY. Fixed Income Switch USD Large Cap Growth
7Key Issues to be addressed. Stock Portfolio to globally diversified
Businesses: Plastic Company & French Portfolio of Growth Stocks This allocation
Restaurant Personal Investments Personal should produce stable returns on a
Retirement Plans Insurance Estate risk-adjusted basis To reduce cash by
Planning. approximately 7% 2. Minimize taxes I.e.
8Businesses: (1) Plastic Company (2) The Gift-Tax Annual: tax exclusion of
French Restaurant. $10,000 (preferably to transfer to someone
9Presented by Dr. h.c. Joerg Sulimma, with a low tax bracket) Suggestion: Enable
Attorney. 75 years of experience as you to give $10,000 p.a. to each
international lawyer and tax advisor grandchild.
Financial and law degrees of the 26Trust Structures.
universities of Harvard, Capetown, 27Presented by Dr. Dr. HC Alexandra
Stockholm and Cuala Lumpur Over 150 Schulz, Chief Trust Officer. 29 Years of
publications in the main law and financial experience in Trust and Estate Planning
magazins of the world. Founder of Deutsche Bank’s Trust and
10Business Presented by Dr. Samantha Ho. Estate Planning Division BSC,
25 years of experience advising top-tier Astrophysics, MSc, Mathematics, PhD
clients on business related issues Financial Planning M.I.T and Stanford
Articles published in Leading Wealth University Voted “Best Financial Advisor”,
Management Journals B.S. Finance: Boston Global Financial Advisors Guild 1998.
University MBA: Wharton Business School 28Presented by Dottore Filippo Pignatti
PhD in Philosophy & Political Science: Morano di Custoza. Economist, MBA and PhD
Harvard University. at University of Palermo Long time
11Business 1 : Plastic Company Liquidity Specialist in Italian and Austrian
Planning / Re-capitalizing. Main economies Worked for NatWest Bank, Banco
objective: More access to capital & di Italia, Banco Santander, National
aggressive business plan & to grow the Westminster Bank and Banco di Palermo,
business 4 partners with equal share One Banca Criminale Organizato Di Italia
partner is looking to sell Strong cash President of the Italian Communist Party,
position : $2 million EBIT Possible candidate for the presidential elections
Solutions for partner to : Buy-Sell in the year 2000.
Agreement (using Insurance) Management 29QTIP Trust I. QTIP Trust To include
Buy-Out (MBO): Formal Buy-out Agreement, the current life insurance. Property Owner
Stock Options for employees Private Equity Bill Wyatt. Income Beneficiary June Wyatt.
Strategic Partner Retirement plan for the Principal Beneficiary Grace Wyatt
firm: 401(k) Pension Fund (defined (Daughter).
contribution), defined benefit, Stock 30QTIP Trust I. Income to spouse for
Options. lifetime Daughter is principal beneficiary
12Suggestion (1): Buy-Sell Agreement. and receives the property after death of
Orderly transfer of business if any her mother Grantor retains ultimate
partners of the partners wants to sell out control over the final beneficiary of the
or dies Permits co-owners to continue in assets Trust ends after death of the
their business roles Allows a fair-market spouse.
price for the business to be agreed upon 31Charitable Remainder Trust I
today Who will fund this Agreement??? Recommendation: To be included in the
Through an Insurance (Business has good Will. Charity Remainder Trust. Property
strong cash position able to buy this Owner Bill Wyatt. Income Beneficiary June
insurance). Wyatt. Principal Beneficiary College.
13Suggestion (2) : Management Buy-Out. 32Charitable Remainder Trust II
Succession Planning Employees have Recommendation: To be included in the
possibility of putting money into company: Will. Assets will be transferred into the
Stock Options (can also be included in the trust after grantor’s death Trust will pay
retirement plan) Issue new equity (voting income to the spouse as beneficiary Trust
vs. non-voting) Partners may sell out ends after death of the spouse Principal
their shares but could remain involved in beneficiary receives the property.
the business as a Business Advisor or
Private Banking Customized Financial Planning.ppt
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Private Banking Customized Financial Planning

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