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Welcome to Physics 2401
Welcome to Physics 2401
Comparison of 4 Fields of Study
Comparison of 4 Fields of Study
Картинки из презентации «Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс» к уроку английского языка на тему «Россия»

Автор: Charles W. Myles. Чтобы познакомиться с картинкой полного размера, нажмите на её эскиз. Чтобы можно было использовать все картинки для урока английского языка, скачайте бесплатно презентацию «Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс.ppt» со всеми картинками в zip-архиве размером 82 КБ.

Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс

содержание презентации «Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс.ppt»
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1Welcome to Physics 2401!! 11syllabus, which covers this! See Me!!!
2A & E's “Top 10 People” of the Room 18. During office hours or not (I’m
Past 1,000 Years. Physicists are listed in usually not rigid about these). Or call me
red!! 1. Johann Gutenberg 6. Christopher on the phone. Or email me! I respond to
Columbus 2. Isaac Newton 7. Karl Marx 3. email!!! See your Lab or Recitation TAs!!!
Martin Luther 8. Albert Einstein 4. There will be office hours for these
Charles Darwin 9. Nicolaus Copernicus 5. people. Get a tutor!!! The Physics
William Shakespeare 10. Galileo Galilei. Department Office (Science Room 101) has
(in Western Culture). an approved list.
3A & E's “Top 10 People” of the 12Where to Go for Help?? Your Fellow
Past 1,000 Years. Physicists are listed in Students!!! A very effective strategy is
red!! 1. Johann Gutenberg 6. Christopher to work on homework and to study for
Columbus 2. Isaac Newton 7. Karl Marx 3. quizzes & exams together in a group.
Martin Luther 8. Albert Einstein 4. This is how professionals work in the
Charles Darwin 9. Nicolaus Copernicus 5. “real world”. Supplemental Instruction
William Shakespeare 10. Galileo Galilei. Sessions!! Supplemental Instruction (SI)
Culture Quiz!! Who were these people? Why Sessions may be arranged. The Internet!!!
are they famous? (in Western Culture). There are HUGE numbers of Physics Help Web
4Class Website! sites! Using Google & typing in
http://www.phys.ttu.edu/~cmyles/Phys2401/2 “Physics Help” gives about 34,000 hits!!!!
01.html Note!! Parts of this site are I encourage you to try out some. Class
UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! There, you will find: Website!
1. Posted: Syllabus, Help Resources, links 13Bottom Line on Help. IF YOU NEED HELP,
to sample exams (with solutions), links to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE MANY HELP RESOURCES
sample quizzes (with solutions). 2. Posted AVAILABLE!! If you need help & don’t
(Power Point): Lectures 3. A link to the use these resources, only YOU are to
on-line homework page, WebAssign. 4. blame!
Important Class Announcements & 14To Succeed in this Course. READ the
Calendar Items! 5. Links to help resources book, which cost you many $$$! It’s most
web pages 6. Other important items effective to read the material BEFORE I
relating to this class. PLEASE!! Get into lecture over it. WORK the assigned
the habit of checking this page often! homework problems!! Before looking at the
5Announcements! My Website. Linked from solutions. Copying the solutions will NOT
the Class Website is: The Announcement teach you physics. WORK extra problems!
Page: 15To Succeed in this Course. COME TO
http://www.phys.ttu.edu/~cmyles/Phys2401/a CLASS!! There is a correlation between
nounce.html This contains class attendance & grade! Also, skipping
announcements & major calendar items. means that you are WASTING the tuition
Please check it often! You might also & fees that you (or someone) paid!
check out My Website at: With tuition & fees for a full-time
http://www.phys.ttu.edu/~cmyles/. student, each class meeting costs about
6Physics 2401. Email Distribution List! $23. Each time you skip, you are throwing
It is VERY important that I have your away about $23!! After a while this adds
email address!!! I will construct an email up! My lectures may not be entertaining or
distribution list & use it to make brilliant, but I do expose you to the
important class announcements!!! PLEASE material. ATTENDANCE!!! THE WEEKEND
tell me if you change your email DOESN’T BEGIN ON THURSDAY (or end on
address!). Monday)!!!! FRIDAY IS A REGULAR CLASS DAY
7Math Pre-Requisite. Math is the (as is Monday)!!!
Language of Physics!! But, this is NOT a 16On-Line Homework. Commercial Website
math course!! I simply will not have time WebAssign On-line homework will be
to teach math to you! I must assume that assigned & graded at the WebAssign
you know it! Primary difficulties with the site. Doing homework is the most effective
course are often math-related!! Math 1452: means of learning physics, which is
Calculus II with Applications Or an impossible without working problems! Once
equivalent course somewhere else! Assumed you are registered at WebAssign, you’ll be
Math Pre-Requisites: Math 1451: Calculus I able to get assignments & submit
Math 1320 & 1321: Algebra & homework. I’ll ATTEMPT to post assignments
Trigonometry Or: Math 1550: Pre-Calculus, at the beginning of each chapter. They
Or equivalent courses elsewhere. Take will be due at 11:30pm about 5 days later.
advantage of the: Math Review in Appendix You’ll be able to get answers after the
A! due date.
8Physics Pre-Requisite. Physics 1408, 17WebAssign To access WebAssign, login
Principles of Physics I Or an equivalent at https://www.WebAssign.net/. I’ve passed
calculus-based Physics course elsewhere. I out instructions about how to do this. If
will not have time to teach you Physics I! you don’t have the Student Access Kit
I must assume that you know it! Some which comes with a new book, you can
difficulties with the course are often purchase one on the WebAssign site Please
related to a poor knowledge of Physics I do this ASAP! NOTE: This site is not at
concepts!! TTU & you should give yourself plenty
9Physics 2401 Laboratory. This of time before the deadline for submitting
no-credit lab is a required co-requisite! answers–sometimes the network can be slow
IF you drop the lecture you MUST drop the or down.
COME to lab prepared to start, including topics that were discussed in that course
already having your lab manual!!! are related directly or indirectly to
10Physics 2401 Recitation. This Newton’s Laws!!
no-credit recitation is a required 19THE THEME OF THIS PHYSICS II COURSE IS
co-requisite! IF you drop the lecture you MAWELL’S EQUATIONS OF ELECTROMAGNETISM!!
MUST drop the recitation also! ATTENTION! Essentially all topics that will discussed
RECITATION SCHEDULE RECITATIONS ALSO in this course are related directly or
STARTED TODAY!! indirectly to Maxwell’s Equations!!
11Where to Go for Help?? See the 20Comparison of 4 Fields of Study!
Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс.ppt
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Проект на кристофор колумб 7 класс

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