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Project 2030 Update The Aging of Minnesotas Population

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1Project 2030 Update The Aging of 14Kansas.
Minnesota’s Population. Implications for 15The Bad News. 265,000 persons 65+ will
Action October 2002. be women living alone with few family and
2Project 2030 Update. Presentation personal resources. Two-thirds of these
Demographic realities Implications Action women will not have adequate income to pay
needed to meet challenges. for health and long-term care costs.
3Minnesota’s Population by Age Group 16Project 2030 Update. Implications
Percent Change: 1990 - 2000. Smaller families will need help to care
4Minnesotans 65+ will more than double for older relatives. Large numbers of
between 2000 and 2050, rising to 1.6 older persons without families available
million. will need assistance with long-term care.
5Minnesotans 65+ remain in the labor Public sector will be overwhelmed. Other
force at higher than expected rates. sectors will increase their role.
Source: 2000 projections and 2000 Census. 17Project 2030 Update. 2030 Themes
6The Good News. 1.3 million Minnesotans Maximize people’s ability to meet their
65+ by 2030. Nearly 25% of the population. own needs and age in place. Make all
Largest untapped human resource in the communities “age-friendly” through
state. Individuals are continuing to work physical design, strong social connections
in “retirement.” Vital Aging will be in and integrated services. Make creative use
vogue. of aging population and invest in young
7Minnesotans age 85+ will more than people.
triple in the next 50 years. 18Project 2030 Update. What can we do as
8The number of Minnesotans 65+ living individuals? Prepare for our own
alone with more than double between 2000 retirement and old age. Meet our
and 2030. obligations as caregivers. Support
9Families provide 95% of all care voluntary groups serving elderly (because
needed by older persons. One-third of public sector will be overwhelmed).
boomers will not have children available. 19Project 2030 Update. What can
Who provides care for frail older persons government do? Federal programs are
in 2000. essential foundations for income and
10Family support will be reduced by health care for the elderly. Support
2030. Friends, neighbors and voluntary informal networks of care and age-friendly
agencies must assume bigger role. Who communities. Maintain safety net for those
provides care for frail older persons in with inadequate personal resources.
2030? 20Project 2030 Update. What can
11Caregiver ratios are already high in employers do? Promote flexibility in
many counties, and will grow higher. workplace to accommodate changing
Caregiver Ratio = number 85+/number definitions of work and retirement. Review
females 45-64 (2000 Census). benefits in light of aging work force.
12The “Not So Good” News. 165,000 Consider eldercare and employee-paid
Minnesotans 85+ in 2030. Increase to long-term care insurance.
315,000 by 2050. A large number of these 21Project 2030 Update. What can
people will need long-term care. voluntary agencies do? They will be called
Traditional sources of long-term care will upon to be “family substitute” for many
be overwhelmed. Families and workers will elderly. They are key to state’s
be in short supply. leadership in social structures that work.
13U.S. Personal Savings Rate 1930 - 2001 Role must increase if public sector
declines to record lows. reduces benefits and eligibility.
14Percent of elderly* with sufficient 22Outcomes in 2030. Individual
income at normal retirement age to cover preparation Supportive communities
long-term care costs. *Figures are for Supportive employers Partnerships.
Project 2030 Update The Aging of Minnesotas Population.ppt
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Project 2030 Update The Aging of Minnesotas Population

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