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Quiz saint Valentines Day (symbols, traditions)

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1Quiz “saint Valentine's Day” (symbols, 9Stratford-upon-Avon. Rome.
traditions). Saint-Petersburg, 2014. 10Doves and pigeons are symbols of… Love
25. 10. 25. 50. 5. 10. 25. 50. 5. 10. and fidelity. Friendship. A long life. A
25. 50. 5. 10. 25. 50. Proverbs And friendly family.
Sayings. Love and Romance. History of 11What is the Greek word for Cupid, God
holiday. Symbols of holiday. of Love? Eros. Apollo. Aris. Zeus.
3Translate from Russian into English. 12Saint Valentine was … A soldier. A
Любовь никаким зельем не излечишь. Love bishop. A young boy. A poet.
and cough cannot be hid. No herb will cure 13What was the name of the jailer’s
love. Love is blind. Love me, love my dog. daughter whom Valentine helped? Mary.
4Match two halves of proverbs. 1) Love Julia. Juliet. Ann.
is not found a) a cottage 2) Love lives b) 14Saint Valentine sent his message to
hearts gentle 3) Love makes all c) in the jailer’s daughter. What did he do for
cottages as well as in 4) Love in d) in her? Loved her. Helped her secretly meet
the market. 1 – a 2 – c 3 – d 4 – b. 1 – d her sweetheart. Cured her illness ( she
2 – b 3 – a 4 – c. 1 – d 2 – c 3 – b 4 – was blind). Told her the truth about her
a. 1 – c 2 – d 3 – a 4 – b. illness.
5Love is ageless. Match the correct 15What ancient Roman goddess loved
equivalent in Russian. Любовь зла. Любовь flower rose which became the symbol of
вечна. Любовь не для каждого возраста. Saint Valentine’s Day? Fortuna. Diana.
Любви все возрасты покорны. Vesta. Venus.
6Любовь миром движет go 3) makes 6) 16What birds are called birds of love?
love 7) that 9) the It 4) is 5) world 8) Sparrows. Ravens. Nightingales. The dove
around. Make a proverb. 2,4,5,7,3,9,6,1,8. and the pigeon.
9,5,4,1,8,7,2,3,6. 6,2,4,7,3,9,5,1,8. 17Which of these activities isn’t
2,4,6,7,3,9,5,1,8. connected with Saint Valentine’s Day?
7What happens to people when Cupid’s Fortune telling. Setting off fireworks.
arrow gets into their hearts? Fall in Sending cards. Singing songs.
love. Fall ill. Die. Get married. 18Written Valentines began to appear …
8Which is the most popular saying for In the 20th century. In the 16th century.
Valentine’s cards? I want you to be my In the 15th century. In the 17th century.
Valentine. Love forever. Be my Valentine. 19Thank your for attention! Thank your
Will you marry me? for attention! Thank your for attention!
9Every Valentine’s Day a lot of people 20Well done!
write letters addressed to Juliet who 21Try again!
lived in… London. Verona.
Quiz saint Valentines Day (symbols, traditions).pptx
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Quiz saint Valentines Day (symbols, traditions)

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