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Personal Information
Personal Information
Ticket Numbers are the same
Ticket Numbers are the same
Citations with a ticket number of “0000” were transferred to the
Citations with a ticket number of “0000” were transferred to the
012804K02 - Means the duplicate was issued on January 28, 2004 @ K02
012804K02 - Means the duplicate was issued on January 28, 2004 @ K02
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Сл Текст Сл Текст
2Types of Records. Certified Not 23Ticket Numbers are the same.
Certified. 24Citations with a ticket number of
3Personal Information. “0000” were transferred to the Florida
4Personal Information. Name, Date of record from another state in accordance
Birth, Social Security Number Address, with the Driver License Compact.
License Class Date of Last Issuance, Date 25Duplicates & Replacements. The
of Expiration Restrictions, Endorsements, record shows all duplicate and replacement
DL number. licenses issued to the customer.
5Entry Order. Identification Cards 26012804K02 - Means the duplicate was
Correspondence Driver Schools Crashes. issued on January 28, 2004 @ K02.
6Entry Order. Convictions Revocations 27Reading Batch Numbers. Basically all
Disqualifications Suspensions Financial batch numbers contain the same
Responsibility Cases. information: The year the entry was added
7Date of crash, offense, or effective to the record, the Julian date, and the
date of sanction. coder ID number. For example: “93242126”
8Date of conviction. means that the entry was added in 1993 on
9Reinstatement Date. the 242nd day of the year by coder 126.
10County or State. 28More on Batch Numbers. Not all batch
11City. numbers look the same, but they break down
12Type of Court Ex (County). basically the same way. For example:
13Type of Action (crash, conviction, “4096LA” means the entry was added in 1994
suspension, revocation, or cancellation). on the 96th day of the year by coder LA.
14Description of action (example: “99160B50” means the entry was added in
conviction reason - Unlawful Speed). 1999 on the 160th day of the year by
15Representation C- Represented by office B50.
counsel W - Counsel waived. 29“Shelf Life” of Entries Retention
16Citation Codes C - indicates citation Schedule. Citations 10 years Citations
issued. (adj. w/held COC) Indefinite Citations
17Crash Codes A - indicates Crash. (adj. w/held Judge) 10 years Suspensions
18Dispositions. 1 - guilty 2 - & Revocations 7 to 11 yrs Alcohol
estreature 3 - forfeiture 4 - adjudicated Related entries 75 years Serious CDL
delinquent 5 - adjudication withheld. violations 55 years Cleared D6 Suspensions
These deal with oos citations. The above 3 years.
numbers are listed under “DP” (disposition 30Hardship Reinstatement Authorization.
code) on the driver record. The hearing officer will advise the
19Disposition Codes 1- Guilty 5 - customer to inform the DL Examiner that
Adjudication Withheld. the authorization has been added to their
20Action Codes D - Department Action C - record. Examiner will check the
Court Action. correspondence section of the driving
21Ticket Number or Court Docket. record for this information.
22Ticket Numbers. Pay close attention to 31Questions?
ticket numbers. They help link 32
administrative suspensions and DUI
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