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Term and Code List for RDA Content Types http://www
Term and Code List for RDA Content Types http://www
Definitions in RDA table 6.1 (see Recording Content Type
Definitions in RDA table 6.1 (see Recording Content Type
Subject Heading and Term Source Codes http://www
Subject Heading and Term Source Codes http://www
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Recording the Attributes of Series

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1Recording the Attributes of Series 13of information (R) $2 Source of term (NR)
MARC21 in NACO RDA Series Authority – source of codes for associated country
Records. Module 3b. or place.
2Remember the new fields list? Fields 14Subject Heading and Term Source Codes
in green can be used for Series. 375 376 http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/su
377 (Series) 378 380 (Series) 381 (Series) ject.html.
382 383 384. 046 (series) 336 (series) 368 15370: Associated Place: Example. $a
370 (series) 372 373 374. Chicago $b Windy City Pub. $d 2002- 643 $a
3New field: 046: Special Coded Dates Omaha $b Heartland Press $d 1989- 2001 370
(R). No indicators Subfields $k – _ _ $g Chicago, Ill. $s 2002 370 _ _ $g
Beginning or single date created (NR) For Omaha, Neb. $s 1989 $t 2001.
a work, earliest date (normally the year) 16New Field: 377: Associated Language
associated with a work; that date may be (R). 2nd indicator 7 specifies that an
the date the work was created or first alternate source of code is indicated in
published or released. $l – Ending date $2 Subfields $a Language code (R) –
created (NR) Ending date of the date range identifies the language used for
for which the beginning date is recorded publication or in which a work is
in $k. RDA 6.4 and 6.10. expressed $l Language term (R) $2 Source
4046 Justification – PCC practice! 670 of code (NR) - If using the MARC Code
field $u Uniform Resource Identifier (R) List, $2 is left blank. RDA 6.11.
$v Source of information (R) See DCM Z1 17377: Associated Language: Example. 100
046 PCC practice for recording sources $2 1_ DiTerlizzi, Tony. $t Beyond the
Source of date scheme (NR) - There is no Spiderwick chronicles 643 _ _ New York $b
need to use $2 if you are using the Simon & Schuster Books for Young
default ISO 8601 YYYYMMDD format. - $2 Readers ______________________________ 100
edtf is used for questionable dates 1_ DiTerlizzi, Tony. $t Beyond the
(Extended Date/Time Format). Spiderwick chronicles (Simon &
5046: Special Coded Dates: Example. _0 Schuster Audio (Firm)) 377 _ _ $a eng $l
Masculin-feminin dans l'Europe moderne. $p English.
Serie XVIIe siecle 642 1 $5 DPCC $5 GU 18377: Associated Language: Example. 130
Madame de Murat et la "defense des _ _ $a Trudy Matematicheskogo instituta
dames," 2012: $b series title page imeni V.A. Steklova. ?l English 430 _ _ $a
(Masculin/feminin dans l'Europe moderne. Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of
Serie XVIIe siecle) 046 _ _ $k 2012. Mathematics 377 _ _ $a eng $l English.
6046: Special Coded Dates: Examples. 19New Field: 380: Form of Work. No
Series with volume 1 published as the May indicators Subfields $a Form of work (R) –
31, 2012 issue of a quarterly publication a term expressing the class or genre of
046 _ _ $k 20120531 Questionable? 2010? = the work Examples: 380 _ _ Series 380 _ _
046 _ _ $k 2010? $2 edtf Remember oddities Subseries? 380 _ _ Multipart item? 380 _ _
of ISO standard If you have year and month Series-like phrase? RDA 6.3.
only 046 _ _ $k 2012-05. 20New Field: 381: Other Distinguishing
7New Field: 336: Content Type (R) (Do Characteristics of Work or Expression. No
not supply at this time – Pending). No indicators Subfields $a Other
indicators Subfields $a Content type term distinguishing characteristic (R) – Any
(R) $b Content type code (R) $2 Source characteristic that is not accommodated in
(NR) – identifies the source of the term a special field that serves to
or code - Always use $2rdacontent $3 characterize a work or expression.
Materials specified (NR) – part of the Examples are an issuing body, arranged
described materials to which the field statement of music, version, or a
applies. RDA 6.9. geographic term. May be used to
8Term and Code List for RDA Content differentiate a work from another work
Types with the same title. RDA 6.6.
http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rda 21Justifying the 381. 670 Subfields $u
ontent.html. Uniform Resource Identifier (R) $v Source
9Definitions in RDA table 6.1 (see of information (R) $2 Source of term (NR) Recording Content Type. – Code from the Subject Heading and Term
10336: Content Type: Example. 100 1_ Source Codes
Beethoven, Ludwig van, $d 1770-1827. $t www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/subject.h
Sonatas, $m piano (Unicorn Records (Firm)) ml Multiple characteristics from the same
_ _ Beethoven, L. van. Piano sonata no. 3, source vocabulary may be recorded in the
op. 2, no. 3 [SR] p1969: $b container same field in separate occurrences of $a.
(Beethoven sonatas; The complete Beethoven 22381: Other Distinguishing
sonatas) 336 _ _ $a performed music $b prm Characteristics: Example. 100 1_ $a
$2rdacontent. Shakespeare, William, $d 1564-1616. $t
11336: Content Type: Example. 110 1_ $a Plays. $k Selections (Stratford-upon-
Indiana. $b Geological Survey. $t Avon, England) 400 1_ $a Shakespeare,
Petroleum exploration map 336 _ _ $a William, $d 1564-1616. $t Shakespeare
cartographic image $b cri $2 rdacontent. Memorial Theatre series 381 _ _ $a
12New Field: 370: Associated Place (R). Selections 381 _ _ $a Royal Shakespeare
No indicators Subfields $g Place of origin Theatre (Stratford-upon-Avon, England) $2
of work (R) – country or other territorial naf.
designation from which a work originated 23381: Other Distinguishing
$s Start period (NR) $t End period (NR). Characteristics: Example. 130 _0 $a
RDA 6.5. Formules (Unnumbered) 381 _ _ $a
13370 Justification. 670 Subfields $u Unnumbered.
Uniform Resource Identifier (R) $v Source
Recording the Attributes of Series.ppt
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Recording the Attributes of Series

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