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State Agency for Child Protection
State Agency for Child Protection
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Reform of the Child Care System

содержание презентации «Reform of the Child Care System.PPT»
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1Reform of the Child Care System: 17alternative services); Access to the
DEINSTUTIONALISATION – MAJOR PRIORITY IN location site and availability of
THE STATE POLICY. 3-6 July 2007. appropriate transport and communications;
2State Agency for Child Protection. Well developed health and education
3State Agency for Child Protection. services in the region and municipality;
4State Agency for Child Protection. Enough specialists for work with children
5ICDPC. State Agency for Child available; Tendency to reducing the number
Protection. To 1000 children on 4 - 18 of the children in the institution; Good
years, in 2001 5.3 children lived in interaction between CPD and the
ICDPC, and in 2006 the figure was 4,12 institution; concept for future
children, taking account of the development of the institution, included
demographic tendencies, the reduction is in the municipal strategy;
about 22 %. Technical-material equipment to allow
6IMRCYP and ICYPPD. State Agency for development of social services; Positive
Child Protection. To 1000 children on4 - attitude and readiness for reforms of the
18 years, in 2001 1,4 children lived in staff in compliance with the modern
IMRCYP and ICYPPD, and in 2006 the figure standards.
was 1,04 children, taking account of the 18RESTRUCTURING. Restructuring should be
demographic tendencies, the reduction is understand as allocation of the available
about 26 %. resource to provision of alternative
7IMSCC. State Agency for Child community based social child care
Protection. To 1000 children on 4 - 18 services.
years, in 2001 13,6 children lived in 19RESTRUCTURING. Criteria: Access to the
IMSCC, and in 2006 the figure was 9,9 location site and availability of
children, taking account of the appropriate transport and communications;
demographic tendencies, the reduction is Necessity of the alternative services
about 27 %. provided and willingness of the society to
8State Agency for Child Protection. HOW develop such services; Availability of
DID WE ACHIEVE THAT TOOLS AND APPROACHES. specific human resources (social workers,
Adoption of plan for reducing the number speech therapists, psychologists), as well
of children, placed in specialised as qualified specialists; Permanent
institutions 2003 - 2005; 2004 – tendency to reducing the number of
Conducting an assessment of the children, placed in the institution and
specialised institutions; Development and opportunity for reintegration and placing
adoption of Mechanism for closure, the children with foster families;
reforming and restructuring of the Technical-material equipment to allow
specialised institutions for children; development of alternative services.
Establishment of methods for drafting of 20CLOSURE. Closure should be understand
institutional projects; Training on the as final termination of the activities of
methods of the regional teams in all the concerned institution.
regions; 21CLOSURE. Criteria: Remoteness and
9Plan for reducing the number of isolation of the location site, lack of
children, placed in specialised communications and infrastructure; Lack of
institutions 2003 - 2005. Major objectives enough health and education services; Lack
To decentralise the institutions and to of qualified staff in the institution,
increase the quality of the child care in location site and the region; Poor
them; To develop local network of technical-material equipment;
community based services. Unsatisfactory level of the care quality.
10Plan for reducing the number of 22CLOSURE. Closure Plan, containing
children, placed in specialised clear terms should be elaborated for
institutions 2003 - 2005. General goals institutions which should be closed; The
and tasks Development of alternative forms objectives, measures and activities are in
of care and social Community based two basic directions: regarding the
services; Narrowing of the entrance to children and regarding the staff; CPD
institutions; Increasing the quality of produces proper assessment and elaborates
the institutional care; Regulation of the action plan for each child; The
exit of institutions and reducing the institution shall be closed when
number of children who pass from one appropriate alternative for every child is
institution to another; Restructuring of found;
the specialised institutions and 23RESULTS FROM THE ASSESSMENT OF THE
allocation of part of their resources to INSTITUTIONS BY APPLIYNG OF THE CRITERIA
alternative services provision in the September – October 2006. 144 institutions
community for the children and their for children assessed; 6 institutions
families. The Plan contains also a line of proposed for closure - 5 ICDPC and 1
urgent measures related to development of IMRCYP; 118 institutions proposed for
the child protection departments’ reforming - 65 ICDPC; 22 IMRCYP; 31 IMSCC;
capacity, which should perform activities 20 institutions proposed for restructuring
directly connected to reducing the number - 16 ICDPC; 3 IMRCYP; 1 IMSCC.
of children in institutions as: prevention 24REGIONAL TRAININGS “MONITORING OF THE
of abandonment and reintegration of RIGHTS OF THE CHILD” drafting of
children in their biologic families, institutional projects for development of
provision of foster care services, etc. the institutions for children in the whole
11Assessment of the specialised country April - May 2007 How was the
institutions 2004. Objective: Assessment process structured and implemented?
of the technical-material and human Results, conclusions, proposals.
resource of the institutions and quality 25Preparatory stage and creation of
of the child care they provide; Tools: supportive environment for process
“Assessment card for the specialised implementation. Drafting of Instructions
institutions for children”, prepared by for closure, reforming and restructuring
SACP experts and approved by the Ministry of the specialised institutions for
of Health, Ministry of Education and children. Drafting of joint project of
Science and Social Assistance Agency; SACP, SAA and UNICEF on the
Additional methods for collection of deinstutionalisation. Training of experts
information used by the commissions were from SACP and outdoor experts on
reviews of the papers kept in the application of the methods for drafting of
institutions, interviews of the directors institutional projects. Regional
and members the staff, talks with the trainings. Organisation of the process and
children, as well as complete monitoring gathering of regional team to RDSA to
and inspection of the technical material prepare and manage institutional projects.
equipment. The assessment was conducted by Consultation, provision of expert support
interinstitutional commissions chaired by and assistance.
experts from SACP and representatives of 26Major objectives. To describe the
the Regional Social Assistance logic of the process of drafting
Directorate, Social Assistance institutional projects, to outline the
Directorate, Regional Inspectorate on project framework and mechanisms for
Education, Regional Healthcare Centres and monitoring and evaluation. To achieve
municipal administrations; common understanding on concepts such as
12Assessment of the specialised “reforming”, “restructuring” and
institutions 2004. Reports were prepared “closure”. To assess the needs of the
for the status of each of the assessed community to develop various services for
institutions in which the institution children and families. To identify the
location, access to social and health major interested parties and partners in
services, technical material equipment, the process.
quality of the child care, number, 27Results from the trainings.
qualification of the staff as well as the 28Results from the trainings Practical
opinion of the staff regarding institution results. Framework models were elaborated
reformation were given in details; and basic stages of the institutional
Conclusions and recommendations were drawn projects for different types of
regarding care quality improvement and institutions were marked. Framework model
possibilities for reforming and was elaborated and basic arrangements and
restructuring; Summary reports for the activities of the closure plan were
status of the three types of institutions marked. Motivated regional teams were
were prepared; The reports were presented formed to prepare and manage the projects.
to the attention of the President of the Local teams were structured on the
Republic of Bulgaria, Minister of Health territory of 86 municipalities. Analysis
and Minister of Education and Science, as models for children at risk and their
well as to the Minister of Labour and needs were elaborated in the
Social Policy; Important part of the municipalities. Schedule plan model for
assessment were the conclusions about the the work of the regional and local teams
quality of the care, problems in them, and were drafted. Future activities were
concrete recommendations on the defined.
improvement of the quality of the child 29Results from the trainings.
care. Effectiveness of the trainings
13Development of Mechanism for closure, Harmonisation of the information and
reforming and restructuring Basic steps: understanding regarding the national
Assessment of the institutions for priorities and strategic goals of the work
children by interinstitutional with children at risk. Accelerating the
commissions; The interinstitutional process of reforming and restructuring of
commissions at sub national level apply the institutions. Updating municipal
the criteria for closure, reforming and policies for provision of services to
restructuring of the specialised children and families in the community on
institutions for children for every the basis of assessment of the local
institution on territory of the region; services and children at risk on the
The commission should make a proposal for territory of the municipality. Enriching
closure of the institutions which were and development of the capacity of the
assessed with less than the minimum participants in the child protection
admissible number of points; A development system.
plan should be prepared together with the 30Results from the trainings.
staff of the institutions assessed with Effectiveness of the trainings Achieving
number of points exceeding the minimum clarity on many issues related to projects
admissible number of points; organisation and differentiating the role
14ASSESSMENT OF THE INSTITUTIONS BY of various authorities, as a precondition
APPLIYNG THE MECHANISM FOR CLOSURE, for good planning and implementation of
REFORMING AND RESTRUCTURING. Apart from the projects. Improved interinstitutional
the qualitative dimension, the assessment cooperation on regional level through
had also quantitative dimension through extended exchange of information between
developed and put into practise points experts from different institutions
system. The first criteria direction - working in the field of child care.
institutions location and access to them – Reducing the stress and the strain of the
might be assessed with maximum of 30 people working with children at risk.
points; the second dimension – technical 31For 2006 the CPD social workers have
and material equipment might be assessed worked over 3 792 cases of prevention of
with maximum of 25 points and the third placement in institution. 2 042 from the
dimension - quality of the child care cases were successfully completed. The
might be assessed with maximum 45 points. social workers have worked over 3 149
The criteria were initially approbated and cases of reintegration. 1 509 children
it was approved that the minimum were successfully reintegrated in their
admissible number of points for the biologic families and 634 children – were
institutions was 40. Institutions assessed adopted. EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CHILD
with less than 40 points total should be PROTECTION SYSTEM.
15CRITERIA FOR CLOSURE, REFORMING AND SYSTEM. For 2006 the number of children
RESTRUCTURING. Institutions location and placed with families of their relatives or
access to them Number of population – friends is 1 955 or with 200 more in
maximum 5 points. Infrastructure – maximum comparison to the previous year. Total
10 points. Transport and communications – number of children placed with families of
maximum 15 points. Technical material their relatives or friends in Bulgaria is
equipment Enough number and room of the 5 536 until 31/12/2006.
premises – maximum 8 points. Condition of 33Day centres to institutions. There are
the building – maximum 12 points. Quality day centres for children with disabilities
of the equipment/furniture – maximum 5 to 18 IMSCC. Of total number of 28 IMRCYP
points. Quality of the child care Health in the country, day centres were opened to
care – maximum 9 points. Response to 4 of them. Their capacity is 80 places.
education and training needs – maximum 9 Since 1/1/2007 IMRCYP “Viara, Nadezhda i
points. Individual child care – maximum 9 Lyubov" in Pazardzhik was
points. Opportunities for social restructured in day centre for children
integration and adaptation of the children with disabilities.
– maximum 9 points. Activities to rebuild 34Week and day care – services, provided
and keep in touch with the parents – in institutions. Up to 31/12/2006 in IMSCC
maximum 9 points. there were 30 children directed to week
16REFORMING. Reforming should be care and 267 children directed to day
understand as improving the quality of the care; Up to 31/12/2006 in ICDPC there were
institutional care and opening of the 296 children directed to week care and 112
institution for provision of alternative children directed to day care; Up to
social child care services. 31/12/2006 in institutions for children
17REFORMING. Criteria, which with disabilities there were 30 children
institutions must meet: Necessity of the directed to week care and 42 children
services provided (institutional care and directed to day care;
Reform of the Child Care System.PPT
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Reform of the Child Care System

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