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English Language Provision
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Relating to the host community: Adult refugees learning English

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1Relating to the host community: Adult 8patterns. 24th September 2007.
refugees learning English. 24th September 9Nicolae: settling in (Oct >).
2007. “opened up incredibly over past weeks” “no
2Ethnographic study of the motivational problem speaking out […] now that he
role of goal-setting Fieldwork for Ph.D. understands how the system works”: Small
in Applied Linguistics, CLCS, TCD (funded groups, pair work Targets selected weekly,
by the IRCHSS) Multiple methods of data review on Friday Individual learning
collection including: Participation agenda via Portfolio Nicolae frequently on
observation (overt, 12 months) at how he appreciated the “democracy” of the
Integrate Ireland Language and Training, classroom. 24th September 2007.
Dublin Tracked 13 adult students learning 10Nicolae’s teacher: comments. Got into
English (2003-2004). 24th September 2007. the mood and started joining in more. I
3Language and Integration: Relatedness. thought, six months in the system and out
Self-Determination Theory (Deci & there working. I would have thought at the
Ryan) Motivation & personality beginning, ok, he’s a linguist, he speaks
Self-determined behaviour = what five languages, he just needs a bit
self-governing, acts freely & in of orientation, or a bit of breathing
accordance with own will 3 basic space as he sorts out his other stuff, and
psychological needs: autonomy; competence; he’ll be out of here in six months. He
relatedness Importance of social just seems…he’s highly motivated, he came
environment “sense of self and world in, he seemed to be halfway on the road
around”. 24th September 2007. already. 24th September 2007.
4English Language Provision. Integrate 11Don’t like coming to school for
Ireland Language and Training: learning […]. If you don’t want to stay in
Government-designated body responsible for home and can’t work, then is good. Don’t
coordinating ESL provision for refugees like English because it is hard […] but is
Many functions, including full-time very important […] this is first language
General English classes for adult refugees in the world, very important. If you come
All refugees in Ireland have access to living here […]. 24th September 2007.
General English classes 30 hours/week, 20 12Next level, January > Nicolae’s new
contact hours. 24th September 2007. goals: “For me personally, I want to learn
5English class. Small classes, two targets, about construction and new
learner-centred European Language words from Driving Theory Test to get
Portfolio (Milestone version) Curriculum Driver Licence”. New teacher talking:
generated by learners’ needs Nicolae’s attitude to his English […] is
International, multicultural class. 24th similar to his attitude to anything he
September 2007. does: he wants to do a good job. He enjoys
6Case study: Nicolae Yenko*. Moldovan, making connections between his existing
born 1973. Married, one child. linguistic knowledge and new information
Construction worker, completed secondary encountered. 24th September 2007.
education/3 years of technical college. 13Progress, control, motivation. I can
Worked in France previously. Speaks choose what target I want to learn Is not
Moldovan (Romanian), Russian, French. easy to choose targets because many
English language proficiency A1 CEFR students have different idea about this I
(beginner). 24th September 2007. make myself more motivated when I learn
7Nicolae’s arrival in class (Sept). what I want. Nicolae has strong reading,
First few weeks: “reserved and a bit comprehension and communication skills. He
moody” Sent warning letter about completes class tasks with determination
attendance, wk 1 Told class he had been and will always clarify anything he
stopped and searched by police at airport doesn’t understand. He is an intelligent
Didn’t appear to like Ireland: For some, student and a pleasure to have in class.
Irish people is difficult, for me is very Small grammatical errors hamper written
difficult. I don’t too much like this and spoken production, as I think
country, you know, the cold. I prefer to communication is perceived as more
live in France. Very good country, for me, important than accuracy. 24th September
because I know the language. 24th 2007.
September 2007. 14Conclusions. Self-determined behaviour
8Refugees in the classroom. Variety of discernible Risk of negative behavioural
educational backgrounds, language needs patterns Role of classroom Participation,
Turmoil, frustration, distress, goal-setting, “democracy” Relatedness,
homesickness, culture shock Asylum integration, combatting racism Nicolae:
process, finding accommodation, from manifest boredom/poor attendance to
negotiating health service, transport motivated, self-directed learning,
Vulnerability: risk of depression, low personal goals. 24th September 2007.
self-esteem, negative behavioural
Relating to the host community: Adult refugees learning English.ppt
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Relating to the host community: Adult refugees learning English

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