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SDR – Software Defined Radio
SDR – Software Defined Radio
A basic SDR system may consist of a personal computer equipped with
A basic SDR system may consist of a personal computer equipped with
SDR – Software Defined Radio
SDR – Software Defined Radio
SDR – Software Defined Radio
SDR – Software Defined Radio
Simplified block diagram of the R820T tuner
Simplified block diagram of the R820T tuner
RTL2832U Block Diagram
RTL2832U Block Diagram
Is it possible to receive HF
Is it possible to receive HF
I. Run the Zadig
I. Run the Zadig
I. Run the Zadig
I. Run the Zadig
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SDR – Software Defined Radio

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Сл Текст Сл Текст
1SDR – Software Defined Radio. Ken 22D-STAR ACARS (Aircraft Communications
Dorsey KA8OAD. Addressing and Reporting System). ADS-B
2 (Automatic Dependent Surveillance
3SDR – What is it? Simply put Software Broadcast – Aircraft ) GMR TETRA APCO25
Defined Radio, also known as Software (P25) SATELLITE RTTY AIS (Automatic
Radio or SDR is defined as “A radio in Identification System - Maritime) DAB
which some or all of the physical layer (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Any mode,
functions are software defined” Components anywhere.
that were once typically implemented in 23Videos / Demos.
hardware (i.e. mixers, filters, 24The Final Cost – multiple sources.
amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, From NooElec: Ham It Up $42.95 TV301U
detectors, etc.) are instead implemented DVB-T USB Stick (E4000 tuner) $37.95 Male
in software While the concept of SDR is IEC 169-2 (PAL) to Female BNC $2.99 From
not new, the rapid growth in the Amazon: RF Coaxial Cable SMA male to BNC
capabilities of digital electronics have Male $5.50 Micro-USB Home Charger $4.47
given rise to and made practical many SMA male to SO-239 $7.00 Shipping
processes which used to be only (approximately) $3.95 _____ Total $104.81
theoretically possible. (Optional TV28T v2 DVB-T USB - R820T
4Classic radio vs SDR a comparison. tuner) $17.95.
Classic Radio. SDR Radio. A traditional 25The Final Cost – Amazon only. From
piece of hardware we are all familiar with Amazon: Ham It Up $52.95 TV301U DVB-T USB
Uses a hardware based receiver and Stick (E4000 tuner) $42.95 Male IEC 169-2
demodulator Uses analog filtering with (PAL) to Female BNC $4.95 RF Coaxial Cable
fixed filters for the required application SMA male to BNC Male $5.50 Micro-USB Home
Recovers either an analog signal or Charger $4.47 SMA male to SO-239 $7.00
digitizes demodulated bits. Uses a more, Shipping (approximately) $3.95 _____ Total
or less, classic radio front end / tuner $121.77 (Optional TV28T v2 DVB-T USB Stick
to down-convert either to IF or to - R820T tuner) $19.95.
baseband - USRP (Universal Software Radio 26Software required and installation
Peripheral) Uses a high-speed ADC to procedure. Install the latest USRP driver
digitize the IF or baseband signal Uses (Zadig) for the DVT-B USB stick (DO NOT
digital signal processing for filtering, install drivers from the disk if one comes
equalization, demodulation and decoding. with the device) NOTE: The driver is port
5A basic SDR system may consist of a specific, if you move the RTL2832U from a
personal computer equipped with some form previously installed USB port to a
of A/D converter preceded by some type of different USB port you will need to
RF front end. re-install the driver for that port.
6Advantages of SDR radio. Much more sourceforge.net/projects/libwdi/files/zadi
flexible as they are “software defined” As / a. Download the latest driver package
long as the tuner frequency, ADC sampling (zadig_v2. as of this writing).
rate and computing power are sufficient You will also need to download and install
ANY receiver can be implemented in pure 7Zip software to extract Zadig if you do
software, without hardware changes not already have it installed.
Decoders can be designed in software with www.7-zip.org/ b. Extract the Zadig driver
the ability to handle both audio and package to a folder. c. Insert your
digital modes. RTL2832U stick into an available USB port.
7Hardware and OS Requirements. Personal d. Your device should be detected by
Computer Multi-core CPU’s are highly Windows and Windows will attempt to
recommended Select a CPU with a large L2 install drivers for the device, you can
or L3 cache Some examples are Core i3 or cancel the installation procedure but its
i5 processors Quad core processors Intel not necessary to do so as the drivers will
Core 2 Duo AMD Phenom II At least 4 GB of be over-written during the install
ram USB 2.0 Required Windows XP or higher procedure. e. Install the Zadig drivers
(32-bit or 64-Bit OS) or Linux. for your RTL2832U stick using the
8Amateur Radio Transceivers FlexRadio following procedure:
Systems (www.flex-radio.com) $650 and up 27I. Run the Zadig.exe file and you
FLEX-1500 0.01 – 54 Mhz RX, 160 – 6m TX, should see the following: II. Click on
5W FLEX-3000 0.01 – 65 Mhz RX, 160 – 6m “Options” and select “List All Devices”.
TX, 100W MARS/CAP FLEX-5000 0.01 – 65 Mhz 28III. Choose the device that has
RX, 160 – 6m TX, 100W MARS/CAP SoftRock “Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)”: IV. In
(www.wb5rvz.com) (fivedash.com) $89/band the box to the right of the green arrow
RXTX Ensemble (kit) 1W 160m 80m/40m make sure “WinUSB” is selected.
40m/30m/20m 30m/20m/17m 15m/12m/10m. 29V. Check that the VID and PID (USB ID)
9General Coverage Receivers (Amateur are correct for your device: Most popular:
and Commercial use) Cross Country Wireless VID PID Tuner Device Name 0x0bda 0x2832
(www.crosscountrywireless.net) $266 .85 – all of them Generic RTL2832U (e.g. hama
40 Mhz RFSPACE (www.rfspace.com) from $525 nano) 0x0bda 0x2838 E4000 ezcap USB 2.0
.05 – 30 Mhz Microtelecom DVB-T/DAB/FM dongle 0x0ccd 0x00d3 E4000
(microtelecom.it) $1199 .1 – 30 Mhz Terratec Cinergy T Stick RC (Rev.3) 0x0ccd
WinRadio (www.winradio.com) from $749.95 0x00e0 E4000 Terratec NOXON DAB/DAB+ USB
.9 – 1800 Mhz Software Radio Laboratory dongle (rev 2) 0x185b 0x0620 E4000 Compro
(www.srl-llc.com) $899.99 .1 – 62.5 Mhz Videomate U620F 0x185b 0x0650 E4000 Compro
FUNcube Dongle (www.funcubedongle.com) Videomate U650F IV. Click the “Replace
?124.99 ~ US$201 .15 – 1900 Mhz (gap from Driver” button to install the new (Zadig)
240 – 420 Mhz) And many more… driver.
10Software. Like the receivers there are 30Download the ExtIO_USRP plugin
several options to choose from, these are (.dll’s) for the SDR software you wish to
all FREEWARE HDSDR (www.hdsdr.de) Windows use (allows one to use USRP as the
Rocky 3.7 (www.dxatlas.com/rocky) Windows baseband input): For HDSDR www.hdsdr.de
PowerSDR (code.google.com/p/powersdr-iq) For SDR#: sdrsharp.com/index.php/downloads
Windows Winrad (www.winrad.org) Windows (SDR# RTLSDR Plugin) For SDR Radio:
GNU Radio (gnuradio.org) Linux SDR Sharp www.aa5sh.com/?page_id=65
or SDR# (www.sdrsharp.com) Windows/Linux (SDR-RADIO.com.RTLUSB.zip) Unzip the file
SDR-Radio (sdr-radio.com) Windows GQRX or files into their separate folders. In
(www.oz9aec.net/index.php/gnu-radio/gqrx-s addition: For all software (it has a test
r) Linux LinRADIO (www.linradio.com/) program included to test your dongle
Linux. installation):
11The RTL DVB-T USB Tuner. sdr.osmocom.org/trac/attachment/wiki/rtl-s
12Realtek RTL2832U based DVB-T r/RelWithDebInfo.zip Unzip this file into
Receivers. More than 20 different devices its own folder (default: rtl-sdr-release).
from various vendors all based on the 31Open a command prompt window (start
identical RTL2832 reference design Only -> run -> cmd) Change the directory
major difference is the mechanical to the rtl-sdr-release/x32 folder (cd
shape/size and silicon tuner used RTL2832U c:\xx\xx\rtl-sdr-release) At the command
implements an ADC, DVB-T demodulator and a prompt type: rtl_test –t This program will
high-speed USB device A digitally test your RTL hardware and driver
controlled tuner selects a frequency band installation and will return values for
around a target center frequency and some of the various operating modes of the
demodulates it to baseband. The RTL2832U device, if you don’t see this information
serves as an analog to digital converter you will need to check to be sure that the
that samples the baseband signals and Zadig drivers were properly installed.
outputs the samples through the USB port. Install the SDR software you wish to use.
The device uses IQ baseband demodulation I recommend either HDSDR, SDR# or
and sampling Uses I2C controller to SDR-Radio. For HDSDR: www.hdsdr.de/
control the tuner frontend Normal mode of (Version 2.51 or the newest) For SDR#:
operation includes a full DVB-T receiver sdrsharp.com/index.php/downloads (SDR#
inside RTL2832U hardware and only sends Stable) For SDR-Radio:
MPEG2-TS via USB. v2.sdr-radio.com/Previews.aspx (Preview 5
13 – build 1273).
14SDR Radio on a “budget”. Generally 32Installing SDR-Radio: Install the
referred to as RTL-SDR So what is RTL-SDR SDR-Radio software Extract the .dll files
? An observant V4L/DVB Linux kernel driver (SDR-RADIO.com.RTLUSB.zip) Open the folder
developer (Antti Palosaari) working with that you just extracted,
the Realtek DVB-T USB receiver discovered SDR-RADIO.com.RTLUSB, there will be two
that the Realtek digital chip (RTL2832U) folders, 32bit and 64bit Open the folder
had some undocumented commands/registers that matches your Windows version (32bit
by which it can be placed into a mode or 64bit) and copy the three .dll files
where it simply forwards the unprocessed contained in that folder to the
raw baseband samples via high-speed USB SDR-RADIO-PRO.com folder, usually found in
into the PC enabling it to become an SDR. the “Program Files” folder Run the
So, with some “creative” software SDR-Radio software Click on the “Radio”
re-purposing, it is possible to turn a button near the top of the console. Add a
consumer-grade DVB-T USB TV receiver into radio definition, be sure to change the
a fully operational software defined radio type in the drop down menu to RTL
radio. At a street price of about $20 this SDR (USB). Click the “Search” button and
is undoubtedly the most capable low-cost if everything is installed correctly
SDR hardware available. SDR_Radio will find the RTL2832U. Click
15RTL DVB-T USB Tuner – what do I need “OK” and your stick should show up in the
to look for? The tuner must use the radio definitions box. Highlight the
Realtek RTL2832U chipset There are three RTL2832U device in the radio definitions
tuner IC’s used by most manufacturers the list and click start. SDR-Radio should now
Elonics E4000 52 Mhz – 2200 Mhz (gap from be running using the RTL2832U stick.
1100 to 1250 Mhz) the Rafael Micro R820T 33Ham Radio Science
24 Mhz – 1766 Mhz the Fitipower FC0013 50 www.hamradioscience.com RTL-SDR and GNU
Mhz – 1700 Mhz. Radio www.superkuh.com/rtlsdr.html
16 AB9IL.net
17Simplified block diagram of the R820T www.ab9il.net/software-defined-radio/rtl28
tuner. 2-sdr.html ARRL
18RTL2832U Block Diagram. www.arrl.org/software-defined-radio
19Is it possible to receive HF? Yes, by Wikipedia
adding an upconverter (MF, HF) you can add en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_defined_rad
the ability to receive 0.5 Mhz to 50 Mhz o osmocomSDR
(100.5 Mhz – 150 Mhz) The upconverter (Ham sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr
It Up) is sold by NooElec rtlsdr.org www.rtlsdr.org Complete
(www.nooelec.com). step-by-step installation instructions for
20So what can I receive? Linux (Ubuntu)
21A Better question…. What can’t I vereniging.opensource.nl/wiki/index.php/So
Receive. tware-Defined_Radio_on_Ubuntu Many YouTube
22Some of the things you can receive. AM videos – search for RTL SDR, RTL-SDR or
SDR – Software Defined Radio.ppt
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SDR – Software Defined Radio

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