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Collaboration on telecommunication information security management (Q
Collaboration on telecommunication information security management (Q
Collaboration on telecommunication information security management (Q
Collaboration on telecommunication information security management (Q
Collaboration on ubiquitous sensor network security (Q
Collaboration on ubiquitous sensor network security (Q
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SG 17 input for a joint ITU-T ISOIEC JTC 1 leadership meeting (4-5 February 2010)

содержание презентации «SG 17 input for a joint ITU-T ISOIEC JTC 1 leadership meeting (4-5 February 2010).ppt»
Сл Текст Сл Текст
1SG 17 input for a joint ITU-T | 9Telebiometrics related to physics,
ISO/IEC JTC 1 leadership meeting (4-5 chemistry, biology, culturology and
February 2010). Chairman: Arkadiy Kremer psychology. Collaboration with ISO TC 12
Counsellor: Georges Sebek Joint ITU-T/ISO and IEC TC 25. 9.
IEC JTC 1 Leadership meeting. 10Collaboration on identity management
2ITU-T SG 17 role and mandate. (Q.10/17 Identity management architecture
Responsible for studies relating to and mechanisms). Collaboration with ITU-T
security including cybersecurity, SGs 2, 11, 13 and 16; ITU-D SG 1, ISO/IEC
countering spam and identity management. JTC 1 SCs 6, 27 and 37; IETF; ATIS;
Also responsible for the application of ETSI/TISPAN; OASIS; Kantara Initiative;
open system communications including OMA; NIST; 3GPP; 3GPP2, Eclipse; InCommon;
directory and object identifiers, and for PRIME; OpenID Foundation; Shibboleth; etc.
technical languages, the method for their Eclipse; InCommon; PRIME; OpenID
usage and other issues related to the Foundation; Shibboleth; etc. JCA-IdM
software aspects of telecommunication designed to minimize duplication of
systems Lead study group on coordinate IdM Standardization work by
telecommunication security, identity exchanging information about on-going
management (IdM) and languages and projects. 7 meetings held during the
description techniques. period 2008-2010 basic coordination tool
3SG 17 structure. WP 1. WP 2. WP 3. is an IdM Roadmap that provides abstracts
Identity management and languages. Network and relationships of IdM projects in major
and information security. Application IdM SDO's, consortiums, and fora
security. Q10 IdM. Security project. Q1. Significant progress has been made in
Ubiquitous services. Q6. Q11 Directory. Q2 developing a set of baseline IdM terms and
Architecture. Q7 Applications. Q12 ASN.1, definitions that were initiated by ITU-T
OID. Q3 ISM. Q13 Languages. Q8 SOA. Q4 SC 27 is a regular participant and
Cybersecurity. Q14 Testing. Q9 contributor to the JCA-IdM. 10.
Telebiometrics. Countering spam. Q5. Q15 11Collaboration on entity authentication
OSI. assurance, X.eaa with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC
4Collaboration on ICT Security 27/WG 5 (Q.10/17). ITU-T X.eaa ? ISO/IEC
Standards Roadmap (Q.1/17 29115 5th WD sessions held in September
Telecommunications systems security (ITU-T) and November 2009 (ISO/IEC JTC
project). An important on-line security 1/SC 27) ITU-T proposed change in scope a
standards resource developed in proposal to establish a Collaborative Team
collaboration with ISO/IEC, ENISA, ETSI, with Terms of Reference (ToR) submitted to
IETF and other SDOs Comprises 5 parts: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG5 SC 27 accepted a
Part 1 contains information about 6th WD with a significantly changed format
organizations working on ICT security and new material. ToR were reviewed,
standards Part 2 is a searchable database modified and sent to the ISO national
of existing security standards from 9 SDOs bodies. ToR should be approved in April
and consortia Part 3 lists (or links to) 2010 In January 2010 the 6th WD,
current projects and standards in representing major improvements was sent
development Part 4 identifies future needs to the ISO Secretariat for distribution to
and proposed new standards Part 5 lists national bodies WG 5 requested a one year
security best practices Publicly available extension for ITU-T X.eaa ? ISO/IEC 29115
under Special Projects and Issues at: It is anticipated that with the
www.itu.int/ITU-T/studygroups/com17/index establishment of the Collaborative Team,
Need to establish a process for regular progress should improve. 11.
updating of the Roadmap. 4. 12Collaboration on the Directory
5Collaboration on telecommunication (Q.11/17 Directory services, Directory
information security management (Q.3/17 systems, and public-key/attribute
Telecommunications information security certificates). Two Directory projects:
management). Close collaboration and ITU-T X.500-series | ISO/IEC 9594–All
liaison with JTC 1/SC 27/WG1 - Information Parts ITU-T E.115 - Computerized directory
security management systems (ISMS) assistance ITU-T X.500 | ISO/IEC 9594 in
Developing common Recommendations | fruitful cooperation with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC
International Standards ITU-T X.1051 | 6 X.500 is a specification for a highly
ISO/IEC 27011, Information security secure, versatile and distributed
management guidelines for directory The specification is under
telecommunications organizations based on continuous enhancement support for RFID an
ISO/IEC 27002 (Published 2008) ITU-T important new work item ITU-T X.509 |
X.isgf | ISO/IEC 27014, Information ISO/IEC 9594-8, the most important
security governance framework (Currently standard: Basis for eGovernment,
under development as a joint project) eBusiness, etc. all over the world Is the
Enhancing ISMS related documents in Q.3/17 base specification for many other groups
Information security management guidelines (IETF PKIX, ETSI ESI, CA Browser Forum,
for small and medium telecommunication etc.). 12.
organizations Information asset 13Collaboration on ASN.1 and Object
maintenance guidelines. 5. Identifiers (Q.12/17 Abstract Syntax
6Collaboration on cybersecurity Notation One (ASN.1), Object Identifiers
information exchange (Q.4/17 (OIDs) and associated registration). Five
Cybersecurity). Q.4/17 cybersecurity main projects: Abstract Syntax Notation 1
information exchange (CYBEX) links ISO/IEC (ASN.1) ASN.1 encoding rules Object
JTC 1 SC 27/WG1 Information security identifiers Registration of tag-based
management system requirements (ISO/IEC applications and services The Object
27001) Information security management Identifier Resolution System ITU-T
code of practice (ISO/IEC 27002) X.680-series | ISO/IEC 8824 in
Information security governance (ISO/IEC collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 (and
27014) Information security management for earlier with SC 16) These are the base
inter-sector and inter-organizational ASN.1 standards – a widely used notation
communication (ISO/IEC 27010) ISO/IEC JTC for abstract syntax definition ITU-T
1 SC 27/WG 3 Evaluation criteria for IT X.690-series | ISO/IEC 8825 in
security, international common criteria collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 (and
project (ISO/IEC 15408, 18045) Protection earlier with SC 16) Specification of
profile registration procedures (ISO/IEC encoding rules, including XML encodings
15292) Security assessment of operational for ASN.1.
systems (ISO/IEC 19791) Responsible 14Collaboration on ASN.1 and Object
vulnerability disclosure (ISO/IEC 27047) Identifiers (Q.12/17 Abstract Syntax
ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27/WG 4 Cybersecurity Notation One (ASN.1), Object Identifiers
(ISO/IEC 27032) Network security (ISO/IEC (OIDs) and associated registration). ITU-T
27033) Application security (ISO/IEC X.660-series | ISO/IEC 9834 in
27034) Information security incident collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 The
management (ISO/IEC 27035) Security of Object Identifier Standards. OIDs form a
outsourcing (ISO/IEC 27036) Guidelines for major part of world-wide unambiguous
digital evidence (ISO/IEC 27037) ISO/IEC identification schemes for security and
JTC 1 SC 27/WG 5 Entity authentication other purposes ITU-T X.668 | ISO/IEC
assurance (ITU-T X.eaa | ISO/IEC 29115). 9834-9 in collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC
6. 1/SC 6 Registration of tag-based
7Collaboration on ubiquitous sensor identification schemes ITU-T X.oid-res |
network security (Q.6/17 Security aspects ISO/IEC CD2 29168 in collaboration with
of ubiquitous telecommunication services). ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 Provides for on-line
Close collaboration and liaison with JTC access using DNS to multi-media
1/SC 6/WG 7 - ubiquitous sensor network information associated with and
(USN) security Developing common International OID node.
Recommendations | International Standards 15Collaboration on formal languages
ITU-T X.usnsec-1 | ISO/IEC CD 29180, (Q.13/17 Formal languages and
Security framework for ubiquitous sensor telecommunication software). ODP
network (Currently under development as a Recommendations developed jointly with SC
joint project) Advance authorization for 7 are now in maintenance phase To some
Final Committee Draft ballot on ITU-T extent SDL overlaps the domain of JTC 1/SC
X.usnsec-1 | ISO/IEC CD 29180 in January 7 LOTOS and E-LOTOS, however (at least for
2010 JTC 1/SC 6/WG 7 meeting Further telecommunications) SDL is more widely
consideration for inclusion of joint works used. Work plan covers the UML profiles
on Recommendations X.usnsec-2, Ubiquitous for SDL, MSC, URN and (possibly) Testing
sensor network (USN) middleware security and Test Control Notation (TTCN). UML
guidelines X.usnsec-3 Secure routing profiles integrate the ITU-T languages
mechanisms for wireless sensor network. 7. using UML as a framework. Thus (like JTC
8Collaboration on biometrics related 1/SC 7) Q.13/17 has interest in OMG UML,
technology (Q.9/17 Telebiometrics). though Q.13/17 uses OMG UML 2.n (not UML
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 37 Biometrics. ISO TC 12 1.4.2 as in ISO/IEC 19501:2005). Q.13/17
IEC TC 25 Quantities and Units. ISO/IEC has in its scope (though no work is
JTC 1/SC 27 IT Security Techniques. planned): the CHILL programming language –
Threats & Countermeasures Data & Z.200, quality issues – Z.400 and Z.450,
System protection Authentication protocol architecture – Z.600 and Z.601. 15.
for Biometrics applications in 16ISO/IEC/ITU-T Strategic Advisory Group
Telecommunication. Biometric data used in on Security. Terms of reference To oversee
e-health applications. ITU-T/SG 17 WP standardization activities in ISO, IEC and
2/Q.9 Telebiometrics. Vocabulary ITU-T relevant to the field of security To
Biometrics data format Application provide advice and guidance to the ISO
interfaces Application profiles Testing Technical Management Board, the IEC
scenario. Biometric sample protection Standardization Management Board and the
Biometric template protection Private ITU-T Telecommunication Standardization
information protection. 8. Advisory Group (TSAG) relative to the
9Collaboration on biometrics related coordination of work relevant to security,
technology (Q.9/17 Telebiometrics). ITU-T and in particular to identify areas where
Recommendations. Collaboration with ISO, new standardization initiatives may be
IEC or ISO/IEC JTC1 Projects. X.1083 warranted To monitor the implementation of
BioAPI Interworking Protocol. Joint the recommendations of the SAG-S Web site:
collaboration with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 (IS http://www.iso.org/iso/iss_home ITU-T SG
24708 - BioAPI Interworking Protocol). 17 provides representatives to SAG-S. 16.
X.1086 Telebiometrics Protection 17Summary. ITU-T SG 17 has a long
Procedures - Part1: A Guideline to experience of collaboration with ISO, IEC
Technical and Managerial Countermeasures TCs/SCs and JTC 1 SCs ITU-T SG 17 hosts
for Biometric Data Security. Collaboration collaborative meetings with SC 6 on ASN.1
with ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 (IS 19792 - and OID, Directory, ubiquitous sensor
Security evaluation of biometrics). X.1089 networks (USN) security (new).
Telebiometrics Authentication Collaborative meetings are planned with SC
Infrastructure. Collaboration with ISO/IEC 27 on Entity Authentication assurance
JTC1/SC27 (IS 24761 - Authentication Details on collaboration are given at
context for biometrics). X.gep A guideline http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/studygroups/com17
for evaluating telebiometric template refdocs/relationships.html SG 17 is
protection techniques. Collaboration with maintaining reference documents: Listing
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 (IS 24745 - Biometric of common text and technically aligned
template protection ). X.th1 Generic ASN.1 Recommendations | International Standards
definitions for telebiometrics related to Mapping between ISO/IEC Standards and
health communications. X.th2 to X.th6 ITU-T Recommendations.
SG 17 input for a joint ITU-T ISOIEC JTC 1 leadership meeting (4-5 February 2010).ppt
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SG 17 input for a joint ITU-T ISOIEC JTC 1 leadership meeting (4-5 February 2010)

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