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Improving the Child’s Experience
Improving the Child’s Experience
Improving the Child’s Experience
Improving the Child’s Experience
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Шаблоны для игрушки 2007

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1Improving the Child’s Experience. 9the vein (blue line) 2nd- Cleaning—it will
Alinda Shelley BS, CCLS Certified Child feel cold and wet and removes germs 3rd-
Life Specialist. Poke—some kids say it feels like a poke or
2Development. Infant Fear separation pinch. Your job is to hold your arm still
from parents or caregiver Infants need a and take deep breaths. Purpose dependent
safe, secure, nurturing environment upon situation.
Toddler/Preschool Perceive pain and 10Be Honest. NEVER make a promise you
hospitalization as punishment Give them can’t keep If you lie about ANYTHING that
the opportunity to assert themselves and happens during their experience, they will
the freedom to attempt new skills. become distrustful of medical personnel.
3Development. School Age Fear bodily 11Language. “The King Who Rained” by
injury and loss of control Wants everyone Fred Gwynne.
to adhere to rules Create an environment 12
where they can succeed Adolescent Worries 13Coping Plan. It is okay to cry/
about body image, change in appearance, express feelings Engage in conversation
and separation from peers Wants to be Use electronic devices Utilize toys/ books
treated as an adult Wants privacy. Guided imagery Deep breathing Give each
4Common Changes. Increased demand for person a role.
attention Regression Hyper vigilance 14Bibliography. Faber, A. & Mazlish,
Greater fear of strangers Changes in E. (1980). How to talk so kids will listen
eating Anger Greater concern about the & listen so kids will talk. NY: Avon
body Increased crying and clinging. Books. Kiely, A.B. (1992). Volunteers in
5Building Rapport. Introduce yourself Child Health: Management, Selection,
and your role Get down on eye level Engage Training, and Supervision. Bethesda, MD:
in play Carry bubbles or other small toys Association for the Care of Children's
Lanyard toy Smile Respect expression of Health. Merck Manual. (2003). Illness in
emotions. Children: Social Issues Affecting Children
6 and Their Families [Internet]. Available
7Don’t. Talk down (including baby voice from:
and nicknames) Say “Be a big kid” or “Be http://www.merck.com/mmhe/print/sec23/ch28
brave” Make promises Tell them info they /ch287c.html [Accessed April 2, 2007].
won’t experience Exaggerate the experience Northam, E. (1997). Psychosocial impact of
(over or under) Compare patients Talk chronic illness in children. Journal of
about children as if they aren’t present. Paediatric & Children’s Health, 33,
8Preparation. Imagine how a child would 369-372. Pediatric Education Services,
view the experience Describe using senses Primary Children’s Medical Center. (2006).
and steps Give clear, concrete, simple Let’s Talk About. . . Your child’s
information Watch a child’s affect to emotional responses to illness, injury and
perceive whether it’s too much or too health care. Pinnick, N. (1984). The work
little information Utilize choices “You of chronically ill children on a hospital
can choose what you’d like to do while you unit. Children’s Health Care, 12, (3),
have your shot. You can’t choose whether 113-117. Sheldon, L. (1997). Hospitalising
you have one.” Give the child and parent a children: a review of the effects. Nursing
job. Standard, 12, (1), 44-47. Wright, M.C.
9IV Prep. Describe using senses and (1995). Behavioural effects of
purpose behind it 1st- Tourniquet (most of hospitalization in children. Journal of
the time called a rubber band)—it is going Paediatric and Children’s Health, 31,
to feel tight and helps to see and feel 165-167.
Шаблоны для игрушки 2007.ppt
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Шаблоны для игрушки 2007

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