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How serious is SBS
How serious is SBS
In New York State…
In New York State…
Who are the perpetrators of SBS
Who are the perpetrators of SBS
What if your baby will not stop crying
What if your baby will not stop crying
If your baby is still crying…
If your baby is still crying…
If you think a baby may have been shaken…
If you think a baby may have been shaken…
Shaken Baby Syndrome is preventable
Shaken Baby Syndrome is preventable
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Shaken Baby Syndrome – What You Need to Know

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1Shaken Baby Syndrome – What You Need 9skin contact will help to soothe and relax
to Know. both of you Run a vacuum cleaner,
2What is Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)? hairdryer, or make some other white noise
SBS can happen when an adult or older While sitting, lay your baby face down
child violently shakes an infant or young across your knees and gently pat or rub
child The baby’s brain moves back and their back Play soft music, sing, or hum
forth inside the skull, tearing blood to your baby Take your baby for a ride in
vessels and causing blood to pool inside the stroller Swaddle your baby in a soft
the skull Shaking can cause brain injury, blanket.
cerebral palsy, blindness, hearing loss, 10If you become frustrated with your
learning & behavior problems, baby’s behavior… If you have tried to
seizures, paralysis, and death. soothe your baby but they are still
3How serious is SBS? One out of every crying, it is okay to put the baby down in
four children who is shaken dies from a safe place and take a short break Spend
their injuries 80% of survivors suffer 5-10 minutes reading, listening to music,
permanent damage An estimated 1,200-1,400 exercising, or talking to a friend Check
children in the United States are injured on the baby after a few minutes- once you
or killed by shaking each year. feel relaxed you can try again to stop
4What are the economic results of SBS? your baby’s crying.
In the United States, costs of 11Immediate symptoms of SBS include:
hospitalizations and continuing care for Baby seems very tired or cannot stay awake
SBS victims can total between $1.2 and 16 Baby is very irritable/ fussy Poor
billion each year Some other costs are the appetite No smiling or vocalization
wages and productivity of victims who (talking) Difficulty swallowing, sucking,
can’t work, and the costs of prosecuting or breathing Head or forehead is larger
the abuser and putting him or her in jail. than usual Baby can’t lift head Pupils
5In New York State… An average of 19 different sizes Baby is very stiff or like
children from birth to 4 years of age are a rag doll Vomiting.
hospitalized each year because of SBS The 12If you think a baby may have been
average charge for each hospitalization is shaken… Call 911 right away! Emergency
$113,092. medical care could prevent permanent brain
6Who are the perpetrators of SBS? In damage, or even save the baby’s life.
most cases the person who shakes a baby is 13Shaken Baby Syndrome is preventable!
male, usually either the mother’s Make sure to share the information from
boyfriend or the baby’s father In a this presentation with anyone who spends
smaller number of cases, a paid caregiver time with your child, even if it is only
or babysitter is responsible for shaking a for a short while Everyone who is
baby In some cases, the baby’s mother is responsible for a young child should know
the perpetrator. to never, ever shake a baby.
7Why would someone shake a baby? Most 14For more information on SBS… New York
adults who admit to shaking a baby say State Department of Health- Bureau of
they became frustrated and upset when the Injury Prevention
baby would not stop crying Personal issues https://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/injur
such as money or problems at work or in _prevention/shaken_baby_syndrome/
relationships can also make a caregiver 518-402-7900 New York State Office of
frustrated enough to shake a child Most Children & Family Services
perpetrators of SBS didn’t mean to hurt or www.ocfs.state.ny.us/main/prevention
kill the child, and did not realize that 518-473-7793 Hotline to Report Child Abuse
their actions could have this effect. and Neglect: 1-800-342-3720 Centers for
8What if your baby will not stop Disease Control and Prevention
crying? Make sure all of your baby’s basic www.cdc.gov/ViolencePrevention/childmaltre
needs are met. Is your baby… Hungry? Too tment/index.html 1-800-232-4636
hot or too cold? Sick or feverish? Needing (1-800-CDC-INFO) Shaken Baby Alliance
a diaper change? www.shakenbaby.org 1-877-636-3727
9If your baby is still crying… Gently (1-877-6-END-SBS).
rock your baby Touch your baby- skin to
Shaken Baby Syndrome – What You Need to Know.ppt
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Shaken Baby Syndrome – What You Need to Know

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