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Football League attendances 1986 - 2000
Football League attendances 1986 - 2000
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Sport as Global Entertainment

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1Sport as Global Entertainment Chris 15requires that the IOC take 'all necessary
Gratton Sport Industry Research Centre steps in order to ensure the fullest
(SIRC) Sheffield Hallam University UK. coverage by the different media and the
2History: Sport Predominantly Local widest possible audience in the world for
Activity. Prior to 1960s sport was the Olympic Games.' At the Beijing
predominantly local activity Broadcasting Olympics live Olympic Games in the UK
rights income, government funding of elite content amounted to 5,000 hours covering
sport, and sponsorship income were 28 sports. The BBC broadcast 240 hours of
negligible Sport market dominated by mass live content from Beijing or just 4.8% of
participation sport with the voluntary the total. That is, 95% of the Olympic
sector the main supplier Elite sport Games content was not broadcast to the UK
mainly amateur with exception of viewing public.
professional team sports (where rewards 16FIFA Evidence. FIFA's argument in
were modest). relation to the World Cup was that they
31960s, 1970s: Rise of National Sports were happy for part of the tournament to
Markets. Increasing importance of be listed (eg opening match, matches of
international sporting competitions home nations, semi finals and final) but
creating need for national policies and they preferred a model operated in some
strategies for elite sport Increasing other European countries (eg France) where
visibility of these competitions through a partnership between free-to-air and
television Sport for all movement Pay-TV broadcasters shared the tournament.
recognising health and social benefits of 17FIFA Evidence. Loss of broadcast
sport for all creating need for national revenue was FIFA's main concern (unlike
policy for mass participation sport IOC's argument relating to lack of
National agencies for sport policy created coverage) 2007: event income accounted for
Increasing importance of government in 89% of FIFA revenue with the bulk of this
sport. coming from the sale of broadcasting
4Post 1980s: Globalisation of the Sport rights to the 2010 World Cup.
Market. Globalising Forces: Increasing 18English Premier League.
globalisation of media coverage of major 19Football League attendances 1947 -
sports events (e.g. Olympics, Soccer World 1985.
Cup) Global recognition of top athletes 20The Future of Football 1985. “Football
Association of these athletes with global will no doubt survive in British culture
sports brands (e.g. Nike, Adidas). in one form or another. It will remain a
5Characteristics of Global Sports strength in regions where traditional male
Market. Escalation in price of working-class culture persists.......
broadcasting rights for global sports Perhaps football belonged to an earlier
events. Global marketing of major sports phase of industrialisation and has only a
products by using images (not words) tenuous place in post-industrial society”
recognisable worldwide Global sports Chas Critcher.
celebrities most important part of these 21Football League attendances 1986 -
images Escalation in price of sponsorship 2000.
deals for both events and athletes by both 22The cost of the rights to live league
sport (e.g. Nike, Adidas) and non-sport matches from the top division in England,
(e.g. Coca-Cola, McDonalds) sponsors. 1983 to 1997.
6Olympic Games. 23Broadcast Rights Fees for Sport. The
7London 2012. single biggest influence on the economic
8TV. London had a Global TV audience of position of English Premier League
4.8 million compared to: - Beijing 4.7 football is the increase in income from
million - Athens 3.9 million - Sydney 3.7 the sale of domestic broadcasting rights:
million. 1985 annual income from TV, ?3 million
9New Media. London2012.com became the 1997 annual income from TV, ?170 million
world’s most popular sport website with 2001 annual income from TV, ?540 million
431 million visits IOC’s website attracted 2008 annual income from TV, ?791 million
16 million visits up from 10.6 million for 2010 annual income from TV, ?823 million.
Beijing London 2012’s social media sites 24Premier League TV Rights 2007-10.
(Facebook, Twitter and Google +) attracted BSkyB 92 matches ?4.76 m per game (?2.47m
4.7 million followers. in 2004-7) Setanta 46 matches ?2.8 m per
10Countries broadcasting the Olympics. game Total UK rights ?1.7 billion Overseas
Olympic Summer Games. Olympic Summer rights ?625 million.
Games. 1936 Berlin. 1. 1948 London. 1. 25Premier League TV Rights 2010-13.
1952 Helsinki. 2. 1956 Melbourne. 1. 1960 Total UK rights ?1.8 billion Overseas
Rome. 21. 1964 Tokyo. 40. 1968 Mexico rights ? 1.4 billion.
City. n/a. 1972 M?nich. 98. 1976 Montreal. 26Premier League TV rights 2013-16. UK
124. 1980 Moscow. 111. 1984 Los Angeles. Rights (BSkyB/BT) ?3.4 billion Overseas
156. 1988 Seoul. 160. 1992 Barcelona. 193. Rights ?2.5 billion (212 countries).
1996 Atlanta. 214. 2000 Sydney. 220. 2004 27British Sky Broadcasting. Satellite
Athens. 220. 2008 Beijing. 220. Broadcasting Company set up in late 1980s
11Olympic TV rights fees (US$-million). Massive losses in early years, and by 1992
1960 Rome. 1. 1964 Tokyo. 2. 1968 Mexico still making a loss with only 1.5 million
City. 10. 1972 M?nich. 18. 1976 Montreal. subscribers In 1992 bid ?304 million for
35. 1980 Moscow. 88. 1984 Los Angeles. Premier League Football TV rights 1997 -
286. 1988 Seoul. 402. 1992 Barcelona. 636. Europe’s most profitable broadcaster with
1996 Atlanta. 898. 2000 Sydney. 1,332. profits made at ?8 per second - Market
2004 Athens. 1,494. 2008 Beijing. 1,739. capitalisation of ?10 billion - 7 million
2012 London. 2,569. subscribers; in 2013, 10.4 million
12Distribution of revenues from subscribers Over 50% subscribers say sport
broadcasting rights. . IOC. LOOC. 1948 – is main reason for subscription Over 50%
1968. 1-4%. 99-96%. 1972 – 1980. 10%. 90%. operating costs are sport-related.
1984 – 1992. 33%. 67%. 1996 – 2004. 40%. 28Football World Cup.
60%. 2006 – 2010. 51%. 49%. 2010 --------. 29World Cup 2006 in Germany.
LOOC receives a guaranteed amount. LOOC 30Economic impact of Overseas Visitors.
receives a guaranteed amount. Stadium Visitors: 1.47 billion Euros
13IOC Broadcast Rights Revenue. The Public Viewing Visitors: 1.09 billion
total money income the IOC received from Euros Total: 2.56 billion Euros Average
its share of the Beijing 2008 Games per match: 40 million Euros.
broadcasting rights income ($0.89 billion) 31Conclusions. There is no doubt that
was 500 times more than its share of the sport is global entertainment Within a
broadcasting rights income for the Munich fragmented television landscape where much
1972 Games ($1.28 million) Beijing is recorded, safe and predictable only
received $0.85 billion, just over 50 times sport offers uncertainty, risk and
more than Munich. ‘liveness’ Most of all live sport even on
14Listed Events 2009 Independent Review television has the ability to generate
Panel. powerful emotions and this drives the
15IOC Evidence. Olympic Charter: which global demand for sport.
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Sport as Global Entertainment

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