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STEM and You
STEM and You
What is STEM
What is STEM
STEM by Career Paths
STEM by Career Paths
Some Math Careers:
Some Math Careers:
How Some Majors Fit Into One STEM Workplace
How Some Majors Fit Into One STEM Workplace
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STEM and You

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1STEM and You! Where Your Strengths 16numerically controlled (CNC) machinery,
Meet the World’s Needs. This template is Mechanical engineering Social Sciences -
created to help counselors and others Long distance psychotherapy via live video
build presentations about STEM and career conferencing.
options. Rich Feller, Andrea K. Greenwall 17What’s in It for You? Earn good pay
Shreve, Colorado State University April Earn respect Learn new things everyday
19, 2010. Create new technologies Be valuable to
2How To Use This Presentation. How to society.
use and adapt slide deck to meet audience 18Some Average Salaries. Engineers
needs: Slides 3-4 are background depending on field: $52K to $83K Software
information for facilitator Remove slides Engineers: $85K Chemists: $66K Medical
3-4 or adapt for audience before use All Scientists: $73K Geoscientist: $79K
underlined words are hot linked (provides Environmental Scientist: $60K
additional information for facilitator or Biochemist/Biophysicist: $83K. These
allows audience to follow your lead). numbers were taken from the U.S.
Individual users can explore based on Occupational Outlook Handbook.
their needs. Adapt all material and add 19STEM by Career Paths. Science
personalized slides to meet your Technology Engineering Math Computing
objectives. Good luck and please send Health Care.
feedback or ideas for improvement to 20Some Science Careers: For More Science
feller@cahs.colostate.edu. Career Info See: OOH Professional
3What is STEM? (For Adults). The Occupations. Agricultural and food
science, technology, engineering, and scientists Biological scientists
mathematics (STEM) fields are collectively Conservation scientists and foresters
considered core technological Medical scientists Atmospheric scientists
underpinnings of an advanced society, Chemists and materials scientists
according to both the National Research Environmental scientists and specialists
Council and the National Science Geoscientists and hydrologists Physicists
Foundation. In many forums (including and astronomers.
political/governmental and academic) the 21Some Technology Careers: Computer
strength of the STEM workforce is viewed network, systems, and database
as an indicator of a nation's ability to administrators Computer scientists
sustain itself. Maintaining a citizenry Computer software engineers and computer
that is well versed in the STEM fields is programmers Computer support specialists
a key portion of the public education Computer systems analysts. For More
agenda. Substantial efforts are underway Technology Career Info See: OOH
to raise awareness of STEM education Professional Occupations.
issues, initiatives and programs to help 22Some Engineering Fields: For more
those seeking and promoting STEM career info: OOH Engineers. Aerospace
options. Agricultural Biomedical Chemical Civil
4STEM and the Achievement Gap. (For Electrical Electronics Environmental
adults). Some of the most telling facts Health and Safety Industrial Marine
about the achievement gap are provided by Materials Mechanical Mining and Geological
the Education Equality Project - Nuclear Petroleum.
showcasing what’s known about both the 23Some Math Careers: Actuaries
problem and its solutions. Choose to view Mathematicians Operations research
all or selected facts by categories. Fast analysts Statisticians. Image courtesy of
Facts. DailyClipArt.net.
5What is STEM? STEM stands for a 24Top STEM Industry Clusters. Advanced
cluster of careers in the fields of: Manufacturing Aerospace Biotechnology
Science Technology Engineering Math. Energy Geospatial Technology Health Care
6What Do We REALLY Mean by STEM? Any Homeland Security Information Technology
field or career that: Creates, Discovers Nanotechnology Transportation.
or Applies New Knowledge to Make Life 25Top STEM Disciplines. Chemistry
Better for All! Computer Science Engineering Environmental
7In Other Words... STEM careers : Science Geosciences Life Sciences
Search for new information, methods, and Mathematics Physics/Astronomy All STEM
ways to do and understand things better Disciplines.
Work to effectively and efficiently solve 26How Some Majors Fit Into One STEM
the world’s problems Require you to Workplace. Find Your Place at JPL Choose
innovate, create, & discover Require from a list of majors and see how they are
you to ask why and how about things that used within one workplace.
need to be built, invented and designed. 27Gender and Ethnic Diversity. Gender
8We want you to explore STEM careers… and Ethnic Diversity is required to meet
because the World needs YOU and you may global STEM needs. Women In Engineering
not have been getting the message! Proactive Network Engineer Girl STEM
9STEM Careers Are: Cutting Edge Equity Pipeline Diverse Education Blog
Profitable Beneficial In Demand. There's a STEM Career for You Diversity
10People Attracted to STEM Are Usually: Careers.
Investigative people interested in: 28Women Tell Their STEM Stories.
Knowing Finding out Analyzing Thinking Engineering for Life Video Clips (Female
Exploring. Role Models Solving Problems) Katherine
11People Who Like STEM Are Often: Bicer's dream job keeps helicopters flying
Realistic people interested in work that high AND she teaches yoga to her
demands: Physical activities Hands-on coworkers. [Video duration 1:16] Erin
tasks Practical solutions Tool-oriented Fletcher's dream job lets her fulfill her
problem solving. childhood dream to build bridges AND she
12STEM Fields Value People Who Are: gets to change people’s lives. [Video
Interested in creating & being duration 1:57] Daniele Lantagne's dream
“outside the box” (Artistic) Interested in job lets her teach people how to make
organizing, processing, & their drinking water safe ALL WHILE
record-keeping (Conventional) Interested traveling the world. [Video duration 2:13]
in helping society and individuals Judy Lee's dream job lets her design
(Social) Interested in leading, persuading everything from toys to pet products AND
and selling (Enterprising). she gets to brings her dog to work. [Video
13STEM Is a Way of Thinking, Doing, duration 2:07] Tanya Martinez's dream job
Creating, Organizing and Helping! All lets her follow her passions for the
career interests are needed in STEM environment and her culture PLUS she’s her
careers, one way or another. All career own boss! [Video duration 1:20] Jessica
interests use STEM knowledge and tools in Miller's dream job lets her invent
their fields. STEM interests are cutting-edge medical devices AND save
incredibly cool because they make a REAL lives. [Video duration 2:08] Tara Teich's
difference in everyday life! dream job lets her create new worlds and
14Why is STEM Important? Knowledge cool characters for video games PLUS she
Economy - Information is power and the gets her name on the box! [Video duration
global currency of the day. Effect of STEM 3:01].
on U.S. Economy Creating wealth and jobs 29A Few STEM Folks Tell Their Stories.
China and India are increasingly wise Powering the Planet (19 min) The Wind
competitors with much larger populations Business (5 min) Second Skin Capability
from which to draw talent. Recent History (4:30) Spaceports (11:45) The Space Sling
& STEM Space Race - Sputnik to the (5:19) Designing and Engineering Rockets
Moon Landing during the 1950s and 60s. The (8 min) Ares: Testing Rockets (8:45)
U.S. was in competition with the former Flying on Mars (2:30).
Soviet Union. Global Economic Crisis - The 30A Few More STEM Folks Tell Their
worst financial crisis since the Great Stories. Inventing Toys (5 min)
Depression. Achievement Gap - The observed Understanding Hurricanes (3 min) What are
disparity on a number of educational Scientists and Engineers Like? (57 min)
measures between the performance of groups The Shape of Phones (5 min) Printing Money
of students, especially groups defined by (3 min).
gender, race/ethnicity, ability, and 31Famous and Not-So-Famous STEM People.
socioeconomic status. Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Chemist, Astronaut
15How Do You Benefit From STEM Today? Steve Jobs: CEO of Apple, Board Member of
Everyday outcomes of STEM: Cell phones, Disney Dorothy M. Metcalf-Lindenburger,
smart phones or MP3 players - computer Geologist, Teacher, Astronaut Story
engineering, high tech manufacturing Video Musgrave - Former astronaut with SIX
games - computer engineering: hardware, degrees in fields including mathematics
and software Animated movies - computer and statistics, operations analysis and
engineering: hardware, and software Cars - computer programming, chemistry, medicine,
mechanical engineering, high tech physiology and biophysics, and
manufacturing, mining engineering, surprisingly, literature. Waverly Person -
petroleum engineering Digital photography Geophysicist, seismologist, director
- computer software and hardware National Earthquake Information Center
engineering Plastic - petroleum 1977 - 2006. NEIC Photo Stephanie D.
engineering. Wilson, Aerospace Engineer, Astronaut.
16Some Places You Might Be Surprised to 32How to Find Out More About STEM
Find STEM. Health Care - Prevention, Careers. www.STEMCareer.com O*Net Online
treatment, and management of illness by STEM Disciplines Occupational Outlook
creating biomedical devices, and defining Handbook: OOH Professional Occupations.
and developing chemical and biological 33A Few Cool Websites: Discover
processes Construction and Mining - GIS Engineering NASA Education Engineer Your
computer programmed heavy machinery Life Go-Defense Stem Pipeline Blog.
Libraries - Computer information systems 34Where Can You Use Your Strengths in
embodied Manufacturing - Computed STEM?
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STEM and You

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