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Reflect on the English Language Arts Lesson
Reflect on the English Language Arts Lesson
Reflect on the English Language Arts Lesson
Reflect on the English Language Arts Lesson
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Strategic Lesson English Language Arts

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1Strategic Lesson English Language 9since Ryan Seacrest pushed aside Brian
Arts. Adjective and Adverb Phrases. ARI Dunkleman to take the front spot solo
Secondary Team 2009. 1. after the show’s first season. Already
2Course of Study Standard 9th Grade announced and widely publicized: the
English Language Arts. Standard #7 Write addition of a fourth host. Kara DioGuardi,
in narrative, expository, and persuasive a Grammy-nominated songwriter from New
modes using figurative language and York who has written songs for and with
imagery, including simile and metaphor, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion and Gwen
when effective and appropriate. Ex: Stefani. (She’s also worked with former
essays, letter of complaint Objectives: “Idol” singers such as Kelly Clarkson, Bo
Using an abbreviated writing process to Bice and Taylor Hicks.) Since the birth of
write an essay in timed and untimed “Idol,” the three-judge formula (expert,
situations Using verbals to increase nice, mean) has become so ubiquitous in
sentence complexity Using a variety of television that one forgets “Idol”
patterns to organize information in actually invented it—that it was not just
multi-paragraph writings Ex: chronological present in nature when “Idol” was born.
order, cause and effect, order of On-screen chemistry is commonly referred
importance Developing an effective voice to as “lightning in a bottle” by industry
suitable for audience and purpose Using a professionals—the hardest quantity in
variety of sentence patterns Ex: nature to capture and sustain.
determining use of structural variety by 10“Y’all Do” Chunk 3. With the addition
diagramming selected sentences Using of DioGuardi to the panel, “Idol” has
active and passive voice when appropriate. taken the most celebrated, road-tested
ARI Secondary Team 2008. 2. bottled-electricity in all of show
3Course of Study 8th Grade English business and thrown in a dose of
Language Arts. Standard #20 Know and apply hydrochloric acid. Will the addition make
principles of grammar and usage in the contained combustion pulse ever
writing, speaking, and presenting and higher, or will it dilute the carefully
apply mechanics in writing. Objectives: calibrated elements, causing the bottle to
Capitalization Punctuation Grammar, usage, crack and the whole mixture to drip
and spelling - Adverb and adjective forms forlornly to the floor? At this point, it
- Developing compound and complex is impossible to have much sense about how
sentences. ARI Secondary Team 2008. 3. things will turn out, but the hanging
4Alabama High School Graduation Exam question mark give the season some
Language Content Standard. Standard I The unexpected excitement before it begins.
student will recognize grammar and usage. And we will all be watching—for at least
Objective #8 Determine correct placement one season more.
of modifiers. Note: Modifiers may be 11Cloze Procedure. The score was tied
words, phrases, or clauses; adjectives and adverb phrase. Fans adjective phrase were
adverbs (adjectival and adverbial phrases screaming adverb phrase. The captain
and clauses or verbals). adjective phrase passed the ball adverb
5Daily Outcome. Students will identify phrase adverb phrase. Luckily, another
prepositional phrases in sentences and player dribbled the ball adverb phrase.
distinguish between adjective phrases and The team was close to breaking the tie
adverb phrases. Assessments (Visible adverb phrase occurred. The gym was silent
Evidence of Learning) Observation adverb phrase. No one spoke a word waiting
Questioning Foldable Exit Slip. ARI adverb phrase. Three seconds adjective
Secondary Team 2008. 5. phrase were left adjective phrase. He
6Think-Pair-Share. the opinionated bounced the ball once, twice, and aimed
teacher the teacher with an opinion The adverb phrase. The shot shocked the crowd
guests will be arriving before dinner. because the ball went adverb phrase.
They are the happiest at the playground. Unbelievably, the winner adjective phrase
He arrived late for lunch. was not determined adverb phrase. The fans
7Frequently Used Prepositions. about adjective phrase cheered wildly.
behind down off till above below during on 12Cloze Procedure. The score was tied
to across beneath except onto toward after between the two rivals. Fans with their
beside for opposite under against besides banners and confetti were screaming beyond
from out until along between in outside up control. The captain of the team passed
amid but into past upon among by like the ball underneath the basket beyond his
since with around concerning near through team player. Luckily, another player
within at despite of throughout without dribbled the ball into the lane. The team
before beyond inside over underneath. was close to breaking the tie before the
8“I DO” Chunk 1. American Idol’s High foul occurred. The gym was silent at that
Wire Act For “Idol,” ratings are of moment. No one spoke a word waiting for
paramount concern because it will never be the free-throw. Three seconds of playing
enough merely to survive or cling to its time were left on the clock. He bounced
primetime slot. It has demolished the ball once, twice, and aimed for the
virtually all comers, except for CBS’ goal. The shot shocked the crowd because
durable crime drama “NCIS,” and it must the ball went past the goal. Unbelievably,
continue to overpower once again or risk the winner of the game was not determined
losing its uncanny ability to coin genuine until the very last second. The fans of
(not the 15-minute variety) stars each the winning team cheered wildly.
season. In a recent interview, “Idol’s” 13BEFORE. Purposes Activate Prior
executive producer, Ken Warwick, said: Knowledge Generate Questions Build
“Our challenge is to keep it as Background knowledge Establish a Purpose
interesting as it’s always been, put in for the Lesson Strategy Think-Pair-Share.
some changes that keep the whole thing ARI Secondary Team 2008. 13.
bubbling and buoyant, and just keep people 14DURING. Purposes engage students in
interested. The biggest problem is that text integrate new information with prior
it’s been on television for eight seasons. information Strategies Chunk the Text
This is the eighth. What do you change? If Cloze Procedure. ARI Secondary Team 2008.
you are any good at your job, after the 14.
third season you’ve honed it as well as 15AFTER. Purposes Reflect on the content
you know how, really. There’s the question of the lesson Respond to text through
of how do you change it up without conversation Strategy Exit Slip. ARI
destroying what you’ve got. In truth, the Secondary Team 2008. 15.
biggest problem will always be, from now 16Reflect on the English Language Arts
on, keeping it fresh.”. Lesson. Column Notes. Five Ingredients.
9“We Do” Chunk 2. This season will see ARI Secondary Team 2008. 16.
the biggest changes to the “Idol” format
Strategic Lesson English Language Arts.ppt
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Strategic Lesson English Language Arts

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