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Summative Test Review

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1Unit I Summative Test Review. 48Phrases VS Clauses. Phrases Clauses.
26 Elements of an Argument. What is the VS. Group of related words. Group of
purpose of a Hook? related words. No subject or predicate.
3Hook. Grabs reader’s attention. Subject and predicate. Dependent.
46 Elements of an Argument. What is the Independent. Not a complete thought=
purpose of a claim? dependent marker word. Complete thought=
5Claim. Comes in opening section of simple sentence.
argument; clearly states position. 49the paper dolls when I fell down Nick
66 elements of an argument. What is the thanked me running from the tornado
purpose of support? camping with my friends Although I love
7support. Evidence to defend your dogs. Phrase vs. Clause- label phrase or
position. clause; if it is a clause, circle the
86 elements of an argument. What is the subject and underline the predicate.
purpose of concessions? 50the paper dolls -phrase when I fell
9Concessions. Recognizes arguments made down- clause Nick thanked me- clause
by the other side. running from the tornado- phrase camping
106 elements of an argument. What is the with my friends- phrase Although I love
purpose of refutations? dogs- clause. Phrase vs. Clause- label
11refutations. Argues against the phrase or clause; if it is a clause,
opposing viewpoint stated. circle the subject and underline the
126 elements of an agrument. What is the predicate.
purpose of summary/call to action? 51Dependent vs. Independent Clause.
13summary/call to action. Final plea to Easiest way to tell the difference=
audience. DEPENDENT MARKER WORDS (because, although,
14Rhetorical appeals. What is the while, when, after, etc.) If a clause
definition of rhetoric? (subject and predicate) that begins with a
15Rhetoric. The art of persuasion. dependent marker work, it is a DEPENDENT
16Rhetorical appeals. Who wrote the clause and NOT a complete thought
book, On Rhetoric? Independent clause= complete thought; can
17On Rhetoric. Aristotle. stand alone as a sentence Ex. While I am
18What are the main concepts of typing this PowerPoint (dependent), I am
rhetoric? Ethos, pathos, logos Background breathing (independent).
knowledge of your audience and their 524 Sentence types. Simple sentence=.
expectations The ability to discover all 53Independent clause. One INDEPENDENT
available means of persuasion. clause.
19Rhetorical appeals. Logos appeals to 544 sentence types. COMPOUND SENTENCE=
audiences though the use of…. **hit your fists together!
20Logos. ...reasoning facts and figures 55Compound sentence. INDEPENDENT +
statistics specific examples of how the INDEPENDENT TWO INDEPENDENT clauses
product will benefit them incentives. compounded together.
21Rhetorical appeals. Ethos appeals to 564 sentence types. COMPLEX SENTENCE=.
audiences through the use of... 57Complex. ONE INDEPENDENT + ONE
22Ethos. ...trustworthiness of the DEPENDENT **complex is more complicated-
speaker the speaker’s credibility. we now have two types of clauses in the
23Rhetorical appeals. Pathos appeals to mix.
audiences through the use of... 584 sentence types. COMPOUND-COMPLEX=.
24Pathos. ...emotions -manipulate your 59COMPOUND-COMPLEX. 2 INDEPENDENT + 1
emotions to make you feel a certain way DEPENDENT *compounding one independent
about what they are advertising. sentence on to a complex sentence.
25Advertising techniques. When 60Which of the following is an example
advertisers use the facts and figures of a simple sentence? Sean went to the
technique, they appeal to their audience store and he bought milk. Sean went to the
by using... store and the park. Before Sean went to
26Facts and figures. ...statistics and the store, he went to the park. Sean went
objective factual information to prove the to the store because he was hungry.
superiority of their product. 61Simple Sentence. Sean went to the
27Advertising techniques. Advertisers store and the park. Simple because there
use the avant-garde technique to persuade is only one independent clause.
their audience to purchase a product by 62Tom drove his car and rode his bike.
suggesting that the product will... Tom drove his car and he wrecked into a
28Avant-garde. ...puts the user ahead of tree. Tom drove his car into a tree
the times feel “hip”. because he was texting. Tom drove his car;
29Ad. Techniques. When advertisers use he wrecked into a tree and he killed a
the transfer technique, they promote their squirrel. Which of the following is a
product by using... compound sentence?
30Transfer. ...words and ideas with 63Compound. Tom drove his car and he
positive connotations. wrecked into a tree. *Compound sentence
31Ad. Techniques. When advertisers use because there are two independent clauses
the bandwagon technique, they persuade joined by a coordinating conjunction (no
their audience to... dependent marker words!).
32Bandwagon. ...join the crowd. -if they 64Chris plays piano and sings in the
don’t buy the product they will feel left choir. Chris plays piano and he sings in
out. the choir. Chris plays piano while he
33Ad. Techniques. When an advertiser sings in the choir. Chris plays piano and
uses the testimonials technique, they he sings because he is in the choir. Which
use... of the following is a complex sentence?
34Testimonials. ...endorsements from 65Complex. Chris plays piano while he
famous people or experts to promote their sings in the choir. * complex because
product. there is an independent clause and a
35Which advertising technique is being dependent clause set off by a dependent
used? In a Huggies diaper commercial, a marker word.
mother sniffs the dirty diaper says, “This 66Which of the following is an example
smells like fresh linen.”. of a compound-complex sentence? Melvin
36Testimonial. Relying on the likes sour patch kids and he asks for them
credibility of the speaker (mother). everyday. Melvin likes sour patch kids
37Which advertising technique is being because they are the best candy ever.
used? The student running for Class Although sugar is bad, Melvin likes to eat
President promises “change”. sour patch kids and drink soda. Although
38Avant-Garde. “change” insinuates sugar is bad, Melvin likes to eat sour
something new. patch kids and he drinks sodas.
39Which advertising technique is being 67Compound-Complex. Although sugar is
used? A makeup company advertises saying, bad, Melvin likes to eat sour patch kids
“Beautiful women wear beautiful makeup.”. and he drinks sodas. *Compound-complex
40Bandwagon. Most women want to feel because there are two independent clauses
beautiful! and one dependent clause. The two
41Which advertising technique is being independent clauses are joined by a
used? A candle company shows someone coordinating conjunction (and) and the
smelling a candle then smiling. dependent clause is set apart with a
42Transfer. The product is present while dependent marker word (although).
the person is smiling- insinuating good 68Revise the following sentence to make
feelings with the product ? it a correctly punctuated COMPLEX
43Which advertising technique is being sentence. Exercising daily will burn an
used? An Apple advertisement claims “over extra 1,000 calories per week. So what I
2,000 iPhone 6’s have already been sold. will be doing is running although I prefer
Don’t get left behind.”. to watch TV at home.
44Bandwagon. Encourages audience to jump 69COMPLEX. Although I prefer to watch TV
on the iPhone 6 bandwagon so they are “not and surf the internet at home, I will burn
be left behind.”. an extra 1,000 calories per week by
45Which advertising technique is being running. or I will burn an extra 1,000
used? An advertisement for an allergy calories per week by running although I
medicine claims “7 out of 10 doctors prefer to watch TV and surf the internet
recommend this product.”. at home.
46Facts and Figures. - Gave specific 70Nick is a great athlete. Nick is on
figures regarding how many doctors the varsity soccer team. Nick works very
recommend product. hard. Revise the following sentence to
47Phrases vs. Clauses. Important things make it a correctly punctuated
to remember: When deciphering between COMPOUND-COMPLEX sentence.
phrases and clauses, look for a subject 71COMPOUND-COMPLEX. Nick is a great
and a predicate PHRASE- no subject or athlete, and although he is on the varsity
predicate = ***this means that there is soccer team, he does not work very hard.
either no noun performing an action(verb), or Although Nick does not work very hard,
or no action(verb) for the noun to perform Nick is a great athlete; he is on the
CLAUSE- has subject and predicate ** There varsity soccer team.
is a noun performing an action!
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Summative Test Review

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